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Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
Cod: G7013
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Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
Front view of the TPR-2B panel
Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
Rear view
Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
View of the inside
Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
The included accessories
Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
View of the packaging
The TPR-2B touch panel is equipped with colorful 3.5" touch TFT LCD screen. This modern element of alarm systems based on NEO/NeoGSM alarm control panels uses 32-bit processor with high performance and low dynamic power consumption. The casing, made of ABS plastic with graphite finish and intended for surface mounting, blends well in many interiors. Thanks to interactive interface with pictograms and text prompts, the TPR-2B panel enables the users to control and operate the alarm system in an easy way, without a need to remember function codes. The panel has four status LEDs and a range of pictograms permanently presenting important information, including ambient temperature (measured by the built-in temperature sensor). TPR-2B is equipped with two inputs and one relay output, which can control an electric strike or other device.

The functionality of the panel is further increased by the possibility of using an SD or SDHC card. The card can contain the plan of the building, along with the location of sensors, which will greatly facilitate the monitoring of the entire system. In addition, the panel can be used as a digital photo frame. The memory card will also save the file with the history of the temperature and/or other parameter. Such information allows for optimizing the functioning of the heating system.

NEO/NeoGSM systems with TPR panels, combining intrusion alarm and simple automation functions, are ideal for housing properties and small commercial objects. With an optimal set of functions for these applications and intuitive operation, they are able to meet the needs of the most demanding users.
Main features:
  • high performance ARM Cortex™-M3 32-bit processor with low dynamic power consumption,
  • built-in stable and efficient real-time RTOS,
  • colorful 3.5" TFT LCD (65 thousand colors),
  • touch panel - no mechanical elements,
  • interactive and graphic menu with pictograms (icons),
  • function of random arrangement of numerical keyboard,
  • text prompts for many functions,
  • intuitive system control and operation,
  • control of NEO/NeoGSM outputs,
  • quick control of the relay output of the panel,
  • LEDs informing about system status,
  • status bar with additional information about system status,
  • acoustic signalling,
  • screen saver with calendar/clock and or photo frame function
  • built-in temperature sensor,
  • two alarm inputs,
  • SD card slot for an SD/SDHC card, which can containn plan of the building and digital pictures (bmp, jpg),
  • recording the temperature history from two temperature sensors and the analog input on the SD card,
  • temperature histogram of T1 and T2 temperatures in the system status menu,
  • TFT display brightness control in the screen saver mode,
  • screensaver with calendar and clock or digital photo frame function,
  • EIA-485 bus for system communication(ROPAMNet protocol),
  • firmware update option,
  • aesthetic and robust housing made ​​of ABS plastic with graphite finish,
  • casing with anti-tamper protection,
  • cooperation with NEO/NeoGSM alarm control panels, including future versions.
Supply voltage
8-14 VDC
Current/power consumption
60/120 mA (12 V) (0,72W/2,4W) min/max
Load capacity of relay output
max. 1 A at 30 VDC / 50 VAC
Input options
System communication
EIA485 (proprietary)
RS323TTL (firmware update)
LCD display
TFT LCD, 65 k colors, 320x240 pixels
Acoustic signaling- 80 dB max.
SD interface (features)

- support for SD, SDHC (8 GB max.)
- use of building plan (synoptic table)
- digital photo frame (max. 100 photos)
- recording the temperature history from two temperature sensors

Temp. measuring range (built-in sensor)
-10°C...+55°C (+/-3°C)
CasingABS, graphite finish
Operating environment
class: II
temperature: -10°C...+55°C
RH: 20%...90% (no condensation)
for AWG 24-12 wires
  Weight 335 g
Dimensions 120 x 89 x 28 mm


Retras din ofertă
Touch Panel ROPAM TPR-2B
Cod: G7013
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