IFSEC 2008 in Birmingham - a new revolution

The International Fire &Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) in Birmingham that closed last week has confirmed revolutionary changes in the leading ideas of video surveillance.
The main pillars seem to be: use of megapixel cameras, implementation of MPEG-4 compression with H.264 codec, image analysis.
The result of employing these new technologies is, first of all, reduction of the surveillance staff, but also possibility of using professional monitoring center for many locations and automation of alarm procedures.
It marks the end of the era of speed dome cameras. They require individual control, their cooperation with image analysis software is very difficult, and they "loose" in zoom mode a lot of information out of the observed area (usually it is the main drawback).
Megapixel cameras are free of above disadvantages. Suitable system architecture, dual streaming function, and better parameters of transmission (thanks to use of H.264 compression), allow to solve the problem of distributing large data streams, typical for megapixel cameras.
Popularity of IP cameras creates new possibilities for programmers. They work on implementations of systems resistant to various interferences (causing false alarms), capable of: detecting left objects, tracking moving objects, recognizing people, identifying license plates, analyzing persons/objects that are a long time in the field of view, detecting fire, counting people, analyzing traffic flow, analyzing action (scuffles etc.), monitoring flow of crowds of people (at stadiums etc.), analyzing behavior of people observing an object (exhibitions, shop windows etc).

Sony blazes a trail: Go Mega
Megapixel technology - HD (High Definition) - was presented by all major manufacturers
ACTi promoted migration to H.264 compression.
H.264 - new MPEG-4 codec allowing bandwidth savings up to 30% (at the same quality level as MPEG-4 SP).
Sony presented several new image sensors, one of them was ExwavePRO dedicated for IP cameras
Intelligent software will allow to reduce the surveillance staff in monitoring center. The visitors were especially interested in the offers of Polish company Alnet and Hungarian company Intelio.
H.264 compression, 30 x optical zoom, dual stream - the newest product of Sanyo
Modern design includes new esthetic solutions - it is difficult to beat this camera of Vision company
Aside from nice look, housings should protect cameras against various weather conditions. This camera - EPP-E100Z - with IP 67 rating, enables underwater operation.
This camera from Extreme CCTV can be submerged even deeper, due to IP 68 rating
Due to the shape of the camera housing, water will run down easily - Medusa from Videotec
Some observers say that the number of hostesses shows the level of prosperity. So, this sector of industry seems to be blooming...