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RACK board ZMB-1-800 - Placă de montaj cu instalare în lateral (pentru cabinete metalice de 600x800 cu pereți detașabili)
Cod: R77105
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RACK board ZMB-1-800 - Side Assembly Component (for 600x800 RACK cabinets with detachable side walls)
Side assembly component ZMB-1-800 R77105 for 800 x 600 standing cabinet
RACK board ZMB-1-800 - Side Assembly Component (for 600x800 RACK cabinets with detachable side walls)
A mounting detail
RACK board ZMB-1-800 - Side Assembly Component (for 600x800 RACK cabinets with detachable side walls)
The set includes M5x10 screws and nuts needed for mounting a multiswitch
and M6 screws with cage nuts for mounting the two carriers
RACK board allows installers to make use both of the front and side surfaces of 19" RACK cabinets, which are accessible after dismantling the side walls. The solution enables unprecedented volume filling factor of the cabinets, while maintaining good access to all signal distribution devices, with proper ventilation, connection transparency, application of patch panels to connect all inbound and outbound cables. All the features make it easy for technicians to diagnose the network during operation.
Detailed information on the RACK board vertical mounting system is available here.
Side assembly component ZMB-1-800 R77105 is used for mounting devices vertically in a RACK cabinet with detachable side walls. The component is mounted to the front and rear RACK rail (on the left or right side of the cabinet). The component is suitable for mounting in standing 600 x 800 mm RACK cabinets with removable side walls - it provides free access to installed devices. We recommend to use it in 32U R912013 and 42U R912014 RACK cabinets.
The assembly panel is made of PA11 aluminum sheet (1.5 mm thick) with size of 200 x 530 mm. The panel has four mounting holes with 6 mm diameter (180 x 120 mm spacing) dedicated for Terra multiswitches MV-532L R70732, MV-932L R70882. The kit includes four M5x10 machine screws with nuts. In the case of using other multiswitches, one has to drill the appropriate holes.
The ZMB panels should be mounted with 70 - 150 mm vertical spacing (so, the modules should be installed every 6U - 8U) in order to ensure good wiring conditions. For example, a 32-output multiswitch for two satellite positions needs as many as 41 cable connections, and the minimum bending radius of the TRISET-113 E1015_500 cable is 35 mm (in the case of such fixed connections).
Mounting the ZMB-1-800 panel
Mounting the ZMB-1-800 assembly to the RACK rail
The ZMB-1-800 R77105 side assembly is pre-assembled, the angle brackets are attached to the panel with screws. The screw connections should be loosened to adjust the spacing between the brackets so that they match the span of the front and rear rail of the cabinet. The assembly provides 22 mm adjustment range. The maximum span is 570 mm, which corresponds with the maximum span of the front and rear RACK rails in a standing cabinet with a depth of 800 mm. The brackets should be screwed to the RACK rails at the selected level of the cabinet, using the caged nuts included in the ZMB set.
The set includes M5x10 screws and nuts needed for mounting the multiswitch to the side assembly component.
The ZMB assembly component can be used in a RACK cabinet only with the ZMC front assembly components. The components have been specially designed to fit with each other.
NameRACK board
Materialaluminum PA11
Dimensions200 x 530 mm
Thickness1.5 mm
ColorRAL 9004
Mounting distance range
548 ... 570 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Main features of the RACK board vertical mounting system:
  • Predefined installation sets for individual equipment configurations enable simple and quick assembly.
  • RACK board mounting panels allow for installing the equipment items and cables so that the components are placed in a clear and aesthetic way. The highly professional solution ensures that the longer cables are hidden in the middle part of the cabinet, whereas the connections and the devices are easily available (in opposite to placing such devices horizontally). This improves the equipment cooling and facilitates measurement and adjustment procedures.
  • The RACK board system is a universal solution - originally dedicated for Terra equipment, it can be easily adopted for use in GSM (repeaters), network (routers and switches) and other applications.
  • Because every device in the RACK board system is placed vertically and it does not adhere to any other device or element of the RACK cabinet, it is naturally cooled by the air circulation inside the cabinet.
  • Each device has its own mounting panel and the spaces between devices allow for easy wiring.
  • Hardware components of RACK board system:
    • ZMB series - side assembly components for installing on the side surfaces of large standing cabinets. Currently, we offer panels for mounting in 800 x 600 cabinets.
    • ZMC series - front assembly components that can be installed together with ZMB panels.
    • ZMD series - front assembly components for hanging or standing cabinets (cannot be used with ZMB series due to 19'' width).
  • With the RACK board system the installer can make use not only of the front of a RACK cabinet (rails with 19" spacing) but also of the side spaces - the access to those devices is obtained by dismantling side walls of the RACK. The ZMB side assembly is mounted (on the left and/or right side) to the front and rear RACK rail. Currently we offer the ZMB-1-800 assembly for 600x800 mm standing RACK cabinets.
  • The installer can use ZMC front-mount assemblies in several versions. They allow for installing in the front part of the cabinet both the 19’’ standard devices but also other equipment mounted on the EURO TH35 rail or on vertical planes.
  • The elements of the RACK board system are made of hard aluminum sheets PA11 (DIN, ISO: AlMg3), powder painted in RAL9004 color. If the prepared mounting holes do not fit the mounted equipment, it is easy to drill new ones.
  • The ZMD components can be used in standing or hanging cabinets, but they cannot be used together with ZMB components that take the whole 19" width.
  • The cables providing signals from antennas are connected to the patch panel with F connectors which, via bridges, transmits the signals to a next patch panel and the required devices. By taking the connection bridges, the installer/technician can measure the input signal in any path.
  • All outbound cables are also connected to panels with F connectors. Each connector can be marked with the number of the corresponding apartment, which helps to perform diagnostics of the whole distribution network, beginning with the measurements of the output signals.
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RACK board ZMB-1-800 - Placă de montaj cu instalare în lateral (pentru cabinete metalice de 600x800 cu pereți detașabili)
Cod: R77105
George Popescu
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