The big eyes of fear - Security Industry Awards in Birmingham IFSEC 2004

Security Industry Awards IFSEC 2004 (10-13.05) in Birmingham belongs to the most prestigious events for the security sector in the world. This year's event has drawn more both exhibitors and visitors and the organizers were up to the task.
In the atmosphere of growing terrorism and crime the importance of security systems is also on the rise.
The newest trend in the security industry is an integration of security systems, the increase in importance of video monitoring and wireless networks.
Video monitoring is gaining more and more interest among city administrators.
City surveillance system made by Barco - installed in Lodz.
Security system integration. There are three independent building surveillance systems which have been developed so far. They include: alarm system, video monitoring, and access control. The tendency is to integrate them into one system which will produce better security results.One of the more interesting examples of such an integration is the De Gaulle airport in Paris. The access control based on magnetic access cards for 6000 employees proved to be a failure. For this reason the airport administrators opted for an integrated security system. Magnetic cards had very often been lost by the employees or given into wrong hands. The new system was to include magnetic cards and video monitoring. By inserting the card into an electronic lock the employee's face is scanned and the image compared with that stored in a central database. If the system makes a positive identification the employee is allowed the access, if not, the decision to grant an access is made by a security guard responsible for that security zone.
The increased role of monitoring in security systems. The number of exhibitors from different security sectors can be devided into three main categories: visual monitoring - 70%, access control - 20%, alarm systems - 10%. The introduction of digital technology and what goes with it motion detection and network transmission, price drop of security cameras and integration of alarm sensors with video systems have caused a rapid boom in this industry in the last few years.
Network technology and wireless transmission. This is the most visible motif of this year's exhibition. Definitely it is the most visible especially in the category of city monitoring but network technology and wireless transmission are also growing in the surveillance of objects dispersed over larger areas and in the remote monitoring.
Awards. British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has awarded the makers of the most interesting products presented during the event.
  • Stable Eyes from QinetiQ - video stabilisation system, which eliminates camera shake (for example, during recording from a speeding car). The system produces excellent results in recording video with its high zoom function 'ie
  • WebWay Security Management System - is designed to incorporate all aspects of industry standards in a single solution. Alarm transmission and line monitoring system that enables connection of different types of transmission such as IP, PSTN, ISDN, GSM. It makes any installation easy and its utilization of two transmission paths ensures a better reliability of the entire system.
  • SynergyMobile - from Syntetics - mobile monitoring system
  • based on the application of palmtops.
SynergyMobile - firmy Syntetics - mobile monitoring system based on the application of palmtops.
  • BM-ET300 - from Panasonic - biometric fingerprint access control based on the identification of human iris.
  • Optica - from TDSi Acces Control - optic keypad for access control applications which detects the location of human fingers.
  • IQ-80 - from iOmniscient, which allows to detect bags and packages (bombs) that have been left in crowed areas like airports, train stations.
Pictures from the event.
NEC facilities in Birmingham, which have been built in a modern and thoughtful way, are suitable for this kind of events. They are one of the best in the world.
The prevailing motif is the IP Monitoring - a snapshot of the Sony pavilion.
Lens of Ivec: 5760-11520mm. With such a zoom one can easily read registration plates from a distance of 500m.
Esthetics plays an important part in the camera design - cameras from Panasonic
Iris Identification System from LG.
2.4 GHz wireless mini-camera.
Bombproof Housing from Videotec.
360-degree panoramic camera from Sony.
Satel was the only Polish company at the fair - but its presentation had been magnificent.
What did we bring from Birmingham?
  • an impression that the security sector is developing well
  • a conviction that IFSEC has gained a firmer position in the security industry - 10 % increase in the number of visitors.
  • admiration for the organizers of the event, for their competence and care in the preparation of seminars and lectures, coherent layout of exhibitors, preparation of ''a special room'' for foreign visitors - with beverages and snacks, excellent administration of their website - with information concerning the event as well as transport and accommodation.
  • Just please, take a look - they are already working on the next event!!!
What did we bring from Birmingham?...
...nice impression
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