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NUUO Network Video Recorders
Safe and efficient surveillance video recording
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NVR (Network Video Recorder) of NUUO is innovative plug & play device for full management of IP CCTV system. The main functions include live monitoring, recording of video streams, playback of the archives. This flexible NVR platform allows multi-server multi-client operation. NUUO NV-4080 K4108 allows to record video streams from megapixel (up to 5 Mpix) and standard-resolution cameras, with frame rates up to 25 fps. Due to Linux OS, it ensures stable operation and resistance to computer viruses.
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4160S (16ch/120fps/1.3MP)
4-ch NVR NUUO NV-2040
4-ch NVR NUUO NV-4080
Distinguishinfg features of NUUO NVRs
  • Linux-based OS
  • Multi-server multi-client platform
  • Recording without using any resources of client PCs
  • Support for megapixel cameras up to 5 Mpix
  • High monitoring and recording efficiency - 25 fps at D1 (each of 4/8 channels)
  • Possibility of mounting 2/4 hard drives of 1 TB capacity (each) as RAID 0 1 / RAID 0 1 5 10 array
  • Digital zoom of live images and played back archives
  • Audio recording option
  • Synchronization of video and sound (recording and playback)
  • Hierarchical system of access rights
  • Multichannel preview
  • Correction of video parameters
  • Intelligent searching of the archives, detection (in defined areas) of:
    • motion
    • foreign (new) object
    • missing (vanishing) object
    • focus lost
    • video lost
  • Support for DST
  • Support for UPS (APC)
  • Scheduled backup (to defined directory) or direct backup onto DVDs (possibility of attaching playback application)
  • Easy installation and management
  • Stable operation
NUUO NVRs are used in all kinds of maintenance-free systems. In this kind of small- and medium-size systems the NVR can be connected to any node of IP network and provide service for a number of customers (clients) with hierarchical access rights. Such systems are suitable for surveillance of offices, factories, warehouses, stores, businesses, various buildings etc.
Remote operation
The system is operated only remotely (via IP network). There is no need to create or define a monitoring center, because its functions can be performed from any point of the network. The connection is via Internet Explorer or client software. The former solution is convenient for its simplicity (no need to install additional applications), while the latter makes it possible to work on several servers at once.
The main task of NUUO NVR is recording data streams from IP cameras. The preparation consists in installing hard drives of appropriate capacity and configuring the system. The 4-ch model can hold two HDDs (RAID 0 or RAID 1), the 8-ch version - four HDDs (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10). Each channel can be managed independently, with recording triggered according to set schedule, by motion detection or external alarm. A unique function is possibility of triggering the recording of defined channel by an event in a different one. Any event can automatically initiate notification procedure (email/s to the defined operator/s of the system). Any event can be easily found with advanced event browser.
Special features of NUUO NVR mini
The uniqueness of solutions based on NUUO NVRs consists of many factors. Among them, the main are the consequences of using IP technology - possibility of building distributed surveillance systems with ease of any extension and possibility of using megapixel resolution. The devices are based on Linux operating system which ensures stable operation, free from the errors and virus attacks often encountered on PCs. A unique feature of NUUO is the ability to view live and archived video simultaneously from all channels. The images are time-synchronized with each other and with sound which can be recorded as well (in every channel).
Cooperation with NUUO NVR software
NUUO client software cooperates both with NVR mini and systems based on PC servers and NUUO NVR software. It allows to create any video surveillance system containing manned and maintenance-free parts. The system has image analysis functions (NUOO NVR software), and allows flexible extension in the future.
Surveillance software package NUUO SCB-IP+08 K3108
The manned part of the system is managed by the operator who is supported by image analysis functions and advanced searching features.

Some intelligent functions offered by NVRmini:
  • motion detection,
  • detection of a new object,
  • detection of disappearance of an object,
  • loss of focus,
  • loss of video.
Security of the system
Solutions based on remote server-client concept have very important advantage associated with stability and security. The system usually provides access to its resources for more than one operator/user. If all those entitled tried to connect to the cameras at the same time, it could cause overload and, consequently, hangup of the system. In server-client configuration all connections are held only to the server. On the one hand, servers are able to handle more connections than cameras, on the other they are also equipped with mechanisms protecting against overload.
A simple solution blocking attempts to connect to the cameras may be the creation of a subnet that contains the camera and the monitoring server, with outside connections possible only to the server.
  • browsing of archives,
  • live monitoring (of selected cameras),
  • control of PTZ cameras.
Monitoring system architecture
Analog video surveillance systems are based on a star architecture with the DVR in the center and cameras as the points of the star. In IP systems, every device is more or less the point of a star, but the real structure of IP networks is much more complicated. For the purpose of video monitoring - one may divide the system into local subsystem with the server and cameras in LAN, and remote points providing video streams via the Internet. The situation is similar in the case of severs and client stations. Designing larger networks, it is indispensable to ensure adequate bandwidth of the links between the cameras and network recorders as well as between the servers and client stations. The former is the condition of stable operation of recording system, the latter - satisfactory access to the system.
Extended LAN-integrated IP CCTV system
System configuration
Adding cameras - channel configuration requires entering basic network parameters and identifiers (IP address, name and password). After clicking Add button the system will recognize the camera and update camera list. There is possibility of manual configuration (entering transmission port, data transmission protocol, camera vendor/model name).
Adding/configuring cameras to be used in NVRmini system
Camera status - after adding cameras this window allows to check status of the cameras (connection, recording) and transmission parameters (frame rate, bitrate). The sum of the bitrates cannot exceed total available bandwidth.
Recording schedule - can be independently set for each channel - days of the week, periods of the day. For example, the video from camera 1 is recorded from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 16.00, and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00. During the rest of the time the system can activate recording triggered by motion detection or alarm events. Detection of motion in one channel can trigger recording of other channels. These functions have to be implemented in the cameras.
NUUO recording schedule
System information - this window provides information on the NVR, including MAC address and total network flow (inflow, outflow). In the Enclosure Information tab (below) there is information on physical parameters inside the device including CPU temperature, fan speed, power rail voltages.
Enclosure Information window
Live view - there are two ways to use the live view function:
  • with Internet Explorer,
  • with the Remote Live Viewer application (common for NVR mini and servers using NUUO software).

Live view of camera images
Playback - similarly to live view, the archives can be played back with web browser or remote Playback System application. In both cases the user chooses channels (cameras) and interesting dates/periods of time. NUUO NVR mini does not limit the number of simultaneously played back recordings. It is a unique feature not available in this category of NVRs.

NUUO playback window
Remote access via 3G - NVRmini allows remote access to archival recordings from cell phones/PDAs/tablets with 3G function. With this feature, the user can freely view the video from selected cameras from any location in the world (within a 3G service area).

Live view of camera images on a smartphone
The NUUO NVRs are designed for archiving of surveillance video from IP cameras in small and medium-sized systems without operators. Each of these compact NVRs has been equipped by the manufacturer with a robust software package. The systems based on the NVRs and the software show high stability, resistance to attacks, viruses and other threats that occur in IP networks. They can integrate many NVRmini units and provide access to the surveillance data to many authorized users.
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