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Pixord - monitorizare video pentru birouri
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Functionality of Pixord cameras
Any motion? - The camera Pixord P300 sends email notification with enclosed picture. Video motion detection system implemented in the camera Pixord P300 K1130 and the enclosed software allows sending such alerts to the appropriate users.
It is possible to set two areas of motion detection. As an example, the user may choose the door and window, as the objects are generally vulnerable to forcing and normally there shouldn't be there false alarms caused by e.g. flow of air from air conditioning system. Additional flexibility of the system is provided by adjustment of motion detection sensitivity. If the camera detects motion in the set areas, it will automatically send email to the address assigned by the user.
The attachment will include high quality JPEG picture showing the reason of the alarm. Taking into consideration the fact that most of commercial email hosting services and Web portals offer (often free) SMS alerts on a new email, it gives cheap opportunity to combine monitoring and alarm functionality in one device.
Configuration possibilities of the camera include the next actions taken after triggering alarm within set areas of motion detection:
  • sending JPEG picture on email address or FTP,
  • recording images on SD card mounted in the camera,
  • sending MJPEG stream (video and sound) to on-line users and the recording computer.
Simple configuration procedure is performed by internet browser.
Compact IP Camera Pixord P300
Motion area setting window. After triggering alarm within set areas the camera Pixord P300 K1130 can send JPEG pictures, record images on SD card, send MJPEG stream to on-line users
and the recording computer.
IP CCTV - wireless monitoring. Classic CCTV systems were based on coaxial cabling which in many cases required to work miracles - the installers had to cover long distances, install underground ducts, drill many walls and ceilings. Certain facilitation of the job was provided by utilization of LAN infrastructure (UTP/FTP cabling) which has become standard equipment of nearly all new buildings.
But only digital wireless technology allows quick, cheap and safe implementation of extensive CCTV and IP CCTV installations. There is no longer needed cable connection to every camera. This advantage is given by WLAN technology and IP cameras working e.g. in 2.4 GHz band. Using a PC connected to Access Point N2646, it is possible to record images from even 16 cameras.
The camera Pixord K1132 has built-in microphone, supports wireless transmission protocol IEEE 802.11g and ensures real-time video streaming at 30 fps, with 720 x 576 resolution. If the Access Point is connected via N2905 router to the Internet, there will be possibility of remote viewing the images from any location in the world either via internet browser or free Pixord software package.
Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)Access Point: AWAP-608 (WDS, APC, 54M@2.4GHz)ADSL (Annex A) Router with 4-port Switch: TP-Link TD-8840 Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)
Professional CCTV monitoring based on wireless IP Pixord cameras
Monitoring of distant warehouse with wireless Pixord camera. The wireless cameras Pixord P400W K1132 can be used for monitoring of remote places. At the location of monitoring center it will be needed Access Point AWAP-608 N2646 working in AP mode.
Pixord P400W connects wirelessly with AWAP-608 at 2.4 GHz, in b/g standards, in Infrastructure mode. There is possibility of using 64- or 128-bit WEP encryption protocol. Connection of AP to LAN in the building makes possible to view images from camera with any PC in the network.
If the distance between buildings is too large there may be employed second AP, AWAP-608 N2646, which should be installed at the edge of the warehouse and set in AP Repeater mode, enabling to increase range of the AP at monitoring center.
The range of the system can be extended by using outdoor antennas. For the first AP, at the headquarters, there may be connected directional panel antenna, e.g. A7127, for the second, at the warehouse omnidirectional one, e.g. A72531. The AP at the warehouse will use it for getting connection with the headquarters and the wireless cameras deployed on the spot. The Pixord camera can be also connected to LAN - this option has been described in the previous issue.
Access Point: AWAP-608 (WDS, APC, 54M@2.4GHz)Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)Access Point: AWAP-608 (WDS, APC, 54M@2.4GHz)Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)
Diagram of example application of wireless camera P400W K1132 and AP AWAP-608 N2646
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