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Days of Myslenice, June 27-29, 2008, were monitored with ACTi cameras. The organizers of mass events are obliged by law to ensure safety of the people. Proper security level can be obtained by employing large security staff, or by means of CCTV technology. The places which are built for such events (stadiums, sport halls, covered markets etc.) have to be equipped with CCTV infrastructure. And what about the grounds where it happens sporadically?
The high-speed dome cameras of ACTi deployed for the 3-day event
Mobile monitoring system. An effective solution is provided by IP CCTV systems using LAN (wired) or WLAN (wireless) connectivity. During open-air events quick reaction of policing service is especially essential - the perpetrators can easily escape. The municipal authorities of Myslenice entrusted ARNDEX company with building mobile CCTV system. The company cooperated with DIPOL supplying the modern equipment. This marketing action promoted the latest technology and helped the town to organize the event.
A screenshot with images from three active cameras
The system consisted of three ACTi cameras CAM-6611 K1214 and a PC with Alnet NetStation software (K3204). The speed dome cameras allowed to monitor large area with possibility of zooming some interesting objects. High sensitivity ensured visibility at night.
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-661 (MPEG-4)
CAM-6611 MPEG-4
Quick implementation of the system was done during the period of installing other facilities for the event. Field monitoring center was organized in an army tent.
An interview with Maciej Kawa, the owner of ARNDEX
Maciej Kawa, ARNDEX
- Why have you taken up this venture in Myslenice?
- It was an initiative of the police, simply they appreciate the city monitoring system with 14 cameras, which I implemented in Myslenice in January, 2008.
- What about your cooperation with the police?
- I'm in touch with the police and the authorities of Myslenice. They want - step by step - to extend the system (next cameras) and introduce new functions.
- Why did you choose ACTi speed dome cameras K1214?
- Simply they have turned out to be very useful in city monitoring. They are very sensitive, provide quality images, and cooperate well with Alnet Netstation program, the software package that is well known by the operators.
- Was it time-consuming to install the system?
- No, it was a pretty quick job. The cameras were mounted on poles, the field monitoring center was organized in a military tent. The configuration of the system went at lightning speed. IP technology allows to build and take apart such systems very quickly, we didn't even think of using a DVR for such a case.
- Were there any problems during the event?
- The days were very intense, but the equipment operated reliably. The operator, too! (laughter)
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