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Multiswitch dSCR cascadabil cu un singur cablu: Terra SRQ-540 (AGC, class A, cale terestră activă)
Cod: R80540
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Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRQ-540 (AGC, class A, active terr. TV path)
View of the multiswitch
Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRQ-540 (AGC, class A, active terr. TV path)
Top view: in the upper part visible four inputs that can be connected to a quatro or quad LNB,
or to respective outputs of a legacy multiswitch.
The programmable SRQ-540 multiswitch has two pairs of Legacy /dSCR +Terr. TV outputs. The SAT IF outputs allow in dSCR mode for independent operation of up to 32 SAT dSCR receivers/STBs, fed in via two coaxial cables (16+16, default configuration) or via one coaxial cable (32 from one output, after reprogramming with the PC102W R80561 programmer). In Legacy mode, each of the outputs can be used as typical SAT output (like in Universal LNBs or standard (legacy) multiswitches) for connecting a legacy SAT TV receiver).
Key features
  • Compliance with EN50494 - Unicable I, 8 UBs (User Bands) from each pair of outputs
  • Compliance with EN50607 - Unicable II, 32 UBs from each pair of outputs
  • Two pairs of outputs (4xdSCR/Legacy), two independent processors
  • Possibility of using receivers compliant with EN50607 and EN50494 in the same distribution network (8 x EN50494 + 24 x EN50607)
  • AGC system ensures stable 84 dBμV output level ensures stable 84 dBμV output level within the whole rated range of the input levels
  • Active terrestrial path (built-in amplifier)
  • Dynamic mode: distribution of signals to up to 32 receivers
The SRQ 540 R80540 cascadable single-cable (Unicable) multiswitch allows for distribution of DVB-S/S2 signals from one satellite and terrestrial signals (DVB-T, DAB/FM radio). The satellite signals can be distributed by means of dSCR technology (digital Satellite Cable Router), requiring only one coaxial line and satellite splitters to provide the signals to compatible SAT receivers, along with terrestrial signals that can be received by standard televisions and radios. The SRQ 540 R80540 multiswitch fully supports receivers operating in two dynamic modes: SCR (Unicable I - 8 User Bands) and dSCR (Unicable II - 32 User Bands). The digital signals should be split among the receivers with the use of satellite splitters operating in 5-2400 MHz band. The multiswitch has 4 inputs (four polarization/band pairs: HL (13 V), VL (18V), VH (13V 22kHz), HH (18V 22kHz)) and 4 outputs (two pairs, dSCR/Legacy).
By default, the outputs of the SRM-540 R80540 multiswitch operate in Legacy mode (with 14/18 V, 0/22 kHz control signals). They switch to Unicable dynamic mode after receiving DiSEqC command from a receiver/STB compliant with EN50494 or EN50607 standard. It means that each of the four outputs of the multiswitch can independently feed up to 16 receivers via a single cable (in the EN50607 standard).
The device can operate in two modes;
  • DYNAMIC - fixed output frequencies (User Bands) allocated for individual dSCR/Unicable receivers (distribution via single coaxial cable to up to 8 (EN50494 - UNICABLE I) or 32 (EN50607 - UNICABLE II) receivers);
  • STATIC - fixed input and output frequencies, IF/IF conversion allowing for distribution of signals from 32 satellite transponders to an unlimited number of receivers.
The programming of dSCR multiswitches is performed by the dedicated PC102W R80561 programmer.

The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.

The multiswitch as to be powered fronm an external power supply, e.g. PS202F R71468 (20 V, 2 A).
The default settings of the SRQ-540 R80540 multiswitch (operating mode, User Bands 16+16, UB bandwidth, output level) can be modified with the use of the dedicated PC102W R80561 programmer.
There are many models of satellite receivers available on the market today. Not all of them support SCR/UNICABLE system compliant with EN50494 and/or EN50607 standard. In the case of implementing solutions based on the standards, all receivers that will be used by subscribers must support SCR/UNICABLE technology. A list of popular satellite receivers available on the Polish market and supporting single-cable multiswitches is provided below:
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri DigitSatellite Dish INVERTO IDLB-STCF 120cm (light color)DAB / DVB-T Antenna: DIPOL-4/5-12Antenna Triplexer Terra DC015L (VHFI/II+FM-VHFIII-UHF)5/16 Multiswitch: Terra MR-516 (active terrestrial path, class A)Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRQ-540 (AGC, class A, active terr. TV path)Switching Power Supply Terra PS202F (20V 2A, Digital SCR)
The application of the SRQ-540 R80540 multiswitch in a legacy multiswitch system enables extension of the system by the subsystem with single-cable connections for users/subscribers using modern satellite receivers (Unicable) .

NameSRQ 540

Frequency range
SAT IF inputVLo 950-1950 MHz; HLo 950-1950 MHz;
VHi 1100-2150 MHz; HHi 47-2150 MHz
SAT IF output950-2150 MHz
DVB-T/Radio  47-862 MHz 
Inputs / cascade  outputs (trunk) SAT IF + FM/DAB/DVB-T 4
Supply voltage through RF inputs
VLo - 12 V; HLo - 18 V; VHi - 12 V & 22 kHz; HHi - 17.5 V & 22 kHz
DC supply through RF inputs (per port)HLo 200 mA max.;  VLo, VHi, HHi 100 mA max. 
Number of tap outputs  4 (2 pairs)
Return loss
> 10 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Input levels 
SAT  60...95 dBµV
DVB-T/Radio IMD3=60 dB 96 dBµV max
Output (dSCR mode)
Number of UBs max 32 (configurable)
UB bandwidth 
  20...60 MHz (configurable)
Signal level (AGC) 84 dBµV
Terr. DVB-T/Radio level / gain
IMD3=60 dB max 104 dBµV  /
4 dB
Output (legacy mode)Signal level (AGC)
78 dBµV 
Terr. DVB-T/Radio level / gainIMD3=60 dB max 100 dBµV  /
4 dB
Loss of cascade lines (trunk)SAT IF  < 3.0 dB
DVB-T/Radio  < 1.0 dB
Current pass trough cascade lines (trunk)SAT IF   total: max 2 A; any path: max 1 A
DVB-T/Radio   max 250 mA
SAT IF input / SAT IF input > 30 dB
SAT IF input / tap output  
 > 30 dB
SAT IF / DVB-T/Radio
 > 25 dB
Current consumption1.1 A max. (DC input, from PS); 
13 V/18 V: 10 mA/20 mA max. (from a receiver)
Operating temperature range 
 -20ºC... +50ºC
Dimensions / Weight
134x135x30 mm/0.44 kg
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Multiswitch dSCR cascadabil cu un singur cablu: Terra SRQ-540 (AGC, class A, cale terestră activă)
Cod: R80540
George Popescu
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