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Server Video: ULTINET-504 H.264
Cod: K2144
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MPEG-4 Video Server: ACTi ACD-2100
View of the video server
MPEG-4 Video Server: ACTi ACD-2100
Rear view
MPEG-4 Video Server: ACTi ACD-2100
The included accessories ...
MPEG-4 Video Server: ACTi ACD-2100
... and CD-ROM with software
This 4-channel video server converts analog video signals transmitted from analog CCTV cameras (via coaxial cables) into compressed video data stream transmitted in Ethernet network.
ULTINET video servers utilize H.264 compression. This type of deep compression is characterized by capability of providing good video quality at substantially lower bitrates than the previous standards. It means economical use of available bandwidth and disc space of the network video recorder (NVR). In the case of ULTINET-504, the video from the first channel can be sent in 4CIF resolution at 25 fps (PAL), while the rest of the channels can be transmitted in CIF at 25 fps (PAL). It is possible to transmit the first and second channel in 4CIF at 25 fps (PAL) when the rest of the channels is switched off.
The video server is equipped with "Net Video Application Software" - advanced network video recorder (NVR) that can manage all devices from ULTISYSTEM family.
ULTISYSTEM consists of:
The video server has advanced options of setting access rights.
Aside from resolution and frame rate, the user can set:
  • image quality,
  • kind of frame,
  • type of stream,,
  • bitrate parameters,
  • repeatability of "I" frames,
  • maximum bitrate
It is possible to choose a predefined maximum bitrate or enter user-defined value (up to 2 Mbps).
The device can be configured via Internet browser or with the enclosed ULTIMAX client software. The software also enables the operator to control analog PTZ cameras.
The video server has the following connectors:
  • eight BNC sockets for 4 video and 4 audio signals
  • two JACK sockets (Audio - LINE IN/OUT)
  • terminal block - four alarm inputs and two alarm outputs
  • three RJ45 sockets, one used for connecting dedicated RS232 cable to the computer (for communication purposes - with TFTP Server), the second (RS485) - for control of PTZ cameras, and the third (UTP) - for connecting the server to Ethernet network.
  • grounding terminal
Analog PTZ cameras are connected via RS485 interface. The video server supports over 80 PTZ protocols. It is also equipped with hardware motion detection with definable areas and sensitivity levels.
Any alarm can generate:
  • OSD info
  • alarm sound
  • action of alarm output
The device is based on Linux RTOS. It supports TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, Multicast, PPPoE protocols, and allows to cooperate with Network Attached Storage (NAS).









4CIF 704 x 576 (PAL) - channel 1

CIF 352 x 288 - channels 2, 3, 4


4CIF 704 x 576 (PAL) - channels  1 & 2

(channels 3 & 4 - switched off)

Video inputs

4x BNC (1.0 Vp-p 75 Ω)

Audio inputs

4x BNC (2.0 Vp-p 1 kΩ)

1x jack (2.0 Vp-p 1 kΩ)

Audio output

1x jack (line out 600 Ω)

Frame rate

25 fps (PAL)

Max. number of streams

Max. number of clients

Motion detection



1x RJ45 RS-232

Exception warnings


Password protection


Network interface

1x RJ45 10M/100M UTP

PTZ control interface


Alarm inputs


Alarm outputs



DC 5V (AC/DC adapter incl.)

Power consumption


Operating temperature

-10oC ... +55oC

Operating humidity

10 - 90 %


39 x 198 x 123 mm


1.5 kg

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Server Video: ULTINET-504 H.264
Cod: K2144
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