TERRA - F1 among multiswitches

At SatKrak exhibition there were granted annual awards for the best products of the year. The voting included the votes of Internet users. The Best Product in multiswitch category became TERRA multiswitches, professional-grade equipment. The multiswitches are designed for large and complex installations in housing developments as well as for demanding individual users (in larger one-family houses and other buildings). Due to high quality, reliability, easy installation and maintenance-free operation, they are really great products. The multiswitches are widely used in SMATV systems up to 1000 outlets.

Watch how we have built TERRA - F1 unparalleled on the multiswitch market
Main features:
  • best on the market and stable modulation error rate (MER) for SAT signals,
  • excellent isolation between inputs and between outputs (min. 30 dB, typ. 45 dB),
  • flexible power options - versions with built-in power supply or for supplying from a central power supply,
  • low power consumption does not generate much heat, which extends the life of the equipment,
  • the manufacturer offers a free SatNet program that allows to design more complex installations.
DIPOL company representative receives the "Product of the Year" award of the SatKrak trade fair
for the MSR series of TERRA multiswitches
What does the TERRA multiswitch offer include?
DIPOL sells full range of these devices, both in the case of cascadable and radial multiswitches. They allow to receive broadcasts from 1, 2, 3, or four satellites. There are available passive and active models, with local or remote power supply. With the use of additional equipment we offer (splitters), the designers can create advanced and flexible multipoint SMATV systems.
Central power system in multiswitch installations. Modern multiswitch installations should be powered from the main source of electrical power. This approach helps to build the installation, because one does not need to supply AC voltage (230 VAC in Europe) to each box in which there is a multiswitch. Reputable manufacturers of multiswitches take into account this type of power supply in their products. In the case of TERRA, MSV-5xx multiswitches are centrally powered from the power supply integrated with SA-501 amplifier (R70501), whereas MSV-9xx multiswitches take power from SA-901 amplifier (R70901). In both cases the power is supplied through H lines. Building an installation based on MSV multiswitches, it is necessary to balance the power requirements with maximum current capacity of the supplying device/s. For example, using SA-901 amplifier with max current of 2 A, with two LNBs consuming 2x300 mA there is 1.4 A left for the rest of the installation (2 A - 2*0.3 A = 1.4 A), so the SA-901 device can power up to 14 MSV multiswitches (each consuming about 100 mA).
SatNet software. SatNet software is a comprehensive application for designing SMATV systems based on TERRA multiswitches. This application eliminates the need to perform lengthy and labor-intensive calculations for selection of proper equipment for the installation being designed, and reduces the working time from 12 hours to about 2 hours needed to handle the program. SatNet enables the designer step-by-step (in subsequent simulations) to determine the number, type and configuration of the devices.
Photo gallery
During the fair, a contest was held - "How many connectors". The contenders should count the number of connectors used in the construction of F1 TERRA.
F1 car fully built out of TERRA multiswitches
The visitors were counting connectors used in the construction of the car
The most persistent contenders were given special awards