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Senzor PIR digital avansat SATEL GRAPHITE
Cod: G3215
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Senzor PIR digital avansat SATEL GRAPHITE
The GRAPHITE digital motion detector uses the phenomenon of infrared radiation emission by each object with a temperature different from the absolute zero. Its special semiconductor sensor, in combination with a precise optical system is able to detect changes in the intensity of infrared radiation in relation to the background temperature.
The SATEL GRAPHITE motion detector features high sensitivity combined with great resilience to interference and false alarms. The technologically advanced device encompasses dual PIR element in a small housing, typical for conventional PIR sensors. The detector uses an advanced signal processor with the high resolution sensors. The mechanism of digital temperature compensation enables work in a wide temperature range. Additional advantages of the detector include the alarm memory and the ability to remotely switch on/off the LED indicator.
Key features
  • high quality dual pyro sensor element
  • precise Fresnel lens
  • new generation DSP and analysis algorithm
  • digital temperature compensation
  • alarm memory
  • remotely triggered test mode
  • alarm LED indicator
  • anti-tamper protection
  • small housing easy to fit in any room
Supply voltage
12 VDC +/-15%
Recommended installation height2.4 m
Current consumption (armed)
12 mA
Max current consumption
25 mA
Alarm period
2 s
Startup time
30 s
Detectable motion speed0.3…3 m/s
Compliance with standards
EN50131-1, EN50131-2-2,
EN50130-4, EN50130-5
Protection level according to EN50131-2-2Grade 2
Environmental class according to EN50130-5II
Weight0.10 kg
Operating temperature range
Max humidity
Dimensions62x96x48 mm


Retras din ofertă
Senzor PIR digital avansat SATEL GRAPHITE
Cod: G3215
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