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Voltage Converter: 6-12 VDC to 12 VDC (2 A)
Cod: M1880
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The M1880 voltage converter - from 6-12 VDC to 12 VDC (2 A) - is designed to power various electronic devices, in particular CCTV cameras. The DC voltage at the input of the converter may vary from 6 V to 12 V, whereas the output of the converter (DC plug 2.1/5.5) provides stabilized 12 VDC voltage (maximum current capacity: 2 A).
Voltage Converter: 6-12 VDC to 12 VDC (2 A)
View of the voltage converter
The parameters and small size of the M1880 converter predispose it to work in places where, due to a long distance from the source of power or a small cross-sectional area of the conductors, the supplying voltage is inadequate for CCTV camera/s. In particular, the situations are common in CCTV systems with illuminators and heaters. When operating, these auxiliary devices consume considerably high power and significantly increase voltage drop in the conductors. As a result, the voltage on the camera/s is lowered, sometimes even below the minimum required value (12 VDC -10%). The use of the converter completely eliminates this problem.
The device is not weatherproof - it has to be protected against rain, snow etc.
NameVoltage Converter: 6-12 VDC  to 12 VDC (2 A)
Input voltage
 DC 6-12 V
Output voltage
12 VDC (stabilized)
Max load
2 A
Output connector
DC 2.1/5.5
Dimensions61 x 32 x 16 mm
Weight0.08 kg
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Voltage Converter: 6-12 VDC to 12 VDC (2 A)
Cod: M1880
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