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Connectors play a very important role in any transmission line. Their construction and quality have direct influence on connection stability, attenuation, return loss, mechanical strength. DIPOL offers a new generation of connectors - compression connectors meeting the most stringent requirements and standards.
Compression connectors
When the most important requirements for a connector are:
  • the possibility of multiple connection/disconnection operations,
  • waterproof mechanical connection with cable,
  • very quick and easy assembling,
  • very high resistance to breaking,
then the best solution is to use a compression connector guarantying long and reliable operation even in the toughest conditions.
Professional Compression BNC Connector PCT-BNC-6<br />(for RG-6 cables)
Compression BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector from PCT,
made only of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectrics
E80320, E8282, E8283, E8293, E8294, E8295 connectors contain two 360-degree compression rings which, after longitudinal compression (along the axis of the rings) make a slight bulge. The dimensions of the rings ensure strong tight and resistance to break, but do not change the structure of the cable.
Compressing PCT F-connector on Triset-113 cable
Compression F connectors
Compression F Connector PCT-TRS-59<br />(for CAMSET/RG-59 cables)
PCT-TRS-59 compression F connector for RG-59 (CAMSET) cable
The application of F connectors may simplify installation work by the elimination of the need for suitable BNC connectors and crimping tool. The transmission lines can be terminated with F-female to BNC-male adapters, such as E8284 or E8285. The adapters can be easily replaced (without a need to cut the cable and install new BNC connectors).
Sectional views of the new and compressed connector
The professional compression F connector E80320 fulfills all recommendations of SCTE (The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers). It can be connected with E8284 and E8285 connectors.
F-female to BNC-male Adapter
High quality F-female to BNC-male adapter E8284
Cables terminated with BNC connectors can be linked together with BNC socket to socket connector E8297, or connected to monitors with RCA inputs via BNC-female to RCA-male adapters E5110.
Installing Platinum BNC connector and S-55 quick-connect DC plug on CAMSET CCTV cable
BNC socket - socket connector
RCA-male to BNC-female Adapter
BNC socket - socket connector
RCA-male to BNC-female Adapter
RJ-45 modular plug
The basic connector in IP CCTV systems is RJ-45. The properly installed connectors on twisted pair cables transmit data between cameras, switches, NVRs, computers.
8-pin Modular Plug (8P8C, cat.5e, for solid wires) [1pc.]
RJ-45 - 8-pin modular plug J2008 for Cat.5e UTP cable
Below - instructional video how to correctly prepare the UTP cable and install the RJ-45 connector. Incorrect connection will cause a lack of communication between devices or limitation of the maximum transmission distance due to a significant deterioration of transmission parameters.
Installing RJ-45 plug on UTP cable
Connectors in power supply network
If one power supply is used by several cameras, each branch has to be terminated with 2.1/5.5 mm DC jack. The easiest way is to use quick-connect plug S-55 E3511, or conventional DC power jack E3510.
Quick-connect Plug: S-55 DC 2.1/5.5
Quick-connect Plug: S-55 DC 2.1/5.5
A power cable can be extended with another section using quick-connect socket G-55 E3512 or DC power socket E3517 and a male jack connector (E3511 or E3510).
Quick-connect Socket: G-55 DC 2.1/5.5
Quick-connect Socket: G-55 DC 2.1/5.5
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters N9206 allow for transmission of power to LAN devices over typical transmission cable (FTP/UTP etc). The LED indicates connection of power supply. The adapter can cooperate with all devices compliant with 802.3af (PoE) standard, e.g. IP cameras from ACTi, Pixord, Hikvision, Sunell. .
Thanks to the N9206 adapter the data and power are transmitted over one UTP cable, which lowers installation costs. The standard input voltage is 48 VDC.
With PoE adapter N9205 it is possible to implement PoE using original power supplies provided with network devices.
PoE Adapter (with leads)PoE Adapter (with leads)
Implementation of PoE for a 12 VDC device

The input DC voltage has to be compliant with the voltage required by the powered device. Any mistake may cause major damage to the device or power supply.