ULTISYSTEM - a strong entry - DIPOL at ALARM Kielce,
November 5-6, 2008

ULTISYSTEM got a distinction. The ULTISYSTEM software suite that enables cooperation of local monitoring systems with city video surveillance was honored at Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM, in Kielce, Poland, Nov. 5-6, 2008.
Some video from the event:
ULTISYSTEM is a unique in the world video surveillance system combining local CCTV installations with the city system, based on common managing software.

We also showed a wide range of megapixel cameras, the essential elements of modern CCTV systems managed by ULTISYSTEM, and gave two lectures: "The newest trends in monitoring of sports facilities" and "Megapixel revolution in city video surveillance".
ULTISYSTEM - a unique video surveillance system for cities
ULTISYSTEM - applications. Implementation of ULTISYSTEM allows to connect to the city surveillance system (and its monitoring center) a number of local systems, e.g.:
  • sports facilities, concert halls etc.
  • schools, universities etc.
  • banks, offices, agencies etc.
ULTISYSTEM is effective both in the case of small installations and extended, advanced city surveillance systems. It allows to reduce the costs of installing and operating the system - due to central management from one professional monitoring center. It is possible to configure additional / emergency monitoring sub-centers, which is very important in the case of protecting mass gatherings.
What is in fact the ULTISYSTEM? The core of ULTISYSTEM is software of exceptional versatility, allowing to build systems composed of IP and analog equipment. It supports all standard compressions, i.e. MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264.
The software cooperates with standard and high-resolution cameras, including megapixel devices. There can be used products of majority of CCTV manufacturers.
The software allows to adjust the system to customer requirements, by implementing flexible solutions that significantly decrease costs and improve operation efficiency.
Due to completeness of the offer (it also includes the equipment using H.264 codec and megapixel cameras), the system has no analogues in the world.
Characteristics of the equipment compatible with ULTISYSTEM. The software allows for cooperation in one system of the following components:
  • analog cameras
  • IP cameras (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264)
  • megapixel cameras (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264)
One of the key features of ULTISYSTEM is cooperation with ULTIMAX DVRs. ULTIMAX has won a prestigious award - Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008 for the best product.
ULTIMAX is a series of 3rd generation digital video recorders, based on the latest Texas Instruments processors developed on pioneer DaVinci platform. The DVRs fulfill national regulations for video coverage of mass events/gatherings in most countries of the world.
The most efficient H.264 compression allows for effective network operation, not possible in the case of popular DVRs.
Smooth network operation of the whole city surveillance system is the main feature of ULTISYSTEM software.
The software provides the following functionality:
  • live monitoring based on analog cameras connected to ULTIMAX DVRs (often the cameras previously installed in city monitoring system)
  • "double-layer" recording of video, protecting the data against accidental loss
  • control of local PTZ cameras directly from city monitoring center, based on IP technology
ULTISYSTEM can place chosen images on the Internet, e.g. for marketing purposes.
Another major feature of ULTISYSTEM is cooperation with megapixel cameras, due to -
Megapixel revolution in city surveillance systems
During ALARM event it also took place the conference "A safe city". DIPOL prepared the lecture: "Megapixel revolution in city video surveillance", given by Mr. Maciej Wlodarczyk.
Mr. Maciej Wlodarczyk giving the lecture
The limit of analog CCTV (PAL, NTSC) is resolution of the images (PAL: 720 x 576). Such restrictions do not exist in the IP CCTV systems equipped with megapixel cameras. The super high resolution images can be zoomed many times, still preserving small details needed for identification purposes.
Many experts predict quick migration from PTZ devices to megapixel cameras, especially in cities.
A picture from 5 Mpix camera (K1431) equipped with wide-angle (185 deg.) Tokina lens. The total number of pixels is equivalent to that of images from 12 analog D1 cameras.
A good example of "megapixel revolution", also in terms of money, is the megapixel camera ACTi ACM-1231 K1511, or 2.0 Mpix camera ULTICAM K1440. The both cameras are not only using state-of-the-art technology, but also set new price levels, accessible for all investors.
IP camera: ULTICAM DS-2CD852F (2.0 Mpix)
ULTICAM IP camera of 2.0 Mpix resolution
Camera IP de exterior: ACTi ACM-1231 (1.3 Mpx)
Outdoor megapixel IP camera ACTi ACM-1231
Megapixel cameras with wide-angle lens are the future of city surveillance systems. To meet the demand, DIPOL introduced professional Tokina lenses.
Obiectiv megapixel Tokina 4.5 - 13 mm F1.8 - SOLDURI!
Obiectiv Megapixeli: Tokina 1.4 mm F1.4  - SOLDURI!
Megapixel lens
Megapixel lens
Megapixel revolution in monitoring of sports facilities
The basic criterion for actual quality of video monitoring system is ability of identifying people from the recorded video data and possibility of handing over the archives on original storage media for legal proceedings. There may be also needed sound recordings.
