This section includes devices and equipment intended for making installations in which the signal source is the terrestrial TV and DVB-T and satellite TV. The offered products include, among others: TV and radio antennas, satellite dishes, coaxial cables, amplifiers and multiswitches, which can be used for both, individual and SMATV systems in residential buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.
Antenna installers will find professional DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 signal meters here. The distribution of DVB-T2 terrestrial and satellite television signals in hotels and commercial buildings requires dedicated headend panels and digital modulators. The offer also includes IPTV station panels.
The offer is complemented by devices for transmission of HDMI signals, connectors, splitters, antenna splitters, TV/SAT and multimedia connectors.
TRISET B2CA este potrivit pentru sistemele antene MATV / SMATV din clădirile publice. Reactie la clasa de foc la CPR - B2ca-s1a, d1, a1.
• Respectă cerințele clasei A ++
• Miez de cupru de 1,05 mm
• Pierdere redusă
• Eficiență mare de screening
• 82% acoperire
• 5 ani de garanție
• Cablu LSOH
• Reactie la clasa de foc. la CPR - B2ca-s1a, d1, a1
Cod: E1020_500
2812,98 Lei
2363,85 Lei net

Cod: E1022_1
5,41 Lei
4,54 Lei net

Cod: E1022_500
2737,48 Lei
2300,40 Lei net

Cod: E1020_1
6,19 Lei
5,20 Lei net