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DVR 4 canale Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1/E(S) (5 MP, 12fps, H.265, HDMI, VGA)
Cod: M75506
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HD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1/S (4ch, 5MP@10fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
Front view

HD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1/S (4ch, 5MP@10fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
Rear view

HD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1/S (4ch, 5MP@10fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
The accessories included
Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1/E(S) is an 4-channel, multi-system DVR capable of recording video from cameras: HD-TVI, AHD, CVBS and IP.
The DVR for an analog system can record images with the following resolution and frame rate:
  • 8 MP at 8 fps (only for 1 channel and HD-TVI system),
  • 5 MP at 12 fps,
  • 4 MP at 15 fps,
  • 3 MP at 18 fps,
  • 2 MP (1080p) and below 25 fps.
In the standard mode, 4 analog cameras can be connected to BNC inputs and 2 IP camera (up to 8 MP). If an analog channel is unused, disabling it in the menu adds support for a new IP camera. When all analog channels are disabled, 6 IP cameras can be connected.
Enhanced IP mode
By activating the Enhanced IP mode, the number of supported IP channels is increased. 4 IP cameras up to 4 MP are supported (can be expanded to 8 when all analog channels are disabled).
The Enhanced IP mode disables Intelligent Event Support (IVS) on analog channels and limits the resolution on HDMI/VGA video outputs to 1080p. It can be started only while having a direct access to the DVR menu.
Intelligent image analysis
Each channel can independently set motion detection and VQD function (video quality diagnostic function, it can e.g. send e-mail or alarm message about focus distortion, brightness excess or discoloration).
On two selected analog channels, it is possible to run the virtual line crossing detection (together with line crossing direction determination) and intrusion detection in a quadrant area.
Also available is the enhanced VCA analysis mode (Enhanced VCA) which provides both trespass and intrusion detection on each channel. When enabled, this feature limits the maximum input resolution to 3 MP and the video output resolution to 1080p.
H.265 video compression
The DVR can record one or two video streams (primary and/or secondary) from each channel. The video can be compressed using the H.265 method. Compared with its predecessor (H.264), H.265 can reduce the data stream by half, which translates into proportional disk space savings and extended data retention time. H.265+ can further minimize the streams in typical video surveillance scenarios.
Sophisticated client software
The iVMS 4200 client software enables users to manage Hikvision devices in IP networks. The software enables the configuration and management of NVRs/DVRs, IP and analog cameras in hybrid systems. The iVMS 4200 utility can remotely manage up to 256 devices on up to 4 monitors. One monitor can display images from up to 64 cameras. Aside from system configuration and live monitoring, the utility can be used for remote playback, notifications, two-way audio transmission, and multi-level e-maps.
The control panel of the iVMS-4200 application
The start menu of the Hik-Connect app
with a live view thumbnail
The live view screen
Working in the cloud
Hik-Connect is also the name of a network service intended for Hikvison devices. The service relies on P2P cloud computing for remote viewing via smartphones and tablets, and provides extensive monitoring and basic configuration options: live viewing (multiple channels), PTZ control, digital zoom, acoustic monitoring, playback of archival video, and alarm notifications (intrusion, line crossing, etc.).
Main features of the Hik-Connect service:
  • only basic network configuration is required,
  • no external IP address or port forwarding are needed,
  • p2p connection via the cloud or smartphone client application Android, iOS,
  • image encryption.
Advanced applications for organizing and operating video surveillance systems
This article provides an overview of applications dedicated for installers and users of Hikvision-based video surveillance systems.
The main window of the SADP software
SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a free, easy-to-use utility designed to search for Hikvision IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs in the local network. The network device search tool can also be used to modify device network parameters, e.g. to change or recover default passwords. Detailed information on the software, its use and password recovery (par. 8) can be found in the following article: SADP application - LAN tool for organizing CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices.
Product codeM75506
Analog video inputsBNC x 4
Maximum number of IP channels supported (after excluding analog channels)Standard mode: 6
Enhanced IP: 8
HDMI/VGA video display resolutions1080p: 1920x1080
SXGA: 1280x1024
720p: 1280x720
XGA 1024x768
Audio inputs/outputs-
Alarm inputs/outputs-
Event handlingMotion detection, video loss, tamper (camera blinding)
Live display25 fps
/frame rate)
8 MP8 fps (first channel only)
5 MP12 fps
3 MP18 fps
1080p, 720p25 fps
WD1/4CIF25 fps
CIF25 fps
Single video channel bitrate32 Kbps - 10 Mbps
Audio channel bitrate64 Kbps
Hard disk drive connectivity1x 10 TB HDD SATA
S.M.A.R.T. monitoring functionYes
Network disc recordingYes, NAS
External ports2x USB 2.0, RS-485, RJ-45 (10M / 100M Auto)
Second streamWD1, 4CIF, CIF, QVGA, QCIF
Network protocolsTCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, E-mail, NTP, SNMP, UPnP
Program portsServer - 8000
HTTP - 80
RTSP - 554
Remote viewingInternet Explorer browser
PTZ camera supportYes
ArchivingUSB or remote storage
Power supplyDC 12V 1.5A
Power consumption< 6 W (without HDD)
Operating temperature-10...55°C
Permissible relative humidity10...90%
Dimensions (S x G x W)265 x 225 x 45 mm
Retras din ofertă
DVR 4 canale Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1/E(S) (5 MP, 12fps, H.265, HDMI, VGA)
Cod: M75506
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