IP CCTV - the Systems of Today and Tomorrow - DIPOL at Intertelecom trade fair in Lodz, Poland: April 8 - 10, 2008

Gold Medal of Intertelecom for ULTIMAX-716 M77160
Ms. Magdalena Stachula from DIPOL picks up the medal handed by Ms. Anna Strezynska, the President of the UKE (Republic of Poland - Office of Electronic Communications)
IP CCTV - the systems of today and tomorrow - it was the watchword for DIPOL's participation in the Intertelecom event in Lodz, Poland - taking place from 8 to 10 of April, 2008.

  • We presented a uniform concept of city monitoring.
  • We showed professional IP CCTV systems in action, including megapixel cameras.
  • We explained the principles for selecting the equipment, including specific requirements of the contracting party.
  • We demonstrated new products of ULTIMAX, ACTi, Pixord, Aphelion, IQinVision.
ULTIMAX, the gold medal winner - let's look inside - it can house set of HDDs with 16 TB total capacity
Shots from the fair
The stand was very popular with visitors. Among them there was TVP3 television, preparing a report from the fair.
The courses organized by DIPOL at Intertelecom were attended by over 100 people
The visitors could win satellite receiver, but those who were not so lucky might console with company toffees
We presented complete solutions for:
  • monitoring of cities
  • monitoring of football stadiums
  • monitoring of cash desks or check-outs
  • monitoring of big parking lots
  • monitoring of banks, hotels, offices etc.
  • monitoring and recording of medical operations
  • For city monitoring - ACTi devices.
ACTi belongs to the world's leading manufacturers of IP CCTV equipment for city monitoring. The devices employ MPEG-4 ASP compression providing high quality images in a comparatively narrow band, requiring relatively small disc space for recording.
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)
MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTI CAM-5321 (Day/Night)
Video Server: ACTi SED-2140T
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: CAM-6621 (K1215).
MPEG-4 IP Day/Night Camera: CAM-5320 (K1115).
Video Server: SED-2140T (K2114).
  • For monitoring of football stadiums and mass events - ULTIMAX DVR, Eyeview and Sunell cameras.
The ULTIMAX - 716 fulfills all requirements for monitoring and recording mass events;
It is 3rd generation digital video recorder equipped with H.264 algorithms. The DVR allows to record images with D1 (704 x 576) resolution at 25 FPS - from each channel - reaching total capacity of 400 FPS (D1).
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-716 (H.264, 16 channels)
Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2
Day/Night Color Camera: SN-468C/W<br />(mechanically switching IR filter, w/o lens)
16-channel DVR: ULTIMAX - 716 (M77160)
Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2 (M1222)
Day/Night Color Camera SN-468C/W (M11206)
"Quick and Precise" - the ULTIMAX DVR has been nominated for the Award of Intertelecom
  • For monitoring of businesses - Pixord devices.
Pixord devices are especially well suited for video monitoring of shops, offices, and various businesses. The offer includes wireless cameras. The equipment allows bidirectional audio transmission and public address communication.
Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)
Pan/Tilt IP Camera: PiXORD P410
Outdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
IP MJPEG/MPEG4 camera: P400W (K1132)

Pan/Tilt IP MJPEG/MPEG-4 camera: P410 (K1231)
Outdoor IP MJPEG/MPEG4 camera: P428 - day/night &100m IR (K1136)
  • For wireless transmission of CCTV data - dedicated APs of Aphelion and Raptor.
Access Point: Aphelion 600AG (two transceivers)
Outdoor Wi-Fi AP/APC: RAPTOR RPT-23XR (5GHz, 802.11a)
Omnidirectional Base Station: RAPTOR RPT-12BO - (5GHz, 802.11a)
Access Point Aphelion 600AG - two independent transceivers (N2412)
Outdoor Wi-Fi AP/APC: RAPTOR RPT-23XR - 5GHz, 802.11a (N2530)
Omnidirectional Base Station: RAPTOR RPT-12BO - 5GHz, 802.11a (N2538)


Video monitoring of cities - ACTi We offer equipment of ACTi - one of the world leaders in cameras for city monitoring.

Video Surveillance of Cities
Equipment | Concept | FAQ | Examples

Video monitoring of stadiums - IQinvision IP CCTV megapixel cameras from IQinvision for monitoring of stadiums and mass events.

Resolution Revolution
Megapixel cameras


Video   monitoring of officies - Pixord IP CCTV devices from Pixord for monitoring of shops, offices, businesses. Pixord - video monitoring of offices
Pixord devices
Professional wireless solutions -   Raptor Professional equipment for wireless data transmission. Raptor - professional wireless solutions
Example diagrams of city and commercial monitoring systems
  • Oswiecim. The video surveillance system build in Oswiecim is one of the first projects in Poland integrating monitoring of town center and monitoring of schools.
Video surveillance solutions to cities
City monitoring in Oswiecim - the system has been described on ACTi website as the model solution for city/town installations.
  • Myslenice. The murder of the owner of exchange office and his son, committed a year ago, shocked the residents of Myslenice. Since Jan. 19, 2008 there has been arranged monitoring system based on 14 cameras connected wirelessly via access points to the municipal police department (MP) and the central police station (CPS). RP means relay point.
Video surveillance system in Myslenice
  • Skawina. As the transmission medium, there has been employed cable TV network, which allows simultaneous distribution of TV channels and transmission of data packets. The solution enables quick installation of next cameras without the need of additional cabling.
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-661 (MPEG-4)MPEG-4 Video Transcoder: ACTi SED-3300Video surveillance solutions to cities
Hybrid CCTV system in Skawina (town close to Krakow). The existing analog CCTV system (13 PTZ cameras) has been extended by next three cameras. Due to long distances between the cameras and municipal police station the only possible solution was to employ IP cameras (K1214). The transmission has been provided by cable TV network.
  • Zlotow. The video surveillance system is operated by two monitoring centers. The data is also transmitted to the police station, enabling police officers to react quickly to incidents which are potentially dangerous.
Video surveillance solutions to cities
Monitoring system in Zlotow is based on fixed and PTZ IP cameras of ACTi and devices for wireless data transmission.
Monitoring of industrial plants
  • Chemical plants. The implementation of video monitoring of dispersed units in chemical company.
MPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoEOmnidirectional Base Station: RAPTOR RPT-12BO - (5GHz, 802.11a)Outdoor Wi-Fi AP/APC: RAPTOR RPT-19APN (5GHz, 802.11a)Outdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
A screenshot from Pixord utility
The camera Pixord K1131 in office room
CCTV in hospitals
  • The Bonifraters Hospital in Krakow used ACTi devices for live video transmissions from operating room, where patients were undergoing surgery, and for videoconferencing. In the operating room there were employed ACTi video servers, which transmitted images from the cameras to three conference rooms. In each of the rooms there were installed two transcoders, providing with signals TV projectors that displayed images on wall screens. In one of the conference rooms there was also used videoserver enabling transmission of interactive lectures to the rest of the rooms.