Splicer fibră optică Sendun SD-9+ cu trusă pregătire FO și cutie transport

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Splicerul Sendun SD-9 este conceput pentru a suda fibre optice. Acesta utilizează tehnologia de aliniere a miezului fibre cu focalizare automată.


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The Sendun SD-9 fiber optic splicer is designed to connect optical fibers. It uses core positioning technology with auto focus. 6 high-speed high-precision motors ensure high accuracy and low loss splices. The quad-core processor allows for quick response to user commands.
Sendun is a brand of the Chinese manufacturer of fiber optic splicers Tumtec. This manufacturer has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of this type of devices, offering low, medium and high price models. The Sendun SD-9 model is intended for general use: FTTH connections, all types of connections in LAN networks, CTTV, etc. It allows for permanent connections with low attenuation.
Universal fiber holders ensure comfort and speed of work - they can accommodate 250 μm and 900 μm fibers in a tight or loose tube, as well as patchcord cables and/or DROP cables. The splicer, like more expensive Korean or Japanese splicers, in addition to the automatic mode, offers 41 splicing programs, which in certain cases can provide better results - e.g. a program for splicing G.652D fibers with G.657.A1/2 fibers, etc. .Advanced users can create their own presets.
Fully automatic, fast and intuitive operation is possible thanks to the 4.3-inch touch screen with 380X magnification. Thanks to the easy-to-use menu graphical user interface (GUI), navigation and performing basic tasks is very quick. The process of splicing and shield heating may take a total of 16 seconds (5 seconds splicing + 11 seconds heating the shield). This fact may be of great importance when implementing installations with several dozen or several hundred splices. The electrodes allow for approximately 5000 splices. The kit includes an additional set of electrodes.
The innovative and patented new design of the stove with a detachable terminal allows for connections based on SoC connectors: LC SC FC ST. Universal fiber holders allow you to connect multi-mode and single-mode fibers in 250 μm and 900 μm coverage in a tight, semi-tight and loose tube.
The splicer has built-in optical power meter (-50 ~ +26 dBm, 850-1625 nm) and visual fault locator VFL (15 mW, 650 nm). These functions may be useful in verifying the correctness of installations. Both can be activated both from the device menu and through dedicated function buttons on the welding machine housing.
The 7200 mAh battery allows to perform up to 320 splicing + heating cycles. The battery charging time is only 3 hours. The design of the splicer allows for a very quick battery replacement (pressing the button on the housing causes it to slide out).
The splicer housing is covered with protective rubber, the splice chamber and furnace covers are made of high-quality plastic. The offered set includes a practical box which, in addition to the splicer, contains all the necessary tools, a power supply and accessories. The design of the box without guides in the lower part ensures comfort of use and more space for accessories. The box itself can serve as a station for the splicer during installation and as a table (thanks to additional elements covering the lower chamber) - e.g. for a knife for cutting fibers.
An important element of the set sold is the guillotine 9C+ equipped with blade autorotation mechanism after each fiber cutting. This ensures even wear of the blade over time and no need to rotate it every few hundred cuts. Additionally, the guillotine has an integrated container for fiber shreds and protective plastic case.
Key features:
  • 6 engines responsible for positioning the fibers,
  • 4-core processor for fast operation,
  • positioning to the core or fiber cladding,
  • possibility to work in Auto mode or one of 41 presets,
  • built-in optical power meter and visual fault locator VFL,
  • image magnification x380,
  • engine speed,
  • min. splicing time 5 seconds,
  • min heating time for weld cover 40 mm 11 s,
  • 4.3'' screen touch,
  • 7200 mAh battery allowing for an average of 320 splicing + heating cycles,
  • electrode lifespan - approximately 5,000 welds,
  • universal fiber holders,
  • practical, spacious box,
  • rich set of accessories,
  • guillotine with autorotation function,
  • menu in English or Polish.
The kit includes:
  • Sendun SD-9 fiber optic splicer,
  • toolbox,
  • set of spare electrodes,
  • guillotine for cutting fibers,
  • universal stripper,
  • stripper for flat cables,
  • bottle with dispenser,
  • cleaning brush, screwdriver,
  • strap for carrying the welder and strap for carrying the box,
  • charger.
Notice: the warranty period for the rechargeable battery and cleaver is 12 months.


Tip produs Sudor cu fibră optică
Poziționarea fibrelor Pentru teaca, Pentru miez
Timp minim de îmbinare S 5
Timp minim etanșare a scutului de îmbinare (40 mm) S 11
Număr motoare 6
Calibrarea arcului automat Nu
manual Da
Autofocalizare Da
Tip fibre suportate Singlemode G.652, G.653, G.655, G.657
Multimode G.651 – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Atenuarea îmbinării (tipic) Fibre singlemode dB
Fibre multimode dB
Atenuarea reflexiei (min.) dB 60
Puterea electrodului
Diametrul fibrei suportat teacă μm 80 – 150
teacă μm 125 – 1000
Lungimea de tăiere a fibrei acoperire de 250 μm mm 8 – 16
acoperire > 250 μm mm 8 – 16
Test rezistență la îmbinări N 2
Mărirea imaginii Axa X
Axă Y
ambele axe nu există date
Ecran diagonală inci
rezoluție p nu există date
tip LCD
Contor optic de putere lungime de undă nm
lungime de undă nm
Putere ieșire mW
Baterie/acumulator tip litiu
capacitate mAh 7200
timp de incărcare H 3
Alimentare electrică Tensiune alimentare V 100 – 240
Tensiune ieșire DC V
Capacitate curentă A nu există date
Interval temperatură de funcționare °C
Umiditate (fără condens)
Greutate splicer kg
Set kg 6
Dimensiuni splicer mm
cutie mm