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Monitoring of currency exchange / jeweler's shop
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Many currency exchanges and jeweler's shops are very small business premises. It is sometimes enough to install one CCTV camera directed towards the cashier's desk and the customer.
But the professional monitoring system should also cover:
  • the entrance area
  • entrance to the shop (a camera ensuring identification of faces of the entering people)
  • the cashier's desk (detailed observation of transactions).
Depending on the size of the shop, it may be sensible to mount additional camera providing general view of the room.
The choice of suitable equipment is very important. The price criterion alone is the wrong direction - without identification capability the system may be worthless.
The perpetrators of this robbery in Czestochowa, Poland, have not been caught - quality of the video material was insufficient for investigation.
The main purpose of video surveillance in such shops is strengthening the security and safety of the staff. The optimum deployment of cameras allows to follow a potential intruder before entering the shop - recording of the facial features or other details can be crucial for future identification of the person.
The images from the camera directed to the cashier's desk help to control the transactions and provide additional evidence in case of customer complaints etc. It is important to use quality camera, with appropriate lens capable of focusing on the key area.
Despite digital zoom - the HiRes SN-468C/W M11206 camera used for monitoring of cash desks
allows to get high quality enlargement
Not so long ago recording of video images was done through VCRs. Nowadays it is not acceptable in any case. All current CCTV systems are based on digital video recorders (DVR) that do not require changing cassettes, ensure high quality and reliability, and provide a multitude of advanced functions over VCR technology.
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)
View of 4-channel DVR - ULTIMAX-304 M73040
The owners of currency exchanges or jeweler's shops often have a chain of several or more shops. In this case, parallel to local recording, it is advisable to monitor such a chain via the Internet.
For such purpose there are needed DVRs with network modules. In the case of limited connectivity to the Internet (e.g. ADSL service), the preferred DVRs should achieve good network efficiency (H.264 compression). It is also important to get dedicated "multi-client" software enabling the user to monitor many locations on the computer's screen at the same moment.
All these features have ULTIMAX DVRs. Advanced network software allows full configuration and online access to the the live images from the surveillance cameras as well as to the archives - from any location with Internet access.
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-304 (H.264, 4 channels)
Monitoring of dispersed locations based on ULTIMAX DVRs
Without a need of continuous online monitoring, it is enough to employ DVRs of 300 series (M73040, M73080, M73160). For recording video with high resolution (4CIF - 704x576) and continuous online monitoring, the optimal choice is 500 (M75040, M75080, M75160) or 700 (M77080, M77160) series. The DVRs can generate two independent streams. The first one - usually with the highest parameters - is used for local recording. The second is normally adjusted to the available bandwidth of the network.
The "two streams" concept is especially useful in the case of lower speeds of ADSL service or mobile connections (transmission to mobile phones, PDAs etc.)
ULTIMAX DVRs have many options and advanced functions. The most important features:
  • flexible configuration with possibility of assigning individual access rights of the users
  • very efficient network operation due to use of the latest H.264 compression
  • cooperation with ULTISYSTEM
Typical devices used in these applications:
  • M11206 SN-468C/W - color day/night camera (w/o lens)
  • M2137 2.8-12mm DC F1.3 - COMPUTAR TG4Z2813FCS-IR - day/night lens
  • M5120 TP-201 - camera bracket
  • (for outdoor operation it is needed to use outdoor housing (M5406) with M5142 bracket)
  • M10748 SN-FX580 - color camera in vandal-proof housing
These DVRs with the most efficient H.264 compression allow to organize remote monitoring of dispersed locations. It is an ideal solution for the owners of chains of stores, outlets etc. like jeweler's shops, currency exchanges, pharmacies. Thanks to the possibility of remote managing ULTIMAX DVRs with ULTISYSTEM, they can be used in one-family homes and small housing developments, supervised by security services.
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