Megapixel revolution at Intertelecom
Lodz, Poland, March 17-19, 2009

This year the International Fair of Electronic Communication - Intertelecom - were held several weeks earlier than usual, a few days before spring by the calendar - from March 17 to 19.
DIPOL showed new NUUO NVRs and ULTISYSTEM software as the platform for city surveillance systems, and megapixel cameras equipped with megapixel lenses.
A megapixel revolution
Analog CCTV systems are limited by TV standards (PAL, NTSC). In the case of PAL, the maximum resolution is 720x 576. Such limits are overcome in IP CCTV systems equipped with megapixel cameras with much higher resolutions allowing to enlarge their images digitally many times without visible pixelation.
Megapixel video surveillance in practice
Monitoring of a stadium - an image from analog camera
The same area captured by a 3.0 Mpix camera
Clicking on the pictures you can notice the difference in resolution between the two cameras.
Megapixel cameras
IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)
IP camera ULTICAM 2.0 Mpix K1441 - modern, advanced megapixel camera for very competitive price
Compact IP Camera: Pixord P405M (1.3 Mpix)
1.3 Mpix IP Dome Camera: ACTi ACM-3401
Megapixel IP Camera: IQinVision IQ755 <br />(5.0 Mpix, Day/Night, PoE)
Outdoor Megapixel IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1231
1.3 Mpix IP Camera: ACTi ACM-5601
K1135 - 1.3 Mpix
K1314 - 1.3 Mpix
K1433 - 5 Mpix
K1511- 1.3 Mpix
K1513 - 1.3 Mpix
Megapixel recording
We presented 2 ways of megapixel recording:
  • on a PC with ULTISYSTEM software
  • on a dedicated device - NUUO NVR (Network Video Recorder)
ULTISYSTEM is a unique in the world surveillance suite that effectively combines local CCTV systems with city surveillance.
The software allows to record video streams from megapixel cameras of all well-known manufacturers.
It is an unparalleled management platform for the latest video surveillance solutions.
ULTISYSTEM - integration of analog cameras and IP devices <br />into one system
ULTISYSTEM - city surveillance suite
ULTISYSTEM - main features
  • support for megapixel cameras
  • cooperation with ULTIMAX DVRs that got Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008
  • access (from the monitoring center) to analog cameras in local monitoring systems (connected to DVRs)
  • the recordings stored on DVRs are copied to the server (additional data protection)
  • access (from the monitoring center) to PTZ functions of local cameras
  • integrated management of megapixel, IP, and analog cameras
  • flexible configuration allowing to built custom-tailored CCTV systems
Software Package: ULTISYSTEM (12 channels)
Software Package: ULTISYSTEM (16 channels)
Software Package: ULTISYSTEM (32 channels)
4 channels
12 channels
16 channels
32 channels
NUUO Network Video Recorder - advanced functions, easy installation. The device includes software for recording megapixel images, which introduces new quality into video surveillance, improving up to 20 times the resolution of recorded material (traditional DVR - video resolution of 0.4 Mpix, NUUO NVR - 8 Mpix).
Distinguishing features:
  • Capability of recording megapixel images, improving up to 20 times the resolution of recorded material (traditional DVR - video resolution of 0.4 Mpix, NUUO NVR - 8 Mpix).
  • Intelligent software solutions - image analysis allows to search recordings according to detection of motion, loss of an object, appearance of a new object, loss of focus, camera tampering, external alarms. Possibility of sending e-mail alerts on different types of the events.
  • Easy and low-cost installation (limited number connectors, buttons etc.).
  • Highest security level - embedded OS based on Linux, resistant to malicious software.
  • Capability of using, recording, and analyzing audio channels, a new dimension of surveillance.
Wireless transmission of video data
ULTIAIR is a family of professional Access Points, designed for efficient long-term outdoor operation. Integration of the transceiver and antenna into one weather-resistant housing enables the installer to perform the job quickly, without additional operations.

ULTIAIR has been designed for creating efficient wireless IP CCTV and ISP networks.

ULTIAIR devices are characterized by short delays and high throughput. They can be managed via WinBox utility or telnet. They operate in unlicensed 5GHz band - no special permissions are needed. The devices can operate as client or base stations.
The RouterBoard with Mikrotik system has been put in outdoor housing of IP 66 class, which guarantees full protection against adverse weather conditions and corrosive environments (industry).

