PiXORD strengthens its market position in IP CCTV sector
An interview with Rachel Lee and Jason Yu

PiXORD is a manufacturer of a wide range of IP cameras and video servers. The company, based in Taiwan, exports its products to Europe, Central-East Africa, America, Asia, and Australia.
The equipment manufactured by PiXORD has been included in DIPOL's offer since 2006. Since then, many tests of the PiXORD's cameras and video servers have verified high quality of the equipment. The professional experience gained in the field of selecting, configuring, and operating network devices from PiXORD has earned the trust of customers.
On May 26, 2008, the representatives of PiXORD company payed a visit to the main distributor in the East and Central Europe, DIPOL company.
Pixord - video monitoring of offices
The equipment manufactured by PiXORD has been included in DIPOL's offer since 2006
The interview with Rachel Lee and Jason Yu, PiXORD, May 27, 2008
How do you think, which destination of the export is the most important for PiXORD?
Definitely, the most important market for us is Europe. Due to high competition and customers' requirements we must do our best to make the equipment competitive to European brands. Our products have the highest ratio of quality to price.
How do you recognize Polish market and its potential?
Polish market grows very quickly and has a tremendous potential, especially in the field of IP video surveillance. It is a very important market, but also a very demanding one. There are still many analog installations that should be replaced by IP systems. DIPOL takes on the difficult task of implementing this new CCTV technology. So it is important not only a wide range of products, but also training courses for the installers, promotion of the technology and technical education. What's more - as we have mentioned - Polish customers are demanding ones: they expect high quality for low price.
DIPOL and PiXORD have been cooperating since 2006 - what is your opinion on the role of the cooperation for your company?
DIPOL is a very important player on the European market. The company introduces the latest technologies and provides equipment for professionals. DIPOL is the primary distributor of our products, a large and stable company. We are very happy we could visit Poland and face to face outline the direction of further cooperation.
Rachel Lee and Jason Yu in the DIPOL headquarters in Krakow
What makes your products so competitive on the market?
PiXORD offers a wide range of professional equipment at very good prices. A big plus is free software suitable for SOHO applications. This application software is stable, simple and intuitive for the users.
Our cameras perform new functions, e.g. the model P500. It can record video on USB drive.
How do you see the development of PiXORD offer for IP video surveillance?
On the one hand we follow the developments in IP technology, on the other hand we have the potential for creating new solutions. In the near future PiXORD will introduce megapixel cameras using H.264 compression and equipped with intelligent functions: image analysis, traffic monitoring, counting of vehicles and people, detection of left objects, observation of suspicious behavior of some people etc.

Our ambition is not only to contribute to CCTV market, but also become its leader.
To develop CCTV market and strengthen company position - let's join forces to reach the mutual goals. Thank you for conversation :-)
Pixord - video monitoring of offices
Professional IP video surveillance system based on PiXORD cameras
Miejski Zaklad Komunikacji (municipal transportation agency) in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, uses professional monitoring system equipped with 16 IP cameras (PiXORD P400 K1131) and managing/recording computer. The system has been installed in bus depot and monitors the whole ground and the buildings.
Pixord cameras installed in bus depot of MZK in Kedzierzyn-Kozle
The computer is managed by PiXORD P6032 software package. The images from each camera can be watched and recorded with Full D1 resolution at 25 fps, allowing detailed analysis and perfect smoothness.
PiXORD - cameras for professional use
IP Camera: Pixord P500PoE
IP Speed Dome Camera: PiXORD P463DW
Outdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
P500 PoE camera
Speed dome camera
P463DW K1236
Outdoor IP camera
PiXORD - compact cameras for everyone
Pan/Tilt IP Camera: PiXORD P410
Compact IP Camera: Pixord P405M (1.3 Mpix)
Wireless MPEG-4 IP Camera: Pixord P405W
Pan/Tilt IP camera
1.3 Mpix IP camera
Wireless IP camera