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Receiver DVB-S/S2 CI RDC-316 cu modulator DSB (8PSK/PAL, pentru MMH-3000)
Cod: R817101
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QPSK/8PSK CI Receiver / DSB Modulator RDC-316 (MMH-3000)
View of the receiver
RDC-316 R817101 receiver is one of the modules used in MMH-3000 headend, mounted in the UC-380 R81700 base unit. It receives one DVB-S/S2 (QPSK/8PSK) transponder and converts the signals into MPEG-TS digital stream that is processed by other modules. The module is also a transmodulator of one of the programs into an analog PAL channel.
There are two configuration options:
  • MPEG-TS (transport stream) is fed to DM-316 R817121 modules (TS decoders / DSB modulators) converting the programs from the received transponder into PAL channels,
  • MPEG-TS is fed to TRX-360 R81709 DVB-T modulator (COFDM). This configuration allows for conversion of satellite signals (including encrypted channels) to a digital DVB-T multiplex.
The RDC-316 panel has a CI slot, which in case of receiving encrypted programs, must be equipped with a suitable decoder (CAM) intended for the specific encryption system. In order to decode multiple channels, it has to be a professional, multi-stream conditional access module.
The receiver is equipped with a DSB PAL modulator. This means that for the proper functioning of the installation, it is necessary to preserve at least one channel gap between the output RF channels of the headend.
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RF input
frequency range
950-2150 MHz
level/impedance30-88 dBμV / 75 Ω
LNB power
0/18 V & 400 mA max.
Symbol rate (SR)
1...45 MS/s
2...80 MS/s
TV standard
RF output
level/impedance100 dBμV / 75 Ω
frequency range119-300; 470-862 MHz
Level adjustment range0...-15 dB
Carrier stability+/- 20 kHz
Offset range2.25 MHz with 0.25 MHz step
Video carrier to audio carrier ratio12/16 dB
Depth of modulation (AM-video)
S/N ratio
> 55 dB
Intermodulation products (II and III order)< -60 dB
Power5.5 VDC , 1.1 A
Operating temperature0...50°C
Dimensions / Weight45x115x232 mm / 0.46 kg
Electrostatic discharge caution

The module contains electrostatic sensitive components. To minimize electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions:
  • Do not remove module from its anti-static plastic bag until you are ready to install it into the base unit.
  • Hold the module only by its front panel.
  • Do not place the module on an unprotected surface. Immediately after you remove the module from the base unit, you must insert it into its anti-static plastic bag.
  • When the module is not in use, keep it in its anti-static plastic bag.
  • Do not ship or store the module or base unit in/near strong electrostatic, electromagnetic or radioactive fields.
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Receiver DVB-S/S2 CI RDC-316 cu modulator DSB (8PSK/PAL, pentru MMH-3000)
Cod: R817101
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