Securex - a strong opening

The last edition of SECUREX - the fair of security systems - was held on the grounds of the Poznan International Fair from April 22 to 25, 2008.
ULTISYSTEM was nominated for the Gold Medal of the Fair.
As a hardware platform, the ULTISYSTEM includes: ULTIMAX DVRs, ULTICAM cameras, and ULTINET web servers - all the devices utilize H.264 compression
In presentation of the newest products of ACTi we were helped by the representative of the company
Vandal-proof cameras and Marathon housings were also in the focus of attention
The courses organized by DIPOL: "City monitoring" and "Monitoring of sports facilities" attracted tens of listeners. All registered participants were given course materials.
The strong opening was presentation of ULTISYSTEM - a unique system in world scale that allows to combine local monitoring installations with city monitoring systems and use network recorders with H.264 compression - all with this one managing software.
ULTISYSTEM consists of software package and modern CCTV devices utilizing H.264 compression.
NetStation software used in city monitoring cooperates with ULTIMAX DVRs (Gold Medal of INTERTELECOM 2008) and a wide range of devices: ULTINET web servers, ULTICAM IP cameras with 4CIF resolution, megapixel cameras, and IP surveillance products of ACTi, IQinVision, SONY, AXIS.
ULTISYSTEM allows to connect local monitoring installations to city monitoring system
ULTISYSTEM - why to choose modular monitoring system? It is a concept of building city monitoring system based on the core IP system and existing or added subsystems (usually using analog cameras) that can be easily connected to the main structure.
The advantage of such a solution is considerable reduction of the costs of the equipment and simpler implementation of the system, allowing the "local" tasks to be performed by smaller installation firms. The local subsystems can be built before the main system, or later.
Modular video surveillance system allows to employ professional city monitoring center for improving security in sport facilities and schools, saving the costs of the staff that would be needed for independent operating of the local systems.
ULTISYSTEM makes it easy to include stadium and school video surveillance systems to city monitoring network
ULTISYSTEM software. ULTISYSTEM utilizes NetStation integrated software. NetStation is an advanced network system designed for managing video and audio material in video surveillance system. The system has been working reliably for nearly 5 years and has reached more than 35,000 installations throughout the world now.
The software cooperates with majority of CCTV devices, especially those from leading manufacturers. NetStation is suitable for both IP and analog cameras (with appropriate cards or web servers). The software is fully compatible with megapixel cameras creating new quality of CCTV systems that will set standards for the future. It stands out from other CCTV software in its ability to cooperate with DVRs using H.264 compression.

Remote client software enables simultaneous unlimited access to the archives and live images from up to 64 cameras.
Netstation allows to use PTZ cameras. It has been equipped with all popular protocols, as well as with possibility of adding next positions or editing new ones. The cameras can be controlled by keyboard, mouse, or USB joystick.

ULTISYSTEM - why such modular CCTV systems were not used before? The basic problem was lack of digital video recorders capable of supporting city monitoring systems. Low recording and network parameters disqualified the previously manufactured DVRs.
ULTIMAX is a series of 3rd generation digital video recorders, based on the latest Texas Instruments processors developed on pioneer DaVinci platform. The DVRs fulfill state requirements for video coverage of mass events/gatherings in Poland and majority of other countries and can be effectively used in modular CCTV systems.
The most efficient H.264 compression allows for effective network operation. Together with Netstation software, the DVRs make the basis for innovative ULTISYSTEM program.
H.264 compression used by ULTISYSTEM devices does not overload network infrastructure
ULTISYSTEM - applications. The applications of ULTISYSTEM include connection to city monitoring system of:
  • sports facilities and concert halls,
  • schools,
  • banks.

ULTISYSTEM is effective both in the case of small installations and extended, advanced city surveillance systems. It allows to reduce the costs of installing and operating the system - due to central management from one professional monitoring center. It is possible to configure additional / emergency monitoring sub-centers, which is very important in the case of protecting mass gatherings.
We also presented a full range of devices and accessories for modern video surveillance systems:
CCTV from A to Z

A - Accessories
C - Cameras
CCTV and IP CCTV cameras were shown in two categories:
  • analog cameras: compact, vandal-proof, day/night
  • IP cameras (including megapixel devices)
Analog cameras
IP cameras
L - Lenses
Lenses were divided into two groups:
  • with IR correction,
  • without IR correction.
P - Protective housings
Marathon housings, equipped with heaters and fans are compliant with LVD ( Low Voltage Directive) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). They have got CE certificate. All the housings and brackets fulfill RoHS directive.
IP 66 ingress protection level means safe outdoor operation in toughest weather conditions.
R - Recorders (DVRs)
ULTIMAX - 716 fulfills state requirements for video coverage of mass events in Poland and majority of other countries..
ULTIMAX - the market leader in digital CCTV recording
ULTIMAX - 716 - the market leader in digital CCTV recording.
ULTIMAX-716 is a 3rd generation network DVR capable of recording 16 channels with 4CIF/D1 (704 x 576) resolution at 25 FPS (for each channel; total: 400 fps). Unique parameters of ULTIMAX-716 are possible due to implementation of the latest H.264 compression.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital video recording
V - Video servers
Z - Zone of power
SMPS Power Supply Adapter 12-14VDC/2.5A,  metal case
Power Supply DC12V/10A: DRA120-12FPA (switch mode)