Switch: TP-LINK T2600G-28SQ (24xSFP, 4xSFP+, 4xRJ45 10/100/1000Mbps COMBO)

Cod: N29968
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Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424P (T2600G-28MPS)24xGE (24xPoE) 4xSFP
View of the device
Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424P (T2600G-28MPS)24xGE (24xPoE) 4xSFP
Rear view
Managed Switch: TP-LINK TL-SG3424P (T2600G-28MPS)24xGE (24xPoE) 4xSFP
View of the included accessories
Since July 2018, TP-Link has set the default SFP operation mode as full duplex. To ensure cooperation of TP-Link switches with other devices, e.g. ULTIMODE media converters, the Duplex parameter of the SFP ports should be set to AUTO.

Managed TP-LINK switches are powerful network devices with extensive set of management tools. With easy access to configuration functions, network traffic control becomes much simpler than before. Available management options include: command-line interface (CLI), telnet sessions, SNMP, management via web browser. These managed gigabit switches provide very high stability and efficiency of operations - the basic features required by network administrators. Reliable operation of the network is also supported by spanning tree protocol, QoS and robust security features.
High network reliability:
  • Supported STP/RSTP/MSTP protocols ensure stable network operation,
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) allows to bundle several ports (with load-balancing) to form a single logical channel of a greater bandwidth.
Improved network efficiency and access control:
  • Access control list ( ACL) prevents access to some network resources - by denying packets based on source and destination MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP ports, VLAN ID;
  • 802.1p protocol and port prioritization ensure smooth transmission of multimedia data;
  • IGMP snooping allows to manage multicast traffic;
  • Port mirroring allows easy monitoring of network traffic.
Easy administration of network security:
  • Support for DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard;
  • Central management and authentication (IEEE 802.1x Port-based) for administrators of TACACS+ and RADIUS servers;
  • Improved network security through the use of GARP/GVRP protocols for extensive virtual networks operating on the basis of 802.1Q VLAN standard;
  • Guest VLAN feature enables unauthorized systems access to specified resources only;
  • For the protection of Ethernet network from external attacks, the switch supports SSH and SSL protocols ensuring protection of the transmitted data.
Network configuration and management:
  • Support of SNMP v1/v2/v3 with 4 RMON groups (1/2/3/9), which enables the switches to provide valuable status information and send traps on abnormal events;
  • Convenient choice of management interface: command line interface (CLI), telnet sessions, or management through a web browser;
  • VCT function allows to directly determine the performance of the network wiring.
The latest firmware and user guide can be found here.
Name L2 JetStream™ Lite TP-LINK T2600-28SQ managed switch
Code N29968
Ports 4x RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps (COMBO)
24x SFP 1000 Mbps 
4x SFP+ 10000 Mbps
1x console
Bandwidth [Gbps] 128
MAC address table
Packet forwarding rate [Mpps] 95.2
Quality of Service 802.1p CoS/DSCP priority
4 priority queues
Queue scheduling: SP, WRR, SP+WRR
Port/Flow-based Rate Limiting
Voice VLAN
Advanced features
IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3
802.3ad LACP
Spanning Tree STP/RSTP/MSTP
BPDU Filtering/Guard
TC/Root Protect
Loopback detection
802.3x Flow Control
VLAN Supports up to 4K VLANs simultaneously (out of 4K VLAN IDs)
802.1Q/ MAC/Protocol-based/Private VLAN
Configuration VLAN management options
Access control lists
L2~L4 package filtering based on source and destination MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP ports, 802.1p, DSCP, protocol and VLAN ID;
Time Range Based
Security IP-MAC-Port-VID Binding
802.1x (based on port / MAC address) and Radius Authentication
DoS Defence
Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
SSH v1/v2
SSL v2/v3/TLSv1
Port Security
Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown-unicast Storm Control
Management Web-based GUI and CLI management
SNMP v1/v2c/v3, compatible with public MIBs and TP-Link private MIBs
RMON (1, 2, 3, 9 groups)
DHCP/BOOTP Client, DHCP Snooping, DHCP Option82
CPU Monitoring
Port Mirroring
Time Setting: SNTP
Integrated NDP/NTDP feature
Firmware Upgrade: TFTP & Web
System Diagnose: VCT
Dimensions [mm] 440x220x44
Supply voltage [V]  100-240 VAC



Nume Comutator TP-Link T2600G-28SQ
Model T2600G-28SQ
Utilizare Comutator pentru acasa, Comutator gestionat, Switch PoE
Producător TP-Link
porturi Ethernet număr porturi 4
tipuri de porturi Gigabit Ethernet
10/100/1000 Mbps 4
Port optic Port SFP Da
SFP de 1000 MBps 24
Port SFP+ 10Gbps 4
Port de consolă Da
Alte porturi micro USB
Lățimea de bandă Gbps 128
Rata de expediere a pachetelor Mbps
tabel de adrese MAC 16K
Cadru Jumbo kB 9
Proprietăți PoE
PoE Nu
Funcții L3
Rutare statică Da
Comutare funcții
Detectarea buclei Da
Oglindirea portului Da
agregarea LACP Da
Funcție VLAN
VLAN/802.1Q bazat pe etichete Da
VLAN bazat pe Mac Da
VLAN bazat pe protocol Da
IGMP Snooping / VLAN multicast Da
VLAN pentru management Da
Funcție multicast
Snooping IGMP v1/v2/v3
Adrese multicast statice Da
Filtrare multicast Da
Lista de control acces (ACL) Da
Snooping DHCP Da
Autorizare port 802.1X Da
Securitatea Portului Da
Izolarea portului Da
Control ARP Da
Apărare DoS Da
SNMP v1/v2c/v3
RMON Grupuri 1/2/3/9
Monitor CPU/memorie Da
Export/import de setări Da
Upgrade firmware HTTP/FTP
Administrare prin browser Da
Management prin CLI Da
Server DHCP Da
Proprietățile dispozitivului
Consum maxim de energie W
Alimentare electrică AC V 100...240
Numărul de ventilatoare 2
Dimensiuni mm 440 × 220 × 44
Montare RACK
Alimentare redundantă Nu
Certificate CE/FCC
Continutul pachetului Manual, Cablu de alimentare, Switch
Mediul de funcționare
Temperatură funcționare 0...+40
Umiditate aer 10...90
depozitare 5...90