DVR mobil MDR4104 (4 canale)

Cod: M85006
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Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
The DVR within its chassis
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Rear view
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
View of the DVR, chassis, mounting accessories
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
View of the remote control and batteries
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
The included connectors and other accessories
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
The included connectors and other accessories
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
USB hard drive enclosure
Digital Video Recorder: MVR-16400 (16 channels, H.264) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Protective case and USB cable for USB hard drive
Application diagram of M85006
MDR4104 M85006 is a 4-channel mobile digital video recorder for use in buses, urban buses, vans, corporate vehicles, tracks and various special vehicles: TIR, police and prison vehicles, military vehicles, ambulances. It can be also applied on trains, trams, subway/underground. The device has been specially designed to show increased resistance to vibration and shock. The DVR supports Western Digital (e.g. M89280), Seagate, Maxtor disk drives. It allows to record 4 video channels and 2 audio channels simultaneously. The user can monitor one channel selected at the moment or all four channels. The DVR cooperates with analog cameras in PAL or NTSC standard. With a portable USB HDD (enclosure included), the user can easily transfer the recordings from the recorder to any desired computer.
Distinguishes features of this model are compact size and ease of operation.

  • Highly efficient industrial-grade digital signal processor supporting real-time operating system (Vxworks). It provides highest security and stability, ensures quick start and configuration recovery from FLASH memory (in case of switching off / power disruption).
  • Sophisticated modular design ensuring high reliability, easy installation and service.

  • Full hardware coding/decoding of audio and video information (MPEG-4).
  • Dedicated chip for compressing/decompressing audio and video information provides better results than typical solutions with DSP.
  • Possibility of choosing Fixed or Flexible bitrate.

Audio/video monitoring and reproduction
  • 2/4 Video channels, 1 Audio/Video channel (selected from two available Audio channels).
  • Display modes: Full screen with Automatic switch, 2 channels, 4 channels, 25 fps (PAL), real-time monitoring.
  • Independent adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness (crisp) in each channel. Unique functions like image mirror and reverse camera monitor.
  • Possibility of naming each channel (up to 10 characters - OSD information).

  • Simultaneous monitoring and Audio/Video recording.
  • Selectable quality of recording, from CIF to D1, possibility of defining user-level quality, with constant or variable bitrate.
  • Frame rates up to 25 fps (PAL), 30 fps (NTSC), adjustable.
  • Multiple recording modes, e.g.: Manual (emergency), Schedule Recording, Alarm Recording, Motion Detection Recording, Alarm Pre-recording.
  • Multiple quality levels: 5 standard levels and 3 user-defined levels.
  • Function of automatic recording after switching on power.

Motion detection
  • Max 192 detection zones in each channel.
  • Independent sensitivity adjustment in each channel.

Data storage
  • SATA interfaces for 2.5" HDD.
  • ATA-6 standard, possibility of reproducing material directly on PC computers.
  • Functions protecting recordings against deleting, overwriting, or stopping recording in case of disk overflow.
  • Option of automatic recording on power return.
  • HDD protection measures - in standby mode the drive is idle, which extends its lifetime and lowers power consumption.

  • According to date & time and channel number.
  • According to alarm events.

  • Playback does not influence recording functions.
  • Standard functions: FF, REW, Pause, Prev (return to the previously watched file), Play, Audio Mute.

"Watermark" function
  • Watermark function - information such as time, date, channel no. etc. is interleaved with video stream and displayed on the screen guarantying authenticity of the material.

Monitor outputs
  • 1x CVBS.
  • 1x VGA, 640×480 to 1024×768, 50 to75 Hz (for LCD or CRT monitor).

Travel safety measures (option)
  • Warning about speeding: sound signal informing the driver about exceeding speed limit.
  • Registration of speeding: start time, period, max speed, driver ID (registration is triggered by exceeding set limit by 10 km/h).
  • Warning about excessive working time of the driver: sound signal and event log.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom control (of PTZ camera)
  • RS485 interface (half-duplex) supporting many PTZ protocols.
  • Programming of presets.
  • Baud rate setting.
  • Control of pan (left/right) and tilt (up/down) position.
  • Zoom, focus, iris control.

  • 4 inputs, 2 outputs.
  • Possibility of manual cancellation.

  • 10/100M Ethernet interface.
  • Network functions: monitoring, searching, PTZ control.
  • Built-in server enabling user to access the DVR directly via Internet Explorer.

  • Several password protection levels, system log.

User interface
  • Multilingual (selectable) menu with clear graphical interface.
  • Detailed information on DVR status.
  • IR remote control or wired control unit (option).

  • Backup through network.
  • Backup through USB2.0 interface.

Mobile functions (on vehicle)
  • "black box" functions: registration of maneuvers like turning, braking, reversing etc.
  • Possibility of recording, displaying, and calibrating vehicle speed.
  • Shut down delay function (0-9999 s).
  • Possibility of entering the route and license number.

Physical specs
  • Special construction protecting HDD against shocks and vibrations.
  • Shock resistant structure of rack (option).
  • Built-in heater, fan and temperature control allow to maintain optimum internal temperature.

  • Wide range of supplying voltage: 9 to 36 VDC.
  • Possibility of powering external devices (e.g. cameras) with 12 VDC internal voltage (total load up to 70W).

  • GPS support (option).
  • GPRS/CDMA terminal support (option), allowing for tracking vehicle position and enabling wireless transmission of audio/video, SMS alerts, remote access (option).
  • Support for 802.11 protocol enabling remote management via wireless network.





Number of video inputs ( BNC)


Number of audio inputs ( BNC)


Number of video outputs ( BNC)

1 + 1 VGA

Number of audio outputs ( BNC)




Monitoring resolution (PAL)

704 x 576;

Recording resolution (PAL)

352 x 288 / ch. (record. 4 ch.), 704 x 576 (record. 1 ch.)

Screen division

2 options



Recording speed

25 fps

Modes of recording

quad or selected channel

Recording enhancement


Motion detection sensor/video



inherent (control only via remote control)



Digital zoom x2


Picture adjustment

contrast, brightness, color, hue; mirror image

Date & time


RS232, RS485, USB 2.0


Modes of recording

manual, continuous, schedule, alarm-triggered, motion detection

Alarm connectors

4 inputs
  2 outputs (NO/NC)

Alarm event list


Network adapter with RJ45


Number of HDD bays


CD-RW drive



Network, USB (pen-drive), USB-HDD

HDD standard

IDE 2.5"


9...36V DC (15W)


186 x 57 x 181 mm

Operating temperature / humidity

 -30...50 oC / <90%


1.7 kg


MDR4104 mobile recorder allows to save data in MPEG4 format. As a result, the amount of space occupied by the recordings has been limited, which extends recording time. For example, a 160GB HDD can store recordings for 5 days. The table below illustrates how much disk space is taken by an hour of recording for each of the five standard recording settings.
Parameters of recording
Quality level Resolution Audio stream

Video stream

Disk space consumption
Standard 1 CIF 64 kbit/s

512 kbit/s

246 MB/h

Standard 2


64 kbit/s

1000 kbit/s

456 MB/h

Standard 3

1/2 D1

64 kbit/s

1500 kbit/s

671 MB/h

Standard 4


64 kbit/s

2000 kbit/s

885 MB/h

Standard 5


64 kbit/s

3000 kbit/s

1314 MB/h
MDR4104 allows for copying recordings in several ways. It is possible using USB port (by connecting a USB flash drive or USB HDD). Another way is provided by network adapter allowing to connect the DVR directly to a laptop etc. With this network module the user can also review archives and configure the DVR. The recorder can be accessed using Internet Explorer or the client program.