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În timpul călătoriei din acest an în China am întâlnit oameni ale căror chipuri au spus multe despre unde au trăit, ce au făcut şi ceea ce era cel mai important pentru ei.
DIPOL la SAT KRAK, 3-4 Oct 2013
The ninth edition of the largest trade fair in Poland dedicated to terrestrial and satellite television - SAT Krak 2013 - was held in Krakow on October 3-4. The exhibitors included the largest companies operating in TV and SAT TV industry, such as broadcasters and satellite operators - nc+, ASTRA - and manufacturing and distribution companies - DIPOL, WISAT, TELKOM-TELMOR, TECHNISAT, TELEVES, ...
DIPOL at ENERGETAB, Sept. 17-19, 2013
The largest trade fair for power industry in Poland, Bielsko-Biala International Power Industry Fair Energetab, took place on September 17-19. Energetab is a unique event which enjoys great popularity among exhibitors and visitors. The latest products were showcased by 740 companies from 18 European and Asian countries. The booth of ***DIPOL****** from Krakow was full of visitors ...
Dipol la târgul Energetics 13-15 noiembrie 2012
On November 13-15, DIPOL presented at Energetics trade fair in Lublin the latest devices and technologies for data and video transmission/distribution.
Big Brother is watching you in the crowd - IFSEC 2011
A panoramic camera with a resolution of more than 125 times greater than that used in conventional CCTV systems and a system capable of identifying people in the crowd received the prizes for the best products at the International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) 2011 in Birmingham.
ANGA Cable Show 2011 - Cologne, May 3-5
ANGA - Cologne, May 3-5, 2011. The real winner of this year's Anga Cable has been Hybrid TV. The other two places on the podium: IPTV and Next Generation Network (NGN).
Connect to the digital world - DIPOL at Intertelecom , March 22-24, 2011
Antenna systems for radio and digital television (satellite and terrestrial), telephone and computer networks (including WLAN, GSM, 3G), CCTV monitoring and alarm systems - DIPOL company has experience based on active participation in the market for many years, developing own cabling systems (SignalNet), providing high-quality equipment, training designers and installers. On this basis, we will ...
Nomination for INTERTELECOM 2011 trade fair award
The complete set of TERRA equipment for transmitting television signals in optical networks has been nominated for the award of the 22nd International Fair of Electronic Communication in Lodz, Poland - INTERTELECOM 2011.
DIPOL at Building, Interior Decoration, Garden and Real Estate Fair in Rzeszow
The fair will take place March 3-6, 2011 in Rzeszow, Poland.
IFSEC 2010 - global annual security event
This year's International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) in Birmingham was held between May 10 and 13. It is the world's leading global annual security event, together with ISC in Las Vegas and Secutech in Taipei, and the largest one in Europe. The event brings together manufacturers and distributors of the equipment and software from around the world.
Does the crisis end? - CeBIT 2010
The world's largest trade fair for IT and telecommunications was held in Hanover between March 2 and 6, 2010. 4157 companies represented 68 countries. For comparison, in 2009 there were 4292 exhibitors, in 2008 - 5800.
ULTIMONITORING at Alarm Kielce, Nov. 4-5, 2009
The 10th Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM 2009 took place in Kielce, Poland, from November 4 to 5. DIPOL company presented there an integrated offer of CCTV devices, software and transmission means for city video surveillance systems, based on ULTISYSTEM and compatible equipment.
TERRA - F1 among multiswitches
TERRA multiswitches, professional-grade products, won the SatKrak award in the "best multiswitch" category.
DIPOL at SatKrak 2009 - award for TERRA multiswitches
This year's exhibition was held in Krakow from October 15 to 17, 2009.
Norway - in harmony with nature
Telecommunications in Norway is one of the most modern in the world. Because of the mountainous terrain and relatively small population, wireless technology is especially important there. Norwegians use about 2 million landline phones and as many as 5.2 million mobile phones.
Monitoring of a jewelery trade fair
A $1.5 million worth of diamonds vanished from the safe deposit during such an event in Gdansk, in March 2007.
