Video surveillance is one of the basic forms of protecting property. Nowadays, however, new generations of cameras and recorders allow the use of CCTV systems also in other situations. Appropriate cameras and software with image analysis functions connected to other systems allow the automation of several processes and, thanks to artificial intelligence, the identification of people and vehicles.
The CCTV cameras include IP cameras and analog CVI cameras, TVI and AHD cameras, among others. The IP cameras typically operate in an IP network and are connected via switches to the NVRs. The transmission medium here is typically a twisted-pair cable. Analog cameras are usually connected directly to the DVR via coaxial cables or, when using transformers, via twisted-pair.
In addition to cameras and DVRs, the range of products offered by our CCTV range includes all components that make up a CCTV system, such as: coaxial cables and twisted-pair cables, disks, monitors, transformers and power supplies.
Sursa de alimentare PSCU04344SEP M1833 a fost proiectată pentru sisteme de supraveghere cu camere de 12VDC dar cu trasee de cabluri extrem de lungi. Sursa furnizează o tensiune de 30...35 VDC cu un curent de 4 x 1 A care este transformat în 12VDC de convertoare DCDC10H M1834 montate în apropierea ca...
• Sursa de alimentare dedicata camerelor CCTV pe distante mari
• Putere de ieșire DC 34V / 4x1A
• 4 iesiri independente, separate galvanic protejate de sigurante de 1A
• Semnalizare optică LED
Cod: M1833
652,68 Lei
548,47 Lei net