IQinVision visits DIPOL

IQinVision is a market leader in the field of megapixel cameras. This American company, founded in 1998, has the headquarters in California, and two branches: in Pennsylvania and Holland.
On June 25, 2008, DIPOL was visited by representative of IQinVision for Eastern Europe Mr. Ivan Sval. We were discussing issues connected with megapixel CCTV systems and further cooperation between DIPOL and IQinVision.
An interview with Ivan Sval
Ivan Sval and Maciej Wlodarczyk (DIPOL)
What are the distinctive features of IQeye devices, in comparison with the equipment available on the market?
First of all - the image resolution. Single megapixel camera can stand in for up to 12 standard cameras. IQeye cameras stand out from similar equipment with perfect image quality and possibility of advanced configuration via telnet.
Some customers complain of complicated configuration of the devices. Couldn't it be easier?
Of course, it could. But we don't plan to change the management of the cameras. Unlike competing products, our devices are more flexible, they enable the user to precisely adjust their parameters to the real environment. The image quality can be optimized in different conditions. Other cameras often use one configuration and the results may be unsatisfactory in specific cases. Besides, progressive CMOS sensors we use should be adjusted differently from other sensors, e.g. CCD. So it is important that the installers are fully aware of the adjusting process, and the distributors support them with technical assistance.
Let's assume that the installer knows how to configure the camera. But what about the bandwidth that megapixel camera needs for proper operation, much more wider that in the case of a typical camera?
It's not true: first, we need standards for comparison. We may say that common analog camera takes the whole available band because one cable can transmit only one signal. On the opposite side let's consider those 12 D1 (0.4 Mpix) cameras that should be theoretically used to replace one 5 Mpix camera. The sum of the data streams (after digitalization and compression) from the cameras would exceed the bandwidth required by the megapixel camera. We must remember that the camera provides much more data than a conventional device.
What are the main applications of IQeye devices?
IQeye cameras are mostly used in city video surveillance systems and in places where the monitored area is large and should be observed as a whole. For example, for full monitoring of an intersection one will need only two megapixel cameras. Another popular application is monitoring of gas/petrol stations. Instead of a number of conventional cameras one can use single megapixel camera covering several pumps, allowing to identify every license plate. Simply - full coverage, perfect accuracy.
And what about "less professional" systems?
Possibility of local recording allows to build simple system that archives the data on the card installed in the camera. In fact, the camera makes the whole system, with preview and playback functions performed via the network.
The last question: what are your plans for the future?
Not very original, but very well founded. Everyone says: development towards H.264 and image analysis. We do not declare it, we are working on it.
Thank you for the conversation.