ANGA Cable 2009 - Cologne, May 26 - 28
ANGA Cable 2009 - the trade fair for cable, broadband and satellite - took place between May 26 and 28, as usual in Cologne, Germany. 380 exhibitors (including the new 11 ones) had their stands on the area of 22,000 square meters. The visitors had the impression that the exhibition was done with a flourish and prepared very professionally. During the three days the exhibition was visited by ...
IFSEC 2009 - world security fair
The most prestigious event in the field of security industry - International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) in Birmingham - took place on May 11-13, 2009. IFSEC shows new trends in the global security market, and therefore is closely monitored by distributors who can evaluate condition of major companies and attractiveness of new products. On the basis of the new products at ...
The nicest hostesses
An inherent element of every trade fair or exhibition is the presence of smiling and friendly hostesses. Who do you like most?
Morocco - the Charm of Contrasts
Morocco - a country with 34-million people, which in 2008 reached 5.3% GDP growth, recording unemployment at 2.3% level. In 2007, there were about 3 million land lines and more than 20 million cellular phones there, which means catching up on the limited infrastructure through the use of wireless technology.
CeBIT 2009 - a failed fair?
The world's leading trade fair for IT and telecommunications, or ICT industry - CeBIT 2009 in Hanover - took place from March 3 to 8. This year there were about 4300 companies from 69 countries, exhibiting their products, and about 400,000 visitors. However, these numbers showing the scale of the event are much smaller than that of the peak 2001 year with 8100 exhibitors. Many traditional ...
Megapixel revolution at Intertelecom
Lodz, Poland, March 17-19, 2009
As every year, DIPOL took part in Intertelecom Lodz. The fair was held between March 17 and 19, 2009. DIPOL showed new NUUO NVRs and ULTISYSTEM software
Prague, February 24-26, 2009
During PRAGOALARM (Prague, Feb. 24-26, 2009), DIPOL will present megapixel cameras, network video recorder NUUO, hybrid DVR ULTIMAX-1000, and innovative solution for city surveillance - ULTISYSTEM.
ULTISYSTEM - a strong entry - DIPOL at ALARM Kielce,
November 5-6, 2008
ULTISYSTEM at Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM, in Kielce, Poland. ULTISYSTEM is unique in the world video surveillance system combining local CCTV installations with the city system, based on common managing software.
Video surveillance in Israel
Israel belongs to the group of countries most vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Issues relating to security are among the priorities of the state. However, many of the methods used to prevent attacks cause concern around the world: building of a wall separating Arab villages in the West Bank, closing of access roads to Arab towns, etc. Video surveillance is not a matter of controversy, being ...
October 16 -18, 2008 - DIPOL at SAT KRAK 2008 trade fair. Presentation of SIGNAL and TERRA multiswitches, TERRA software for installers, TV distribution equipment - headends.
Telecommunications in Portugal
A photo report from Portugal. Lisbon, Barcelos, Braga, Sintra, Tomar, Batalha, Porto, Nazare, Alcobaca.
Telecommunications in Cuba
República de Cuba (The Republic of Cuba) - the island and state located in the northern Caribbean, in the Greater Antilles archipelago.
IQinVision visits DIPOL
On June 25, 2008, DIPOL was visited by representative of IQinVision for Eastern Europe Mr. Ivan Sval. We were discussing issues connected with megapixel CCTV systems and further cooperation between DIPOL and IQinVision.
PiXORD strengthens its market position in IP CCTV sector
An interview with Rachel Lee and Jason Yu
PiXORD is a manufacturer of a wide range of IP cameras and video servers. The company, based in Taiwan, exports its products to Europe, Central-East Africa, America, Asia, and Australia.
The equipment manufactured by PiXORD has been included in DIPOL's offer since 2006. Since then, many tests of the PiXORD's cameras and video servers have verified high quality of the equipment. The ...
ANGA Cable 2008, May 27 - 29, Cologne, Germany
The trade fair was a success - more exhibitors and visitors, perfect order and excellent organization. There were present the "typical" companies like TELEVES, TERRA, ALCAD, Kathrein, but also the representatives of Web technology, e.g. Cisco.
ACTi pe piața de consum
Compania DIPOL a colaborat cu ACTi încă din 2005. În această perioadă, compania (foarte cunoscută și stimată la nivel mondial) a câștigat faimă și în Polonia. De ce ACTi ?
