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Engagingly about Antennas - VIII DIPOL Holiday Photo Contest 2009
Each holiday since 2002, DIPOL has been organizing photographic competition that still gains popularity. The entries show that technology may also be a source of true inspiration.

Antennas constitute a part of our everyday landscape. With the widespread use of antennas the panorama of cities and villages has changed a great deal.

The entries for the DIPOL Holiday Photo Contest 2009 sent in from June 1 to Sept. 30, 2009.
The results of the 2009 edition
  • I place:
"Window to the world" Wojciech Brozonowicz
  • II place:
"Laundry...?" Jaroslaw Stefanski
  • Technical Department award:
"Another dimension of the antenna..." Darek Moszczynski
The media patronage over the competition has been taken by quickly developing dCamera photo portal. The portal is focused both on photo hobbyists and professionals.
Entries for the competition:
By the St Anthony
Henryk Grymuza
Antennas in my neighborhood
Jacek Czyzkowski
Antenna in the wilderness
Beata Szulinska
Sebastian Winkler
The rock
Milan Simek
Independence at any time
Tomasz Okoniewski
Without a title
Marcin Szczeblewski

Over the roofs of Kazimierz
Joanna Potorska
In the homestead
Joanna Potorska
Out of range???
Tomasz Pruszczynski
Sunset over analog TV
Bartlomiej Skwara
If you have problems with reception
check the antenna
Bartlomiej Skwara
Antenna wall
Kinga Kaluza
The opium of the people
Mariusz Sieradz
The opium of the people
Mariusz Sieradz
Paris antenna
Justyna Soltysiak
Polish vacation
Sebastian Kowalczyk
In a tree top
Mateusz Wlodarczyk
In profusion
Boleslaw Kedziorek
Winter antennas
Anna Wichnowska
Winter antennas
Anna Wichnowska
Monika Rohde
What's going on under the thatch
Krzysztof Lopacinski
Antenus Maximus
Tomasz Szaraniec
The force of nature
Michal Witek
In good company
How to overcome any obstacle
Janusz Pirzanski
Fan of one operator
Night over Velky Javorovy I
Jan Kondziolka
Night over Velky Javorovy II
Jan Kondziolka
Children love TV
Blazej Chelstowski
A rejtozkodo
Molnar Tibor
Randira varva
All televisions of the world
Wojtek Owczarzak
Slawomir Potapowicz
Bognar Janos
Jarosław Sarnowski
Pay by card
Underground digital TV
Andrzej Koczorowicz
Antenna tangle
TV for everyone...
Tomasz Sosnowski
A link to heaven
Piotr Adamczyk
Evidence for the existence of Mc Gyver
Mateusz Kaczmarek
A cheerful smile
Joachim Kunert
Jarosław Arkusz
Paulina Pelisiak
Anna Kopec
Anna Kopec
Thai motifs
Krzysztof Mackowiak
Antennas at sunset
Hubert Donhefner
Pawel Buczkowski
Up there
Piotr Holubowicz
Integrated into the landscape
Ewelina Krol
Integrated into the landscape
Ewelina Krol
Prince Jozef Poniatowski
and his... antenna
Aleksandra Rodzinka
In the sunshine
In the clouds
Katarzyna Walkowiak
In the clouds 2
New BST started
Tree or antenna tower ?
Peter Sisovsky
My satellite and CB antennas
Antennas at night
Anna Benicewicz-Miazga
Antennas at night
Anna Benicewicz-Miazga
A housing development
Maciej Stempij
Marcin Zakrzewski

Vihar elott /Before storm/
Pokol /The Inferno/
Marcali Gabor
Lidia Miler
Window to the world
Wojciech Brozonowicz
Three + three
Paulina Stachera
Mariusz Sarzynski
It may be a cave,
as long as with TV!
Danuta Ruminowicz
Tunisian roofs
Hanna Twardowska
Tomasz Lis
History and present day
Robert Sitek
Holiday antennas
Krzysztof Przybysz
Quatro + Trio
Wojciech Grochowski
Antenna with better reception
Marcin Saletra

