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Intertelecom 2003 - a good fair of the communication sector

The XIV International Communication Fair was held in Lodz from March 4th to 6th 2003. About 250 companies, including about 30 from outside Poland, had taken part in the exhibition. The infrastructure in Lodz for this type of event hardly passes the litmus test, therefore, it is only because of the energy and ingenuity of the organizer that this event doesn't suffer a major crisis. The exhibition is very well defined as to its contents, telecom lectures, conferences, and media patronage.

This year's edition has put a great deal of emphasis especially on a broad range of products from cable manufacturers, beginning with the leader in this market – Telefonika, through Technokabel, foreign companies such as Drake, and finishing with small manufacturers like Bitner, Madex, whose offer includes a series of custom-made products.
A relatively huge portion of their products are intended for fiber optic networks. Companies like FCA, Telefonika, Lanex, Data Optics, Microsens, Atel, Sotronic, BKT Elekronik have also made presentations of their lines of products in this area.

Wireless transmission has also been well represented at the fair; polish branch of Nera, a manufacturer of communication antennas, have exhibited their products for networks such as: GSM, GSM, DCS, UMTS. Communication antennas, cables, and hardware dominated in pavilions of such companies as RFS and Comunication and System (Kathrein, Andrew).
Different security devices for the protection of base stations as well as those against power surges in antenna cabling have been displayed by RST, whose line of products can be also put into the wireless transmission category.

The exhibitor have shown a relatively small number of products that work in a very popular 2.4 GHz band. This might have been the result of rather unclear regulations, this form of access to the Internet is developing at a fast pace but rather as a sidetrack along the main telecommunication market.

A very limited presentation of the DSL technology came as a total surprise to many visitors. The development of this technology is booming worldwide. The fact that, in Poland, TP SA is propably the only serious buyer that does not allow their competitors to expand that market may have something to do with the futility of presenting this line of products.

Due to economic slowdown in the investment market, more and more manufacturers are interested in the consummer market, since a number of offers are concerning wiring in single family homes exhibited by Drake Multimedia, Eltra, C&C Partners.

Among Polish manufacturers from the communication branch a rocognition should go to DGT for their determination and consistency in the implementation of network technologies in the telephone equipment; a server DGT Milenium and telecommunication system with the Internet access for cable TV are samples of This IT branch.

A real curiousity was aroused by the presentation of digital TV in the pavilion of Emitel. From a transmitter in Lodz a package of four digital channels had been received. Digital transmission is in its test phase in Lodz in channel 40 (2kW power, similiar test transmission is being carryied out in Warsaw. Datcom have produced the first test receivers for this type of transmission.

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Intertelecom – IT Fair

Astra – have shown a broadband free access to selected websites Sat@once.

Measuring instrument by HAMEG – manufacturer of a wide range of oscilloscopes

Fiber optic converters by MICROSENS. They enable conversion of electric interfaces (ATM OC3, Ethernet 100Mb/s,10Mb/s) to optic (single or multimode), or the conversion of singlemode interface to multimode one.

RFS presented a profile of a three-system antenna GSM/DCS/UMTS

Optical Distribution Frame Solution OMX 600 from ADC, giving a wide flexibility according to needs

Platform that expands capabilities for delivery of broadband and narrowband services in circuit-switched and packet-based access networks; ISDN, HDSL, SDSL, SHDSL, ADSL, VDSL.

BTK Elektronik and their fiber-optic cable bundle. A very thin protective jacket draws experts attention.

A close-up of an ST connector exhibited by BTK Elektronik

A Hungarian company Elektronika with their ELQ2, a measuring instrument for all kinds of xDSL networks.

Sceptre with their wireless optical transmission system based on LED's. It can transmit signals at the speed from 2 Mb/s to 155 Mb/s over the distance of 1.5 km.

PTC Era and their effective campain to draw the male portion of the visitors to their new service Era Omnix.

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