IFSEC 2008 in Birmingham - a new revolution
The International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) in Birmingham has confirmed revolutionary changes in the leading ideas of video surveillance.
You may need even more staff ...
Elsa Cheng from ACTi is responsible for market development in Eastern Europe. For the first time she visits Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. On April 22 she was the guest of Securex trade fair in Poznan and she also visited our headquarters in Krakow.
Securex - a strong opening
The last edition of SECUREX in Poznan was held from April 22 to 24, 2008. DIPOL presented a full range of equipment for modern video surveillance systems - CCTV from A to Z.
IP CCTV - the Systems of Today and Tomorrow - DIPOL at Intertelecom trade fair in Lodz, Poland: April 8 - 10, 2008
International Fair of Electronic Communication - Intertelecom, 8 - 10 April, 2008, Lodz, Poland.
IP CCTV - the systems of today and tomorrow - it was the watchword for DIPOL's participation in the Intertelecom event. We presented a uniform concept of city monitoring. We showed professional IP CCTV systems in action, including megapixel cameras. We explained the principles for selecting ...
CeBIT 2008 - was the new concept a success?
This year's CeBIT in Hanover - the world's largest trade fair for IT and telecommunications - took place between 4th and 9th of March 2008. There were about 5900 companies (by 5 percent less than last year). For the first time in the history of the fair, China had the largest representation, surpassing in numbers the previous leader, Taiwan. Among the notable absentees were Sony, ...
Telecommunications in Israel
Telecommunications is one of the most important industries in this small country with 7.7 million population. Its technological level can be measured by the percentage of homes using broadband access to the Internet - ca. 70%, securing the fourth position in the world - after South Korea, Hong Kong and Iceland.
DIPOL at 8th Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM: Kielce, Poland, November 7-8, 2007
Monitoring of the future - it was the watchword for DIPOL's participation in the ALARM event.
DIPOL at SatKrak 2007: October 18-20, 2007, Krakow, POLAND
Multimedia Home - the guideline of DIPOL exposition at SatKrak 2007 exhibition - the idea for designing and implementing structural cabling that combines all services needed by the residents of modern homes. The solutions are suitable both for one-family and multi-family houses.
Antennas in Shqiperia
The present-day state is being recognized as relic and legacy of ancient Kingdom of Illyria, that lasted from 1225-167 B.C. Illirians had first lost their independence for Roman Empire, but in sixth century A.D. they were eventually forced to submit to Slav tribes. Present-day Shqiperia has ca. 3.5 million inhabitants, next 2 million are scattered all over the world.
IFSEC 2007 in Birmingham
The trade fair confirmed growing competitiveness of Far East manufacturers. The years when most of professional CCTV systems in China were based on Pelco, Bosch, Siemens, or Panasonic equipment are over. And vice versa, several years ago Far East products were quite unusual in European video surveillance systems. This year the stands of renown companies were full of Chinese products, of course ...
CeBIT 2007 - beautiful disaster of European telecommunications
At this year's CeBIT it was difficult to find European producers of telecommunications devices. Now, the major league form Asian and American corporations and the player that, though also comes from Asia, may be considered as a sole similar innovation power - Korean Samsung. In the field of wireless technologies there were also seen some Israeli firms. At the same time Philips loses its ...
ANGA Cable Trade Fair 2007 May 22 - 24, Cologne, Germany
ANGA Cable has become the most important trade exhibition of TV technology and related areas in Europe. It gives an opportunity to meet with experts from all over the world (from more than 60 countries). What's new in SAT TV? There were shown great numbers of digital sat receivers, both standard and HDTV models, and iDTV televisions (Integrated Digital TV set), i.e. with built-in digital TV ...
It has shrunken, however,... has surpassed expectations - IFA 2006
Blu-ray has been standardized byBlue-ray Disc Association (BDA), which is formed by 170 companies. The group includes both industrial giants (e.g. Apple, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, TDK, Samsung, Sharp, Thomson) and film studios (e.g. Walt Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox).
