Fiber optics is becoming a dominant transmission medium in many branches of telecommunications systems. They are increasingly used not only by telecommunication operators but also by TV/SAT++ and CCTV++ contractors.
In our fiber optic cables range we offer both single mode optical fibers and multimode optical fibers. Single mode fibers are used in all types of installations and will always be a good, future proof choice. Multimode fibers, due to their design, can be used in systems in difficult environmental conditions. The cables must be used with matching (fiber standard and connector type) pigtails, adapters and patchcords.
The fiber optic systems section also offers active devices for Ethernet transmission through the fiber optics: media converters and SFP modules.
Fiber optic splicers allow to quickly make fiber optic joints. The fiber optic splicing range, apart from fiber optic splicers also includes a number of accessories such as: strippers, cutters, blades and splice shields.
Cod: L3211172B_1

13,37 Lei
11,23 Lei net
Cod: L3211172G_1

13,37 Lei
11,23 Lei net
Cod: L3211172R_1

13,37 Lei
11,23 Lei net
Cod: L3211172_05

11,04 Lei
9,28 Lei net
Cod: L3211172_1

11,25 Lei
9,45 Lei net
Cod: L3211172_2

11,66 Lei
9,80 Lei net
Cod: L3211172_3

12,17 Lei
10,23 Lei net
Cod: L3211172_5

13,13 Lei
11,03 Lei net
Cod: L3211272_1

13,59 Lei
11,42 Lei net
Cod: L3211272_2

14,18 Lei
11,91 Lei net
Cod: L3211272_3

14,74 Lei
12,38 Lei net
Cod: L3211272_5

15,88 Lei
13,35 Lei net