Monitoring of a jewelery trade fair

It is about big money...
Jewelers and organizers of jewelery trade fairs well remember the theft that took place in 2007 during such event in Gdansk, when a $1.5 million worth of diamonds vanished from the safe deposit. The owner of the precious gems was an exhibitor from Belgium. The diamonds were picked up by a swindler that had stolen the magnetic card of the exhibitor.
The organizers of the Jubinale 2009 in Krakow decided to carefully ensure the safety of exhibitors and their precious goods.
During the event (June 5-7), the fair facility in Centralna 41 Street in Krakow was protected by SNS Security, and a comprehensive video surveillance system was deployed by DIPOL company.
Precious jewelry under the supervision of CCTV cameras
Each person entering the hall was under video surveillance
The trade fair on the cameras
Description of the system
Valuable products were under continuous surveillance of 16 color high-resolution analog cameras, 2 speed dome cameras, and 4 megapixel cameras.
The video from the analog cameras was recorded by 3rd generation DVR - ULTIMAX-716 M77160. The whole system was managed with the ULTISYSTEM K3216 software which also ensured recording of video streams from IP cameras.

The cameras for this responsible task were carefully chosen:
  • Analog cameras monitored the whole facility. Day/Night color cameras SN-468C/W M11206 with mechanically switching IR filter and 1/3" SONY EX-View CCD monitored entrances, corridors and the space between stands. They were ideal due to high quality images at night, with the lighting reduced to a minimum.
  • Speed dome cameras allowed to focus on the smallest details. The employed IP speed dome cameras ACTi CAM-6630 K1216 with 35x optical zoom and Wide Dynamic Range provided high quality images irrespective of local lighting conditions.
  • Megapixel cameras were installed to watch selected stands. IP 2.0 Mpix ULTICAM K1441 cameras that had shown their potential in the city surveillance system in Tvrdosin in Slovakia, equipped with suitable lenses could monitor whole stands. The operator was able to watch chosen details (using digital zoom), but the complete images were continuously recorded, providing full coverage of the stand.
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-716 (H.264, 16 channels)Day/Night Color Camera: SN-468C/W<br />(mechanically switching IR filter, w/o lens) IP Speed Dome Camera: ACTi CAM-6630 IP Speed Dome Camera: ACTi CAM-6630 IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)Software Package: ULTISYSTEM (32 channels)
According to the diagram above, the ULTIMAX DVR was used for recording video from analog cameras. The video streams from IP speed domes and megapixel cameras were recorded on the server managed by ULTISYSTEM software. This configuration allowed to separate the images from fixed cameras ensuring overall observation on dedicated monitor and those from IP cameras, operated by the technician in the monitoring center and displayed on the main monitor.
Components of the system
Day/Night Color Camera: SN-468C/W<br />(mechanically switching IR filter, w/o lens)
SN-468C/W camera
SN-468C/W camera met the great challenge to monitor the jewels at the fair.
The distinguishing features of the camera:
  • 1/3" SONY EX-View CCD sensor,
  • sensitivity: B/W 0.008 lx / F1.2, color 3 lx / F1.2,
  • mechanically switching IR filter,
  • Horizontal resolution: 540 TVL
IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)
Megapixel camera K1441. Concept of building CCTV systems based on fixed megapixel cameras allows to use modern intelligent software for image analysis, which reduces labor costs connected with operating a monitoring center.
Megapixel camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (K1441)is equipped with 1/3" CMOS sensor. Its native resolution is 1600x1200 (UXGA). The ULTICAM DS-852MF-E camera provides MPEG-4 video stream. The camera allows to define 15 levels of access rights.

Apart from resolution and frame rate, the user can set:
  • image quality,
  • kind of frame,
  • type of stream,
  • bitrate parameters,
  • repeatability of "I" frames,
  • maximum bitrate - aside from the preset values, it can be set freely, up to 8 Mbps.
IP Speed Dome Camera: ACTi CAM-6630
IP speed dome cameras K1216 are used in highly demanding systems
IP speed dome camera CAM-6630 K1216 from ACTi belongs to the new family of devices featuring very good compression algorithms and transmission parameters. It has been equipped with 1/4'' Sony Progressive image sensor that enables operation even in very low lighting. This model is a Wide Dynamic Range camera, providing quality images in challenging lighting conditions.
Pan/Tilt mechanism allows for quick rotation with angular speed up to 400o, with angular accuracy of 0.225o. This feature and powerful optical zoom enable high quality monitoring of large areas. The housing of IP66 class allows to operate the camera in any weather conditions.
Similarly to other ACTi devices, the image is compressed to MPEG-4 ASP stream that makes possible to obtain high quality results with limited bandwidth. Transmission of D1 resolution image at 30 frames per second (NTSC) or 25 fps (PAL) can be performed simultaneously via two ports (LAN and WAN) and analog video output. Support of PPPoE allows for direct connection of the WAN port to ADSL modem.

Network DVR: ULTIMAX-716 (H.264, 16 channels)
ULTIMAX is a family of cutting-edge DVRs based on the H.264 compression.
Distinguishing features:
  • H.264 compression
  • RTOS - Real Time Operating System
  • 16-ch audio recording
  • cooperation with ULTISYSTEM
Software Package: ULTISYSTEM (16 channels)
ULTISYSTEM - is an advanced network system designed for managing video and audio material in surveillance systems. It cooperates with majority of CCTV devices from leading manufacturers. The software is suitable for both IP and analog cameras (with appropriate cards). The system has been working reliably for nearly 5 years and has reached more than 35,000 installations throughout the world now.
Distinguishing features of ULTISYSTEM software:
  • integration of local analog CCTV systems based on analog cameras and ULTIMAX DVRs with district/city video surveillance;
  • displaying on a single monitor images from various types of cameras, from multiple locations (e.g. from IP PTZ camera at an intersection, megapixel camera at the entrance to a stadium, analog camera monitoring sports field (the video is also locally recorded on the DVR in the school);
  • support of standard compressions: MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264,
  • cooperation with IP and PAL cameras, as well as megapixel devices (compatibility with majority of products from the well-known manufacturers);
  • practically unlimited disc space for data archiving;
  • digital zoom of live and recorded video - especially useful in the case of megapixel cameras;
  • direct accessibility (live monitoring) of up to 512 cameras, possibility of displaying images from up to 64 cameras in one workstation (two monitors);
  • synchronous playback of any chosen channels;
  • control of the system with keyboard, mouse, USB console (joystick), touch sreen;
  • remote viewing of video on PDAs and mobile phones (JAVA);
  • export of archives to AVI format.