Snapshots from Computer Expo 2004

Computer Expo, held from January 21 to 24, was a surprise in a sense. On the one hand, we saw 70 companies (there were only domestic ones) and rather not interesting offers. On the other hand, at the opening they claimed that the popular opinion about deep crisis of trade fairs was not true. The fair was accompanied by discussions and seminaries, e.g. "Forms of Civil Internet" or "The future of the services based on electronic signature in Poland". What caught everyone's attention was a wide offer of the publishing houses - Helion and Mikom - on all IT issues.
Anyway, we were able to note a few interesting devices:
Asus P4P800S motherboard with IEEE 801.11b wireless card in the form of special add-on module
And the module for the motherboard.
Linksys WPS 11 - wireless print server
Linksys access point working at 54 Mbps; there were also presented cards and other devices working at this speed in the IEEE 801.11g standard
Garmin offered GPS device and antennas
Fireproof cabinet Polaris D120 of Rosengrens company used for storing magnetic and optical data carriers
MBM company presented museum of data carriers - in the pictures - core memory modules of 1980 with capacities equal to 256 bits and 660 bits
VoIP telephone in the stand of Atel company
VoIP gateway of Atel company