Mediacast 2001 - report by DIPOL

Our editorial office made a decision to go the largest show of SAT equipment in Europe. It was held fro 21-23th of May 2001 in London. We're placing a few pictures with commentaries here.

This year's Mediacast took place at the same time with ECC and E-cast shows. Mediacast had been moved from Earls Court to the eastern part of London - its new location that had been built for the past several years in the London's Docklands, near Greenwich. There were about 300 exhibitors, mostly those who had previously participated in various shows in London.

Promaxof Spain, a manufacturer of meters, demonstrated several new products, which we will review in the near future.

Fagor has given their antennas feminine names with an Internet touch. Will that increase their sales though?

Terra was one of the companies from the former communist block which could afford to pay 25000USD to appear here.

Technisata, which we mentioned previously during the show in Hanover, this time found enough space for their car in the ExCeL exhibition hall in London.

The Spanish Televes of Santiago de Compostela, as usual, in orange colours.

Kathrein, which has recently celebrated its 80th birthday, as seen in the picture, looks well despite its age.

Alcad has not yet shown their new digital station, is claiming that it will be available in October. Will they keep their word? For now in exchange they are offering a hybrid in the form of 2 modules: QPSK/AV and a modulator.

Bravo Telkom - Telmor! This was the only Polish company that was representing Poland during the show; representing successfully. With its 200 employee crew, the company could afford to spend 100000PLN on this 3-day advertisment thanks to its production.

Multimedia outlets from Telkom - Telmor demonstrated during the show. We have written about them here

Can this advert in such vivid colours from ALPS sell more SAT converters?

Will the dishes (whose transparent looks match the converters) from the French Vector change the appearence of our apartments blocks? Only time will answer this question.

Among tuner makers the largest showroom belonged to p Humax,

but the most interesting presentation came from Strong


We have to admit that like Big Brother we were under impression of the huge size of the ExCeL center. It was completed last year, so we can still call it brand new. It may hold events of different sizes. The center can hols several events similar to Mediacast simultaneously.  
Not the entire organization however was done on the button. The organizers did not previde an adequate transport to the center. The lack of signs in the subway from which buses were taking passangers to the show, cuased some disorientation among visitors. We talked to the drivers of the shuttle buses and they did not have a good opinion about the organization. Everything was rather technicalm in accordence with the German discipline and not traditionally English.  
The exhibitor made a very positive impression. The question is if it was worthy it in the long run and will it show in their sales? Mediacast is a very expensive advertising, but with a precise orientation. The number of visitors is estimated to be about a few thousands. But it is not about how many people have acctually seen the event but what is the potential of those who have and how will it translate into actual contracts. The event was attended by representatives of different companies from all over the world.  
In the time when exhibition crisis is clearly visible in Poland, the London show looks pretty good, at least from the position of an outsider. Here one can clearly see the battle for more customers. The new ExCel exhibiton center has also been built to show the French (who have Atennes show in Paris) who will remain in that market in a few year time. In London there are many developments completed at the break of the XX century (Millenium Wheel, renovation of the British Museum, new subway routes) and many still in their construction phase.  

More information on Mediacast can be found on the official webesite of the show.

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