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Sender 6 canale F&Home Radio rH-S6 LR (şină DIN)
Cod: F2107
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6-channel Sender: F&Home Radio rH-S6 LR (DIN rail)
View of the device

The rH-S6 module is a six-channel transmitter with inputs for connecting six monostable switches with potential free contacts. The module sends information about the state of the contacts to the system. The communication with the server is by radio. The rH-S6 is particularly suitable for connecting momentary and/or limit switches. The range of the module is much longer (up to 300 m) than of the standard version (rH-S6 F2106).
Symbol in design and configuration software:
The symbol of rH-S6 LR
The rH-S6 LR module is represented by object that consists of six channels reading information about the state (on/off) of the connected contacts. Shorting or opening a contact changes the logic state at the corresponding output (1/0).
Installation diagram
  • Switch off the AC line and make sure that there is no voltage.
  • Mount the module on DIN rail (TH 35 mm).
  • Connect the wires according to the diagram above.
  • Switch on the AC line.
  • Register the device in the system.
An example application:
In the diagram above, the F2106 or F2107 module is used to switch on/off and alter scenes in two areas or rooms. A change is triggered by a momentary switch connected to the pins 1 or 3 of the module and executed by the first or second logical object. A change of the state at pins 2 or 4 switches off the relevant light scene. The F1430 module can control an RGB LED strip to change effective color of the light in the scene. The F1432 module can control the brightness of the light. This object is connected with the F2106 or F2107 module. Momentary switches connected to its inputs can switch off the scenes.
A more advanced scheme for lighting control can be found in the Lighting control project article.

About the system:
NameF&Home Radio rH-S6 LR
Power230 VAC / 50 Hz
RF communication band [MHz]868
Communication modetwo-way
DIN rail
Data encryptionYES
Open space range300 m
Inputs6x (for potential free contacts)
Open-circuit voltage [V]
Closed-contact current [mA]
Galvanic isolation between AC power and control circuitYES
Protectionagainst overheating
Operating temperature range
0ºC ... +45ºC
Operating humidity / environment<= 85% (no condensation of
water vapor) / no aggressive gasses
Dimensions [mm]52.5 x 90 x 65
Ingress protection ratingIP 20

Retras din ofertă
Sender 6 canale F&Home Radio rH-S6 LR (şină DIN)
Cod: F2107
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