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PoE switch (extender ) ATTE xPoE-3-11A (1x WE PoE, 2x WY PoE)
Cod: N29814
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PoE Extender Switch: ATTE xPoE-4-11-HS
The switch
The xPoE-3-11A has been designed as LAN extender (repeater) and PoE power supply. It regenerates the network signal and transfers PoE power to selected outputs. Most often used as a "repeater" to extend the network over distances longer than 100 m. Additionally, it is ideal as an "active splitter" in situations, where on one cable we need to run several PoE receivers (e.g. several IP cameras), or when you need to create additional network branch.
The well-thought-out design of the device is a housing in itself. Combination of laminate with milled polycarbonate provides shielding and insulation with the smallest possible size of the device. The arrangement of RJ-45 connectors is also there for a reason – the RJ45 plugs do not take up any extra space.
Key features:
  • Miniature design for mounting in camera base,
  • Powered from another PoE switch supporting 802.3at, 802.3af or Passive standard (PoE IN port),
  • Power up to 2 PoE receivers 802. 3at/af or Passive (PoE OUT ports),
  • Cascade power supply (one switch powers another),
  • Strengthens and distributes network signal (fully functional 100Mbps switch),
  • up to 40W total power,
  • Easy and fast startup without configuration of parameters,
  • Wide operating temperature range,
  • Very low power consumption (< 0.5 W),
  • Sequential start of PoE outputs.
LAN ports3 ports 10/100 Mbps (auto MDI-MDIX, autonegotiation)
Supported PoE receivers (standard/max power)802.3af - up to 15.4 W - LAN2...LAN4
802.3at - up to 30 W - LAN2...LAN4
PoE PASSIVE - up to 40 W - LAN2...LAN4
Supported PoE transmitters (standard/max power)LAN1
802.3af - up to 15.4 W
802.3at - up to 30 W
PoE PASSIVE - up to 40 W
PoE PASSIVE - up to 70 W
PoE outputs
(standard/supply mode)
PoE PASSIVE/mode B (4,5+) (7,8-)
PoE PASSIVE/mode A (1.2+) (3.6-) and mode B (4.5+) (7.8-)
PoE LAN1 input
(standard/supply mode)
802.3at, 802.3af, PASSIVE/mode A (1.2+/-) (3.6+/-)
and mode B (4.5+/-) (7.8+/-)
PoE input protection (against over current/short circuit)LAN1
1 A/electronic (auto return)
Input voltage rangeLAN1: Vin 44..56 V/DC
Output voltage for PoE devicesVout = Vin
Operating temperature range-25°C...+65 °C
Protection degreeIP20
Dimensions51 x 51x 23 mm
Weight0.042 kg
Preţ fără TVAPreţ cu TVARabatValiditate  
233,45 Lei277,81 Lei0 %
PoE switch (extender ) ATTE xPoE-3-11A (1x WE PoE, 2x WY PoE)
Cod: N29814
George Popescu
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