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Sursă de alimentare cu UPS PSUPS10A12 (11-13.8VDC, 10A)
Cod: M1874
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Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
Sursa de alimentare
Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
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Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
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PSUPS10A12 M1874 buffer power supply has been designed for use in CCTV systems. It ensures the continuity of power supply for devices requiring stabilized DC voltage within 12 V +/-15% range. The power supply has two circuits, one (5 A) for a DVR, the second (8x 0.5 A) for CCTV cameras. In the case of a power failure, the circuits are immediately switched to battery power. For normal operation, the charging current can be adjusted by a jumper (the total output current cannot exceed 10 A).
The metal housing (color: RAL 9003) provides room for 12 V / 40 Ah rechargeable battery. The housing is equipped with micro-switches signaling opening the door and raising the device.
Elemente distinctive:
  • uninterrupted 12 VDC power supply
  • 8 x 12 VDC, 0.5 A outputs dedicated for CCTV cameras
  • 12 VDC, 5 A output dedicated for a DVR
  • battery charging and maintenance system
  • protection against excessive discharge (can be disabled)
  • protection of BAT output against short circuit and reverse polarity connection
  • selectable battery charging current: 0.7 A, 2.1 A, 3.6 A, 4.8 A
  • autonomous battery operation option (START function)
  • LED indicators: AC (input), DC (output)
  • AC power failure output
  • device failure detection circuit
  • door opening and device lifting push-button switches
PSUPS10A12 M1874 buffer power supply is sold without rechargeable battery.
Code M1874
AC input
230 V. 50/60 Hz
DC outputs
11...13.8 V - buffer operation
10...13.8 V - autonomous operation
Rated output power
138 W
Ieşiri8 x 0.5 A (cameras) + 1 x 5 A (DVR)
Total maximum current
10 A
Battery charging current0.7/2.1/3.6/4.8 A (selected with jumper)
Number of outputs
8 (cameras) + 1 (DVR)
Max load of camera outputs
 0.5 A
Max capacity of rech. battery
40 Ah
Short-circuit protection
Overload protection
Under Voltage Protection (UVP)
automatic battery cut-off when U < 10 V (can be disabled)
Operating temperature-10...40°C
Dimensions (W x H x D)400x440x170 mm
Weight11.9 kg
RemarksMetal housing
Retras din ofertă
Sursă de alimentare cu UPS PSUPS10A12 (11-13.8VDC, 10A)
Cod: M1874
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