3rd Generation ULTIMAX DVRs fulfill state requirements for video coverage of mass events in Poland and majority of other countries. Their efficient H.264/AVC compression is characterized by capability of providing good video quality at substantially lower bitrates than the previous standards. Use of ULTISYSTEM for surveillance of sports facilities allows to install additional megapixel cameras that monitor these large areas.
ULTIMAX-716 has won a prestigious award - Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
ULTIMAX-716 - 16-channel DVR M77160
Outline design of city surveillance system
Irrespective of the equipment to be used, city monitoring system has to be carefully planned. Deployment of the cameras and choice of the equipment are the key issues. The outline design includes feasibility study - organizational and technological aspects of the undertaking.
The cost of building a city monitoring system with 10-15 PTZ cameras, based on wireless transmission in 5 GHz band, is over 100 000 USD. The actual cost will depend on the price/quality of the equipment, technical problems e.g. with building mast/towers etc.
The main components of operational costs are staff costs - there are needed at least 6 people (24h operation, two persons in each shift). The yearly operational costs can amount to the cost of building the system.
Sistem de supraveghere video în Myslenice
Sistem de supraveghere video în Myslenice
Monitoring Center
One of ACTi cameras
in a city surveillance system
As mentioned, possibility of handing over the archives for legal proceedings is a must. It cuts out the cheap, unreliable equipment from city systems. Quick development of CCTV technology is the reason that the designers should choose the latest solutions. It eliminates the risk of building a system that will become obsolete from the start. So the cameras, DVRs, transmission and power supply means, as well as the software, have to be state-of-the-art solutions.
DIPOL, being the representative of leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment, organizing professional trainings, having collected a number of case studies, is capable of preparing Initial Design Outline. This document will allow the investor to prepare Tender Specification for designing/installation companies. It suggests specific organizational, equipment, and transmission solutions.
Cables and connectors resistant to aging and interference
CAMSET cables have excellent parameters and are produced under strict technological discipline. They guarantee perfect and stable video transmission.
Reliable CCTV cables
Highest-quality materials, great performance, 92% copper braid coverage ensure perfect transmission parameters, especially effective electromagnetic shielding. The cables come with a 6-year warranty that eliminates any risk for the installation company or end user. The thickness of double insulation allows to power the cameras even from 230V AC line (official certification).
CAMSET 100 can be used in the case of longer distances. Most cameras are out of order around 10.5V. Below 11V they loose colors or have problems with switching on. So, a camera of 245 mA consumption can be powered via typical CCTV cable (2x 0.5 mm2) over a distance of about 60 m. Using CAMSET 100 2x 1.0 mm2, the distance doubles to about 120 m.
Cablu CCTV cu alimentare YAP RG-59+2x1.0 [100m]<br />(max. 230VAC, ecran Cu, acoperire 90%)
CAMSET 100 M6100_1
Professional compression BNC connector. BNC connectors can cause many problems during installation of CCTV systems. They may be responsible for the excessive amount of work. Already at the stage of starting up the system they often trouble the installer with unstable contacts. Outdoor operation causes corrosion and influences the quality of transmitted video. Temperature changes are the main reason of loss of tightness and water penetration. It is unacceptable, especially in important systems installed in banks, cities etc.
The introduction of E8293 BNC connector is the turning point in CCTV - the connector ensures high quality of installation work and high system reliability in the future. The features of the connectors have been specially matched to the cables of CAMSET series. The connectors are manufactured for DIPOL by American PCT company.

Main features of the connectors:
  • wide operating band - up to 2 GHz (!),
  • connecting/disconnecting operations do not influence connection quality (can be even used in measurement equipment),
  • waterproof termination of the cable,
  • resistance to corrosion - made of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectric,
  • very low loss in the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video <0.1 dB),
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video - VSWR<1.03),
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression,
  • properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings,
  • matched to the cables of CAMSET series and RG-59 cables with inner conductors from 0.55 to 0.80 mm,
  • to be compressed with PCT-AIO-CT E80075 compressing tool, also suitable for installing compression F-connectors.
Mufă BNC PCT-BNC-59 compresie profi<br />(cabluri CAMSET/RG-59)
The professional compression BNC connector E8293 fulfills all recommendations of the SCTE
(The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers)

Instrucţiuni pentru compresia mufelor BNC pe cabluri CAMSET
(...) The cable with connector put into the socket of the tool.
Pay attention that the connector has to be completely slipped onto the cable. (...)
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