Maybe add one more?
Marcin Saletra
Past and future
Krzysztof Strzoda
Suitable installation of sat cable
- watering the garden
Piotr Kowalski
Justyna Kotas-Strzoda
Justyna Kotas-Strzoda
Passive cooling
Sylwester Kubik
Birds' TV
Stanislaw Ruminowicz
advertising space
Stanislaw Ruminowicz
James Bond's antenna
Anna Zalewska-Wolny
Largest Cloister Antenna
From another perspective
Ryszard Dobrowolanski
Quite close
How to pull a stunt
At least one
Robert Mlynarczyk
What for monoblock?
Technological contrasts
Artur Kadziela
My view from the window
Kornel Sznajder
The Decalogue of satellite TV era
Barbara Karpala
All for communication
Tomasz Okoniewski
In the light of the rising sun
Jozef Sowa
Against the sky
Jan Kwasny
Antenna forest
Aleksandra Zaparucha
Natural camouflage
Piotr Kedziorek
The blue orphan
Piotr Kedziorek
Tradition and technology
Palm antenna
Grzegorz Kupis
Volcanic antenna
Store is no sore
Piotr Kleszcz
Holy vision
Wojciech Nerad
The only window to the world
Arkadiusz Drygas
Antennas lead us through the world
- Kazakhstan
Blazej Michalewski
Invasion of the tower
Przemysław Kwiatkowski
Karol Adamek
Old and modern
Krzysztof Krasicki
Necessity of our times
Anna Nowicka
Without cable TV
Daniel Pastenaci
Because the king
has done away with the license fee
Magdalena Kobierska
Because the king
has done away with the license fee
Magdalena Kobierska
Television relay station
Michal Okolot
Roof in clouds
Lukasz Ociepka
Antennas in Warsaw
Michal Krol
Andrzej Car
On the side
A loner
Piotr Witwicki
A perspective
Closer to the world
Marek Malinowski
In the Krakow sky
Marek Malinowski
Windows on the World
Artur Dybek
Satellite nests
Krzysztof Krupnik
Tomasz Wojciechowski
Antenna mast
on Intraco building
in Warsaw
Regardless on the LNB
it is a single one, isn't it?
Are you sure
that they transmit the league?
Andrzej Nycz
Web is everywhere
Lina Gorczynska
TV under a thatched roof
Regina Runowska

In the fog
Piotr Matuszkiewicz
Ave Maria
Grzegorz Dabek
Ave Maria
Grzegorz Dabek
Jan Pastuszak
New improvements
in the house and yard
Jacek Jachowicz
Manfai Miklos
On the Old Town
in Warsaw
Marek Matysiak
Jaroslaw Stefanski
All for clean reception
Andrzej Smolinski
Digital pump room
Maciej Koterba
Surrounded by greenery
Piotr Cyganik
It was the winter...
Ewa Korzeniowska-Jasiewicz
Laotian atmosphere
Pawel Jasiewicz
It's worth to spend a penny...
In the greenery
Krzysztof Golebiowski
Advertising dish
With a view to...
Mariusz Daciuk
Dish on the tree
Old love never rusts?
Jarek Wieczorek
Stork -SAT
Marcin Sikorski
Over the roofs of Prague
Jan Kwiatkowski
In the colors of sunset
Zenon Tudek
So far, and so close
Krystian Erynski
Anna Chlond
Antennas in the old city
Tomasz Radowicz
Another dimension
of an antenna...
Darek Moszczynski
Another dimension
of the antenna...
Darek Moszczynski
Lunar eclipse
Sebastian Gleich
Barbara Czopek
Barbara Czopek
Brazilian clothes dryer
Piotr Pasieczny
Paint me the world
Between the ground
and sky
Jacek Hanzel
Sex in the city
Elzbieta Horszczaruk
A multifunctional pole
Elzbieta Horszczaruk
On a yacht
Izabela Szepska
Best regards
to the restorer
Hubert Bogacz
Best regards
to the restorer
Hubert Bogacz
At dusk
Aleksandra Zaparucha
Closed in the tower
Adam Mielcarz
Normally at this time
I travel around the city
Magdalena Surowka
Normally at this time
I travel around the city
Magdalena Surowka
Wojciech Domagala
A durable quick fix?
Szymon Winiarz
Kozia street
Dominik Zawadzki
Kozia street
Dominik Zawadzki
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