UPS Green Cell UPS01LCD (600VA/360W)

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UPS Green Cell UPS01LCD provides home and office users and small industrial installations with back-up power and protects electronic devices against overvoltage, voltage surges, undervoltage and other undesired power supply conditions. It is built with the line-interactive architecture AVR. It is an improved version of the offline power supplies equipped with an automatic voltage stabilizer, which not only protects from power outage, but also against network malfunctions. Such power supplies guarantee full security of all equipment connected to the UPS. The modified sine wave ensures a simple design of the UPS with a lower failure rate and reduced weight.
The USB type B input on the back of the device enables connection with a PC. To use all the functions of the Green Cell UPS, dedicated software has been created for advanced device management. The application ensures smooth, trouble-free and intuitive operation. The program provides a real-time preview of the measurement data, including input and output voltages, UPS load frequencies, device temperatures and battery capacity. Turning off the system can be programmed automatically, notifications and e-mail alerts when switched to battery backup can also be set. These and many more functions are supported by the UPSilon 2000 program. See the user's manual for the product key.
UPSilon 2000 software screenshot.
Key features:
  • Finest quality branded Green Cell UPS,
  • Batteries which ensure long backup time, high durability and safety level,
  • Advanced control software for easy, quick and intuitive user experience,
  • Power output: 600VA (360W),
  • Topology: Line-Interactive AVR,
  • Battery: 1 x 12V/7Ah,
  • Battery life: 5 years,
  • LCD status display,
  • Cold start functionality,
  • USB communication port.
Benefits of using Green Cell UPS with the included software:
  • Software in Polish to streamline installation and operation,
  • Remote UPS management and monitoring via LAN or Internet,
  • Automatic sending of alerts via e-mail, pager or modem,
  • Graphical display of UPS measurement data, including input and output voltages, frequency, UPS load, internal temperature, battery capacity,
  • Data display in the form of analog meters, bar graphs of digital values,
  • Real-time data charts,
  • Block diagram of the UPS status,
  • Adjustable length and intervals of the UPS self-tests,
  • UPS self-test until the batteries are exhausted,
  • Possibility to run an external program before the system shut down,
  • Automatic UPS shut down,
  • Notifying users and recording power supply issues,
  • Programming the emergency running time and system shutdown,
  • Programmable frequency of warning messages and their content,
  • A wide range of the UPS switching on and off calendar settings (once, daily, weekly, monthly),
  • Power supply analysis,
  • Saving the UPS event, data and status files,
  • Adjustable data recording intervals,
  • Printing event and data files,
  • Summary of events in a monthly calendar (event history: once, daily, weekly, monthly).
This power supply model cannot work properly with computers equipped with a power supply with an active PFC system. To ensure compatibility with this type of power supply, it is recommended to use a unit that supports pure sine wave.


Model UPS01LCD
Tip produs UPS
tip Line-Interactive
Producător Green Cell
Parametrii de intrare Tensiune AC V 220...240
Frecvență Hz 47...63
tip conector Stecher Schuko
Parametrii de ieșire Tensiune AC V
Frecvență Hz
Forma sinusoidala Simulat
Nr. ieșiri cu backup 2
Tip conector Prize Schuko
Putere activă W 360
Putere reactivă VA 600
Mod schimbare oră ms 2-6
AVR (automatic voltage regulation) Da
Baterii număr 1
tip 12V 7Ah
interschimbabile Da
protecţie Supracurent Da
supratensiune Da
scurtcircuit Da
Rețea/Telefon/Fax/Modem RJ-11
Alarme sonore
Temp. funcționare °C 0...40
Dimensiuni mm 298 × 101 × 142
Greutate kg