Ready for DVB-T - DIPOL at SatKrak 2011

The main products and concepts that DIPOL will present at SatKrak 2011:
  • the latest DVB-T receiver
  • DVB-T antennas
  • RF amplifiers designed for DVB-T systems
  • concept of modernization of old MATV systems for DVB-T
  • latest version of SatNet software for designing multiswitch systems
  • concept and devices for creating home and building fiber optic systems
  • 2nd generation headend - MMH-3000+
  • Terra devices for CATV
  • TRISET Profi coaxial cable
  • DVB-T meters
  • HDMI equipment
  • LCD/plasma mounts
  • GSM, 3G, CDMA repeaters
At the stand, you will be greeted by a robot built exclusively out of products available in DIPOL.
You can enlarge the picture and try to identify the components ;-)

Products nominated for SatKrak award
DVB-T receiver Signal HD-527 A99252 is another receiver from Signal series. It is a complementary model to the already well-established in the market HD-507 A99250. They both make a set of multipurpose digital multimedia devices, easy to install and operate, which can be used in various configurations. Signal HD-527 A99252 is dedicated for users who prefer traditional solutions with set-top-boxes. The receiver has two SCART outputs and S/PDIF output. The additional SCART and audio output are used for connecting an audio amplifier.
DVB-T Receiver Signal HD-527 (MPEG-2/4, PVR Ready)
TERRA MMH-3000+ headend is a very flexible platform for MATV/SMATV/CATV systems. Depending on the requirements and needs of the investor, it allows for implementation of one or more of the following solutions:
  • converting FTA DVB-S/S2 channels into analog VHF/UHF channels,
  • converting encrypted DVB-S/S2 channels into analog VHF/UHF channels,,
  • converting FTA DVB-S/S2 channels into digital DVB-T channels,
  • converting encrypted DVB-S/S2 channels into digital DVB-T channels,
  • converting DVB-T channels (FTA and encrypted) into analog TV channels,
  • combining video signals from analog cameras or media players into analog or digital (DVB-T) channels,
  • creating "private" DVB-T multiplexes which can combine selected satellite and terrestrial channels, as well as local signals such as video from CCTV cameras, media players etc.
Depending on the desired result, it is necessary to use specific modules. Among a number of modules that can be installed in the base unit UC-380 R81700, the most interesting due to its modern solutions is the DVB-T (COFDM) modulator TRX-360 R81709 ("remultiplexer"). It can multiplex up to 6 transport streams (MPEG-2 TS) and convert them into COFDM modulated DVB-T RF channel (multiplex). The multiplex can combine selected satellite and terrestrial channels (including HD ones), as well as local signals such as video from CCTV cameras, media players etc.

The headend is used in small and large systems, demonstrating high reliability. It is often employed by the operators of local CATV systems, but also used in hotels and other facilities. The examples are the systems in the prestigious Copernicus Hotel in Krakow and the hydro-power plant in Nidzica, Poland. In the latter case the equipment works properly despite environment with strong electromagnetic interference.
PROFI TRISET E1010 cable has been designed for broadband networks. Due to its construction (double foil, tinned copper braid with a high degree of coverage), it ensures very high screening efficiency in the return channel band - 120 dB. This feature is especially important in HFC/CATV networks providing access to the Internet.
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): TRISET PROFI 120dB A++ 1.13/4.80/6.90 [100m]
We will show equipment for fiber optic networks:
We will present how to use compression connectors
F connector Platinum on Triset 113 coaxial cable - Crimping
Professional F-connector: Platinum (on TRISET-113)
Compression Antenna Socket PCT-IECF-9<br />(for TRISET-113)
Platinum F connector
PCT compression
connector E3006
... and furthermore: