IP video-intercom systems are a perfect solution allowing voice and video communication with a person who wants to enter the property. Modern video-intercom systems allow local control via an installed monitor (indoor station) as well as remote control via a smartphone application. Such a system can be extended by a greater number of door stations or monitors. In the case of multi-subscriber solutions, an intercom function may be used, allowing free-of-charge communication between tenants using a shared door station.
The simplest video intercom system consists of a door station (outdoor station) and a monitor (indoor station). In order to supply power to the devices and ensure communication between them, PoE switches are used using a twisted-pair cable as the communication medium. In most cases an additional power supply is required to power the electric door strike. The systems allow for wicket and entrance gate control and integration with the CCTV system by adding the CCTV system cameras to the monitor or door station to the DVR for video recording. In the case of upgrading an existing intercom or video intercom system where cabling other than twisted pair already exists, the 2-Wire system can be used to provide the same functionality as an IP system.
Transformatorul AWT 027 G74321 este proiectat pentru a alimenta echipamente cu tensiunea de 11.5 VAC sau 14 VAC și care au un consum de maxim 0.8A sau 0.6A. Deobicei transformatoul este folosit în sisteme de control acces pentru a alimenta yalele electromagnetice. Transformatorul este protejat termi...
Cod: G74321
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