ANGA Cable Trade Fair 2006 30 May - 1 June, Cologne, Germany
2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany gives opportunity for promotion of new technologies of broadcasting TV programs. The tournament will be covered by HDTV transmissions, as well as by DVB-H and IP-TV broadcasts. In all, though, a general impression remains that producers of the presented equipment do not believe in huge demand...
CeBIT 2006 - mobile multimedia communication
In Hanover there has just ended the twentieth anniversary CeBIT fair. This year's event was attended by 6262 exhibitors, similarly to last year (6270). The stands were much more modest than in the good old years, and the number of visitors dropped by 6% compared to last year (but the weather was not entirely blameless). In any case, 450 000 guests visited the exhibition. The organizer ...
The IFSEC 2006 Show in Birmingham: a report with special selection
Wider and wider range of IP CCTV devices still meets with relatively limited bandwidth of public infrastructure, so it is the reason for offering mostly products, installations and software dedicated for specially prepared networks. The offer of equipment for monitoring of expressways and cities grows constantly. There were shown many implementations of IP CCTV technology in connection with ...
DIPOL at International Security Exhibition Securex 2006 in Poznan, March 28-31
At the Exhibition we will present, among others, IP high-speed PTZ cameras, standalone DVRs, web servers and decoders of ACTi Corporation - the leading producer of the newest solutions in IP CCTV technology ...
In Europe - Show, in Asia - Business: China Electronics Fairs
Hong Kong Electronics Fair: 13-16 OCT, 2005 & China Sourcing Fair in Shanghai: 10-12 OCT, 2005. Asian fairs are based on different concept - meetings of producers and distributors. Thousands of mainly Chinese firms sharply compete amongst themselves, and the participation in the fairs enables them to meet trading partners. There is no problem to find willing exhibitors wanting to show their ...
World of Consumer Electronics - IFA 2005
The show was dominated by sudden technological development of TV sets and the contest between new systems of digital recording - Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Spread of these technologies will determine expansion of multimedia, as well as the direction of the whole consumer electronics evolution.
Working meeting in Lodz - Intertelecom 2005
From 1-3th of March the International Commuinication Fair - Intertelecom took place in %u0141ód?. The organizers estimate that about 200 companies and 16000 visitors have visited the exhibition this year. A very poor infrastructure and a lack of big tele-communication companies among the exhibitors (TP SA, Era, Polkomtel) did not affect the event in a positive way.
ANGA Cable - Cologne, May 31 - June 2, 2005
Only a few years ago it seemed that the best trade fair for cable, satellite and multimedia would be held in London, England, but about two years ago one couldn't help noticing the Mediacast losing its position in the international ranking. Anga, which has only a five-year history, is becoming the largest European meeting for the cable, satellite and multimedia sector.
God help the rich... Security Industry Awards in Birmingham IFSEC 2005
Owing greatly to a breakthrough in the CCTV IP network technology, as well as a huge demand in the security market, plus excellent work of the organizers of the Birmingham show, the 2005 IFSEC is spoken about rather enthusiastically all over the world, even at the time of crisis for this type of events. A record number of exhibitors, 790 companies, was registered at the show that was held in ...
Securex 2005 - Poznan 25-28 January 2005
The International Exhibition of Security Products, Securex in Poznan, has taken place for the 15th time. 2 halls have gathered about 80 companies (including 25% of them that have offered monitoring systems). Why isn't the real boom in the development of CCTV installations visible at Securex?
The V National Conference on City and Stadium Safety
The V national conference on City and Stadium Safety was held in Kielce on the 27th and 28th of October, 2004. Compared to previous years, the number of exhibitors as well as visitors was considerably smaller. The turnout during seminars was at an unchanged level. Interest in network monitoring is becoming visible. TCP/IP cameras were the subject of numerous discussions and presentations. Until ...
The big eyes of fear - Security Industry Awards in Birmingham IFSEC 2004
Security Industry Awards IFSEC 2004 (10-13.05) in Birmingham belongs to the most prestigious events for the security sector in the world. This year's event has drawn more both exhibitors and visitors and the organizers were up to the task. In the atmosphere of growing terrorism and crime the importance of security systems is also on the rise.
Video surveillance at Securex 2004
Dominant subject of this year's fair were digital systems. The most interesting of them were systems working in a network - enabling remote online preview of cameras images.
