Sursă alimentare antenă ZS100 cu separator SDC3

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TV antenna power supply ZS100 with an SDC3 separator
View of the power supply

A 12 VDC 250 mA power adapter with power supply isolator in die-cast metal housing with F-type sockets, with a separator LED that indicates the device status. A switching power supply based on a single converter system with a very low power consumption in no-load condition.
Model SDC3
Product code D00018
Product type Switched-mode power supply
Brand Mezon

Input parameters
Voltage AC V 230
Frequency Hz 50
Connector type Plug
Cable length m 1.1

Output parameters

Voltage DCV 12
Frequency Hz 0
Output current A 0.25
Connector type F-socket
Protection Short-circuit Yes
Enclosure type Metallic
Operating temperature °C 0...40
Dimensions mm 55x20x15


Tip produs Antenna power supply with a separator
Model SDC3
Producător Mezon
tip Modul comutat
Utilizare Interior
Parametrii de intrare Tensiune V AC 230
Frecvență Hz 50
Tip conector priză f
Lungimea cablului m
Parametrii de ieșire Tensiune V DC 12
curent de ieșire A
Tip conector priză f
Temp. funcționare °C 0...+40
Dimensiuni mm 55 × 20 × 15
Greutate kg