This category offers, among others, metal accessories for installation of antennas and cabling. Masts designed for installation of TV antennas and telecommunication antennas can be divided into steel masts and aluminum masts. The maximum length of a mast is 3 meters. There is also a range of lattice masts available for taller structures. Mast mounts can be used to install the mast to a wall or chimney. Depending on the version, antenna brackets can be mounted on balustrades or walls.
The range of housings and junction boxes includes, among others: metal, flush-mounted, surface mounted indoor housings designed for the installation of devices and accessories for various types, as well as metal sealed housings with increased tightness class. The range of the is complemented by TV mounts dedicated for mounting TV sets on walls.

Cod: E9038103
49,00 Lei
41,18 Lei net

Cod: E9038153
70,97 Lei
59,64 Lei net

Catargul de antenă din oțel inoxidabil (INOX) cu lungimea de 1,5 metri este realizat dintr-un tub de 38 mm cu o grosime a peretelui de 1,5 mm.
• Catarg din otel INOX
• Lungime 1,5 m
• Diametru 38 mm
• Grosimea peretelui 1,5 mm
• Poate fi combinate
Cod: E9038154
177,43 Lei
149,10 Lei net

Cod: E9038203
92,94 Lei
78,10 Lei net

Cod: E905121
135,18 Lei
113,60 Lei net

Cod: E905131
219,67 Lei
184,60 Lei net

Stâlp de antenă de aluminiu de 2 m lungime, diametru 35 mm, grosime 1.5 mm.
Cod: E9129
64,21 Lei
53,96 Lei net