Intertelecom 2004 - it looks good
Intertelecom 2004 (2 - 4th of March, Lodz) - looking good. There are about 250 exhibitors who have shown up at the event. According to the statement made by the organizers of this event 75 % of all the participants took part in the very event last year. Their visit this year may only attest that they have benefited in promoting their products at the exhibition in Lodz. Assuming that all of them ...
Snapshots from Computer Expo 2004
Computer Expo, held from January 21 to 24, was a surprise in a sense. On the one hand, we saw 70 companies (there were only domestic ones) and rather not interesting offers. On the other hand, at the opening they claimed that the popular opinion about deep crisis of trade fairs was not true.
SatKrak 2004 Fair
It was plenteous - SatKrak 2004. Several dozens of showrooms, seminars, discussion panels, competitions and quizzes for the visitors, awards for manufacturers. In the era of the Internet professionally organized exhibition can become an attraction to the public. Organizers, the publishers of the Satkurier magazine, have used their greatest trump card, their magazine, with its informational ...
Surveillance of London
London is probably the best protected city in the world. It draws from history that had forced the British government to fight IRA terrorism a few dozens of years earlier before similar phenomena emerged in other countries. The density of cameras in the city is hard to imagine for someone coming from other European capitals, not to mention other cities.
Antennas in London
The landscape of London is dominated by communication antennas. Due to commonly used cable television and prohibition of antenna installations on building facades, it is hard to spot terrestrial antennas or satellite dishes in the whole city center. However, on the facades there can be found communication antennas that - what's most surprising - are often situated near windows.
Antennas in Spain
Spain is especially interesting country for those who are interested in antenna constructions. Large, covered with mountains country requires efficient transmission and receiving systems. A typical view is combination of various and interesting antennas of Spanish manufacturers - they are world-class leaders - mounted on high masts (often 2-3 times higher than the building itself).
Video surveillance in Spain
Video monitoring of public places is not the main way to fight the terrorism in Spain. Generally cameras are installed only in major, non-commercial sights, relatively small amount of cameras can be seen in the streets and company buildings. Cameras for traffic monitoring can be spotted on highways and at the entrances to big cities.
Antennas at Athena
Mountainous center and nearly 2000 islands - it is not a trivial problem with distribution of telecommunications signals. Structures built on the tops of mountains are very expensive, and there are immense problems with the power supply to such inaccessible places.
Antennas in Turkey
Mosques that have more than 2 minarets can be built only from a sultan's fund. Such a mosque was erected in Istanbul by Suleiman the Great. From a minaret a call by a muezzin to the faithful to prayer is heard 3 times a day.
Antennas on Jacob's Path
The cult of Saint Jacob attracted pilgrims from all over Europe to undertake a few month's or even a few years' expeditions. Roads beginning in Germany, France, Italy and even in British Isles, for a few hundreds years represented communication core of Europe, the place of information exchange and deep reflection on life.
Antennas in Galicia and Lodomeria
Galicia and Lodomeria - names used for the region under Austrian rule, the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. It consisted of districts of southern Malopolska (south-east of Poland) up to the River Vistula (from 1846 - together with Krakow), The Red Ruthenia and the western part of Podolia together with Tarnopol.
Intertelecom 2003 - a good fair of the communication sector
The XIV International Communication Fair was held in Lodz from March 4th to 6th 2003. About 250 companies, including about 30 from outside Poland, had taken part in the exhibition. The infrastructure in Lodz for this type of event hardly passes the litmus test, therefore, it is only because of the energy and ingenuity of the organizer that this event doesn't suffer a major crisis. The ...
Mediacast 2002 - Report by DIPOL
2002 Mediacast Show took place at the ExCel London's exhibition center from the 21th to 23th of May, similarly to the previous year. The cennter is situated in the London Docklands on the Thames. The show has gathered over 200 exhibitors.
Mediacast 2001 - report by DIPOL
Our editorial office made a decision to go the largest show of SAT equipment in Europe. It was held fro 21-23th of May 2001 in London. We're placing a few pictures with commentaries here. This year's Mediacast took place at the same time with ECC and E-cast shows. Mediacast had been moved from Earls Court to the eastern part of London - its new location that had been built for the past ...
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