Sursă de alimentare TERRA UP410S (12V/4.5A)


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The UP410S R82535 power supply is designed for supplying with 12 VDC voltage a range of TERRA signal processing devices (broadband and channel amplifiers, transmodulators, analog and digital modulators, IPTV modules) mounted on universal DIN rails, e.g. R82538, or on the R82539 mounting plate for 19" RACK cabinets.
The R82535 module has two RF IN inputs and one RF OUT output, which allows for combining signals within 47-2400 MHz frequency range.
The complete Terra solution for MATV (shared antenna) systems includes:
  • R81604 - IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
  • R81608 - IPTV Streamer: TERRA sdi-410C (DVB-S/S2 to IP, CI slot)
  • R81613 - DVB-T/T2/C to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX420C (2xCI slot)
  • R81615 - DVB-T/T2/C - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA TTX410C (CI slot)
  • R81616 - 2xDVB-T/T2/C to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TTX420 (2 FTA multiplexes)
  • R81617 - DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) - DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA TDX410C (CI slot)
  • R81618 - DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA TDX-420 (FTA)
  • R81619 - DVB-S/S2 (8PSK, QPSK) to 2xDVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA TDX-420C (2xCI)
  • R81622 - 4xDVB-T/T2 to 4xDVB-C (QAM) Transmodulator: TERRA TDQ-420C (4 FTA multiplexes)
  • R82510 - Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
  • R82511 - Four-channel Amplifier: Terra at440 (UHF, DVB-T, AGC)
  • R82515 - Twin VSB Multi-standard Modulator Terra mt420 (ch. 6-12, 21-69, S1-S40)
  • R82518 - DVB-T Modulator TERRA mdx420 (2xAV/COFDM encoder & RF modulator)
  • R82520 - Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
  • R82522 - TV Optical Transmitter: TERRA mo418 4D31 (1x6dBm, 1310nm)
  • R82523 - TV Optical Transmitter: TERRA mo428 4D31 (2x6dBm, 1310nm)
  • R82536 - DC Distribution Cable - for Terra at/mt/ma modules (36mm)
  • R82537 - DC Distribution Cable 780.20 - for Terra ch. amps (48.5mm)
  • R82538 - DIN Rail Rack Mounting Bracket (for Terra at/mt/am equipment)
  • R82539 - Mounting Plate for 19" RACK Cabinets (4U, with DIN-TH35-24xS rail)
  • R82540 - F-F Coaxial Bridge 699.026 (male-to-male fast, for Terra at/mt/am 36mm wide modules)
An example set of the amplifiers and modulators for a MATV system.


Tip produs Power supply for Terra modular devices
Model UP410S
Producător TERRA
Utilizare Interior
Parametrii de intrare Tensiune V AC 187...250
Frecvență Hz 50/60
Parametrii de ieșire Tensiune V DC 12
curent de ieșire A 4,5
Temp. funcționare °C 0...+50
Dimensiuni mm 48 × 198 × 107,5
Greutate kg 1