ULTIAIR - efficient and secure wireless data transmission
ULTIAIR - wireless devices dedicated for ULTISYSTEM
Megapixel lenses
Megapixel cameras with wide-angle lens are the future of city surveillance systems. To meet the demand, DIPOL introduced professional Tokina lenses.
A picture from 5 Mpix camera (K1431) equipped with wide-angle (185 deg.) Tokina lens. The total number of pixels is equivalent to that of images from 12 analog D1 cameras.
Megapixel Lens: Tokina 4.5 - 13 mm F1.8
Megapixel Lens: Tokina 1.4 mm F1.4
Megapixel lens
Megapixel lens
Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign a new trend in video surveillance
In the evening, a woman returns home along a sidewalk in the housing area. She is followed by two young men with hoods pulled over their heads. They look around, run up to the woman and snatch the purse, then join three other people, also identified as offenders... The perpetrators were caught several days after running a new video surveillance system in Tvrdosin.
Tvrdosin is a town with over 10,000 inhabitants, located 12 km from the Polish border (on the Chyzne - Ruzomberk route). The region is full of tourist attractions - Meander Park Thermal in Oravice (thermal watering place), Orava reservoir (large artificial lake), and ski areas. The city authorities decided to build video surveillance system to prevent acts of vandalism and other offenses. The system should be cost-effective, also in long-term perspective (low operational costs of monitoring center).

Traditional monitoring based on PTZ cameras can be effective only when is operated around the clock by a qualified staff. In the case of the small town the costs would be unacceptable. DIPOL Slovakia proposed to build a system based on fixed megapixel cameras. It is the sign of a new era in video monitoring - use of a combination of megapixel cameras with wide-angle lenses instead of PTZ devices.

The system employs eight 2.0 Mpix IP cameras ULTICAM DS-852MF-E K1441. Three of these cameras have been installed on the walls of the town hall, the rest are deployed in the housing area, called Medvedzie. This district is 680 m away from the monitoring center. The video is transmitted wirelessly with Access Point integrated with antenna - ULTIAIR. Each of the five video streams is sent at data rate of 4 Mbps, which is sufficient for high quality of the images. The monitoring center is located in the town hall. The system is managed (monitoring and recording) by ULTISYSTEM software. High-resolution images, both live and played back from the archive, can be digitally enlarged many times enabling identification of people who do not respect law.
There are plans to extend the system to 16 camera points.
Deployment of cameras in the housing area in Tvrdosin
Cables and connectors
CAMSET cables have excellent parameters and are produced under strict technological discipline. They guarantee perfect and stable video transmission.
CCTV cables and BNC connectors
Highest-quality materials, great performance, 92% copper braid coverage ensure perfect transmission parameters, especially effective electromagnetic shielding. The cables come with a 6-year warranty that eliminates any risk for the installation company or end user. The thickness of double insulation allows to power the cameras even from 230V AC line (official certification).
CAMSET 100 can be used in the case of longer distances. Most cameras are out of order around 10.5V. Below 11V they loose colors or have problems with switching on. So, a camera of 245 mA consumption can be powered via typical CCTV cable (2x 0.5 mm2) over a distance of about 60 m. Using CAMSET 100 2x 1.0 mm2, the distance doubles to about 120 m.
Professional Compression F Connector: CAMSET PCT
Compression F connector (RG-59)
Professional compression BNC connector. BNC connectors can cause many problems during installation of CCTV systems. They may be responsible for the excessive amount of work. Already at the stage of starting up the system they often trouble the installer with unstable contacts. Outdoor operation causes corrosion and influences the quality of transmitted video. Temperature changes are the main reason of loss of tightness and water penetration. It is unacceptable, especially in important systems installed in banks, cities etc.
The introduction of E8293 BNC connector is the turning point in CCTV - the connector ensures high quality of installation work and high system reliability in the future. The features of the connector have been specially matched to the cables of CAMSET family. Professional compression BNC connector E8293 is manufactured for DIPOL by American PCT company.
Distinguishing features:
  • wide operating band - up to 2 GHz (!),
  • connecting/disconnecting operations do not influence connection quality (can be even used in measurement equipment),
  • waterproof termination of the cable,
  • resistance to corrosion - made of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectric,
  • very low loss in the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video <0.1 dB),
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video - VSWR<1.03),
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression,
  • properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings,
  • matched to the cables of CAMSET series and RG-59 cables with inner conductors from 0.55 to 0.80 mm,
  • to be compressed with PCT-AIO-CT E80075 compressing tool, also suitable for installing compression F-connectors.
During the fair we made a presentation:"A megapixel revolution: Advantages of megapixel cameras. Designing rules. Cost effectiveness. Recording of megapixel images." The lecturer was MSc. Maciej Wlodarczyk.