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Outdoor cable: DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM (12xG.652D) [1m]
Cod: L79512
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Outdoor Cable: DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM (8xG.652D) [1m]
A close-up view of DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM
Outdoor Cable: DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM (8xG.652D) [1m]
DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12SM - 2km spool
Key features
  • outdoor cable with high UV resistance
  • can be deployed in telecommunication ducts or directly in the ground
  • easy to pull - the sheath reduces friction
  • high streth resistance - 3000 N
  • gel-filled central tube (2.8 mm)
  • 12 single-mode G.652D 9/125 μm fibers
  • reinforced with aramid yarn to ensure basic anti-rodent protection
  • LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) sheath
  • fibers in 250 μm tight buffer
  • CPR class: Fca
DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y 12SM is a fiber-optic cable for outdoor applications. Single-mode fibers are contained in a central gel-filled tube. The gel in the tube is a kind of protective coating for optical fibers, which absorbs mechanical stresses and protects against environmental factors. The aramid yarn is designed to protect the central tube and optical fibers from mechanical damage, including risks posed by rodents.
This outdoor cable can be:
  • buried directly in the ground, but it should be additionally protected with a pipe
  • placed on the roof of a building (UV-resistant coating)
  • used for overhead links (for sections longer than 10 meters it is recommended to use a suspension wire)
Color scheme:
1. Red13. Red + mark every 70 mm
2. Green14. Green + mark every 70 mm
3. Blue15. Blue + mark every 70 mm
4. Yellow16. Yellow + mark every 70 mm
5. White17. White + mark every 70 mm
6. Gray18. Gray + mark every 70 mm
7. Brown19. Brown + mark every 70 mm
8. Violet20. Violet + mark every 70 mm
9. Turquoise21. Turquoise + mark every 70 mm
10. Black22. White + mark every 35 mm
11. Orange23. Orange + mark every 70 mm
12. Pink24. Pink + mark every 70 mm
Name (type)A-DQ(ZN)B2Y
Number of fibers
Outer diameter6.7 mm
40 kg / km
Fiber type
G.652.D 9/125 μm
Buffer diameter250 μm
Max. pulling force (dynamic)
3000 N
Max. pulling force (static)
1000 N
Crush resistance
20 Nm
Min. bending radius (static)67 mm
Min. bending radius (during installation)134 mm
Water penetration
No water on free end (F5B method)
Storage temperature
- 40... 60oC
Operating temperature
- 30... 70oC
Installation temperature
- 15... 70oC
Cable structure
1. Fiber with 250 μm buffer,
2. Gel,
3. Central tube,
4. Aramid yarn,
5. LLDPE sheath.
Price for 1-meter length
The table below shows possible coding variants
in accordance with the European standard DIN/VDE 0888:
AbbreviationDIN/VDE 0888 cable designation
AA/I or U - universal cable
A - outdoor
I - indoor
DD - gel-filled tube
V - tight buffer tube
K - slotted core
W - twisted gel-filled loose tubes
QQ - water resistive (fiber positioning or water swellable materials)
F - water resistive (core filling compound)
(ZN)Non-metallic reinforcement
BB - glass-fiber or aramid armoring against rodent attacks   SR - metallic armoring against rodent attacks
HH - halogen-free sheath
2Y - PE sheath
Y - PVC sheath
24Number of fibers or number of tubes x number of fibers per tube
GG - multi-mode gradient fiber
E - single-mode fiber
9/125Core diameter/sheath diameter
OS2Category /Fiber standard
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Outdoor cable: DRAKA A-DQ(ZN)B2Y SM (12xG.652D) [1m]
Cod: L79512
George Popescu
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