Tampoane de montare lipicioase /10 buc. ambalaj/

Cod: E950230
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Sticky mounting pads /10 pcs. pack/
Mounting pad
Sticky mounting pads /10 pcs. pack/
Mounting pad
Sticky mounting pads made of Nylon 66 in black with a base size of 30 x 30mm are designed to "grab" small devices and cables with a cable tie and FIX them to almost any smooth surface. Two holes allow screwing the pad the surface. Mounted with adhesive tape as standard for strong and immediate adhesion to the surface. Resistant to: oils, fats, gasoline, laundry detergents, chlorinated solvents, alcohols and refinery products.
Peeling off the sticky pad and sticking it in another place is not possible.
Sticky mounting pads /10 pcs. pack/
Example of mounting the T2-MINI A99313 receiver and attaching the cables using the mounting pad E950230 and cable ties E952054.
Product type Mounting pad
Applications indoor, outdoor
Material Nylon 66
Mounting self adhesive tape, 2 screws
Adhesive type rubber based
Max. band width mm 3.6
Flammability of the material V2
Operating temperature °C -40...+80
Dimensions mm 30x30x8.7
Weight kg 0.005


Tip produs Pad de montare
Culoare Negru
Material Nailon 66
Clasa de inflamabilitate conform UL94 V2
Montare banda autoadeziva, 2 suruburi
Tip adeziv pe bază de cauciuc
Max. lățimea benzii mm 8
Dimensiuni mm 20 × 20 × 6,1
Temp. funcționare °C -40...+80
Greutate pachet kg
Cantitate în pachet buc. 10