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Tastatură control K01 pentru DVR-uri SIGNAL
Cod: M77925
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Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 501 (LCD, MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
View of the unit

Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 501 (LCD, MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
Rear view
Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 501 (LCD, MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
The included accessories
System Control Unit K01 is used to control SIGNAL DVRs of DL-83XX series. The communication interface, both to DVRs and PTZ cameras, is RS-485 port. The maximum distance of the links is 1200 m.
The device can control all the functions that may be executed by pressing the buttons on the front panel of a SIGNAL DVR. Some functions can be assigned directly to shortcut keys. 3D joystick allows for control of PTZ cameras connected to the DVR, and simplifies navigation of the OSD menu. The display shows the current operations.
One unit can control up to 31 DVRs. It is possible to connect up to 15 units in series, which allows for creation of a distributed surveillance management system.
In addition to managing the DVR, the unit can also control up to 128 PTZ cameras. The device is compatible with cameras using PelcoP, PelcoD, Hikvision, Dahua, Yaan, Samsung and other protocols. It is possible to save and recall presets, control positions of cameras and additional functions like wiper, extra lighting etc.
NameSystem control unit K-01 SIGNAL
Maximum number of DVRs in the system31
Maximum number of PTZ cameras128
LCD display
70 mm x 38 mm
Transmission range
1200 m
Operating temperature0...55oC
indoor use
Operating humidity
Power12 VDC, 1 A
230 VAC adapter incl.
Average power consumption
10 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)353 mm x 200 mm x 110 mm
(height measured with joystick)
Weight2.5 kg
(net, without AC/DC adapter)
Use of the remote unit enables the operator to control DVR(s) without physical access to the device(s). The central unit of the system (DVR/s) can be put in a safe place. Another advantage is possibility of locating the control unit up to 1200 meters from the DVR(s) or a PTZ camera. However, such a long distance would limit the transmission speed of RS485 link up to 2400 bps.
Transmission of video signal over longer distances requires the application of active video transmitters, e.g. M1678 and M16741.
Active Video/Audio/Data Transmitter: ADT-1 - CLEARANCE SALE!Active Video/Audio/Data Receiver: ADR-1 Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922 (19CCTV Network DVR: SIGNAL DL-8308 (H.264, 8ch-4CIF-25fps, HDMI)CCTV Network DVR: SIGNAL DL-8316 (16ch-4CIF-25fps, H.264, HDMI) - CLEARANCE SALE!System Control Unit K01 for SIGNAL DVRsHigh Speed Dome Camera: PH-33 (3.5-111.5 mm, 540 TVL, Sony Super Had CCD, 0.7 lx)
Application of System Control Unit K01 for control of a SIGNAL DVR and PTZ camera

The switching between the DVR and PTZ control is done with a single key. At the startup of the device it is necessary to define communication parameters: ID number of the DVR and ID number(s), protocol(s) and baud rate(s) of the PTZ camera(s).
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Tastatură control K01 pentru DVR-uri SIGNAL
Cod: M77925
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