Video surveillance at Securex 2004

Dominant subject of this year's fair were digital systems.
The most interesting of them were systems working in a network - enabling remote online preview of cameras images. On account of still quite high prices of stand-alone recorders offering that feature, the systems that dominated this group were based on DVR cards, among others of GeoVision. We also found a few digital systems offered as ready-t0-use systems (in nice housings) based on well known DVR card from ComartSystem - HICAP.

Among the larger group of individual clients, as well as installation companies, though, there were very popular simple digital recorders offering simplicity of operation and low price, providing much higher quality of recording and less complicated operation than traditional sets of multiplexer and analog video cassette recorder.

CCTV Digital Video Recorder: AVC777 (16 channels)
M8509 - Digital 16-channel color recorder AVC777

Other CCTV components - cameras and lenses - were presented only by a few companies. These devices were only an addition to the recorders.

Among them there were simple systems offering only registration and more advanced solutions that rather could not be described as CCTV installations with alarm system elements. The software of these systems aims at elimination of human factor - including independent decisions made by the system.

It could be noticed that most manufacturers, besides the production of typical surveillance and digital recording systems, had begun to extend their offers with more specialized systems like those recognizing people by their facial features, supervising the work of check-outs (PAG - Bosch company), or identifying car plates (CPIS of Geovision).
CPIS system - Car Plates Identification System of Geovision company uses neural network technologies. The system is designed for automatic reading of car plates numbers, and creating its own database with quick access to the data. This system can be integrated with different types of input/output alarm modules (e.g. access control) and CCTV cameras. It enables recognition, comparison, and adequate reaction.
CPIS - Car Plates identification System - GeoVision
The second specialized system recognized people by their facial features. Using previously created database, system can independently select and identify person analyzing the image e.g. from a camera located at an entrance.
Facial features identification system - "Tayama Poland"
Another interesting system was PAG - for monitoring checkout counters - presented at Bosch stand.
Video surveillance system of cash registers - Bosch
Samsung company presented 6-input videoserver SWC-306 offering advanced features: control of pan/tilt cameras, motion detection, and ability of displaying image with resolution of 720x486. We offer similar video server - M8404.
The video server SWC-306
Among video recorders the dominating systems had up to 16 inputs. A device with more channel inputs was multi-channel recorder Dallmeier DM 180 III - the winner of the main prize at the IFSEC 2003 trade show. DM 180 III allows simultaneous recording of 24 video channels and can work in network with PView Station software. The recorder has been equipped with motion detection in every channel.
The newest VIDIUS Pro DVR presented by Ultrak.
Another interesting item was the camera which consisted in fact of two cameras: a color camera for daytime surveillance and B/W camera equipped with IR illuminator for observation in pitch darkness. The range of this illuminator, accordingly to manufacturer information, is up to 30m. This kind of solution (application of 2 cameras) allows to achieve optimum quality of images no matter the outer illumination conditions are.
"Two cameras in single housing" - mean perfect observation during the day and night - it will soon be in our offer.
An interesting application was also a portable tactical security system TMPS2100, working basing on bistatic radar. It is designed for securing important objects, e.g. airplanes. Its basic advantage is possibility of very quick installation (less than 30 minutes) and remote control - see here.
Knowing the price of combat aircraft - we omit the price of this system.
Portable security system TMPS2100 - at the stand of Raban company
One could also see devices related to access control, alarm systems, and other devices and elements used for securing property, e.g. cars. There were presented specially equipped cars, prepared by AMZ Kutno company, and simple, but high quality - reportedly - seals (Polseal company).

Like every year, there were given awards and medals - more here
Vandal proof ceiling camera (more than 1 kg of metal) - it will soon be in our offer
The recorder VISARD 1610 of well known Polish manufacturer, Alkam from Legnica
Protect your treasures - "Night safe" - the device presented by Klos company