Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH

Cod: L5933
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Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH
View of the device
Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH
View of the device
Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH
The included accessories

Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH
View of the opened case
Visual Fault Locator: FM-FOA-FCH
View of the packaging
Distinguishing features:
  • wavelength of the emitted light: 650 nm
  • universal connector compatible with 2.5 mm standard
  • suitable for testing multimode and single-mode circuits
  • two operation modes - continuous/pulse wave
  • Auto Power Control (APC)
The visual fault locator is designed to help diagnose problems with fiber optic cabling.
Its universal connector is compatible with all 2.5 mm connectors (i.e. SC/FC/ST). With a suitable adapter, the locator can also be used for 1.25 mm standard (LC/MU). The device is designed to test single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. The output power is sufficient to check even 3 km long links.
The Auto Power Control (APC) function stabilizes the optical output power (over the entire battery life).
The output signal can be generated in two modes - continuous and pulse - in order to achieve the desired visual effect. The fault locator is equipped with a dust-proof cover, which prevents dust in the connector area. The cap also protects against accidental exposure of eyes.
In addition to optical path testing, the visual fault locator is an ideal tool for anyone mounting KeyQuick connectors and mechanical splices. After connecting the fault locator to a KeyQuick mechanical splice or connector with transparent body, the installer can control the quality of the connection made and estimate its transmission parameters. No red light in the splice area means a perfect connection.
The FM-FOA-FCH locator allows for detection of light leaks in optical transmission systems. The visible red light (650 nm) can be observed at breaks, bad splices or connectors, improper bends etc, providing an overview of the problem.
KeyQuick mechanical splices and connectors:
  • Mechanical splice KeyQuick L5558
  • Universal mechanical KeyQuick splices: multimode - L5733, L5736, and single-mode - L5753, L5756
Name Visual Fault Locator FM-FOA-FCH
Code L5933
650 nm
Spectral width
< 10 nm
Output power
< 0.5 mW
Power supply
2x AAA battery (1.5 V)
Lase class
Operation range (in fiber)
3 km
Operating temperature 0oC ... 60oC
The Spanish company KeyFibre is a leader in fiber optic solutions on the European market, specializing in mechanical splices. KeyFibre is a member of FTTH European Council and sponsor of the European Conference and Exhibition of Optical Communication (ECOC). The main objective of the company is to improve and develop high quality innovative solutions for connecting optical fibers.
ULTIMODE Building System is a solution to create FTTH networks in buildings (Fiber To The Home). The system provides a complete range of products for deployment of fiber optic links in each apartment/office, including "open space" offices.


Nazwa Lokalizator uszkodzeń FM-FOA-FCH
Kod L5933
Długość fali 650 nm
Szerokość widma < 10 nm
Moc wyjściowa < 0,5 mW
Bateria AAA 1,5V x 2
Klasa lasera klasa 2M
Maksymalny zasięg w światłowodzie 3 km
Temperatura pracy -0 ... 60oC