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DVR 16 canale Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N (1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA) TURBO HD 3.0
Cod: M75117
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DVR 16 canale Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N (1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA) TURBO HD 3.0
Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N
DVR 16 canale Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N (1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA) TURBO HD 3.0
Conectorii BNC

DVR 16 canale Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N (1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA) TURBO HD 3.0
Accesoriile incluse
Funcții cheie:
  • Înregistrare 1080p la 12 fps (un canal poate suporta 3MP@12fps); 720p și mai jos la 25 fps
  • Mod înregistrare 1080p lite 960x1080 la 25 fps
  • Suportă 16 camere HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI sau PAL
  • Compresie video H264+
  • Suport pentru IE, Opera, Safari
  • Channel 0 - posibilitatea de a înregistra toate canalele la rezoluție minimă
  • Porturile HDMI și VGA pot funcționa în paralel cu rezoluții de maxim 1920 x 1080 pixeli
  • Căutare în arhiva înregistrărilor după evenimente de alarmă
  • Posibilitate de zoom digital în timpul monitorizării live şi a redării înregistrărilor
  • Redare concomitentă a tuturor celor 16 canale
  • Suport pentru IPv4, IPv6,
  • Monitorizarea activităţii LAN, a camerelor, HDD-urilor
DVRul Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N de 16 canale este un model low cost ce poate înregistra imagini de la camere HD-TVI, AHD, și PAL. Rezoluția maximă de inregistrare este de 1080p@12fps, un canal suportând însă rezoluții de 3MP@12fps. Pentru rezoluțiile de 960x1080 / 720p / VGA / WD1 / 4CIF / CIF înregistrarea se face la 25 fps.
High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) is a revolutionary technology that allows users to send uncompressed, high-resolution video (up to 1080p) over coaxial or twisted-pair cables (using dedicated baluns). The transmitted video signal is in analog form, with bandwidth much greater than in the case of CVBS (SD). As the signal is not compressed, the picture is more natural during live viewing. There is no delay and the configuration of such a system is easier compared to IP CCTV solutions.
The DVR can also record video from AHD and HD-CVI cameras. The detection of the kind of the input signal is performed automatically.
The menu of the DVR has been designed in a manner that helps everyone, even novice users, navigate and make changes to the settings. Both the layout of commonly used functions and graphic design meet the highest current standards. Support for Opera and Safari web browsers eliminates the need for installing/using ActiveX controls.
The recording can be performed in different modes: continuous, motion detection (with pre- and post-event recording), alarm (with pre- and post-event recording), or continuous recording with special parameters in the case of specific events. Each channel can be configured individually in this aspect. It is possible to increase the frame and bit rates, independently of the continuous recording settings. After the occurrence of an event (motion detection, camera tampering etc), the NVR automatically switches to the event-recording mode (usually with higher parameters). During the rest of the time the recording is carried out in the continuous mode. The increased parameters just before and after the event allow to play back every second of the period with high detail and smoothness, while the recordings between events may have a much lower performance, taking significantly less space on the storage media.
The DVR can record one or two video streams (primary and/or secondary) from each channel. The video can be compressed with the use of H.264 or H.264+ method. The H.264+ video compression method has been specially developed for video surveillance systems. This method is especially efficient in the case of static scenes, preserving image quality similar to H.264 but generating considerably smaller data stream, which saves disc space.
The DVR can operate in IP networks (TCP/IP or PPPoE protocols), connected via its RJ-45 port. It supports the following protocols and network services: DHCP, SNMP, FTP, SMTP, E-Mail, NTP, DNS, DDNS, UPnP.
The communication can be performed via popular Internet browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) or free client software (iVMS 4200 for PCs, iVMS 4500 for smartphones).
The iVMS 4200 client software enables users of HIKVISION devices to manage them in IP networks. The software allows for configuration and management of NVRs/DVRs, IP and analog cameras (in hybrid systems). The iVMS 4200 utility can remotely manage up to 256 devices, with the use of up to 4 monitors. Oner monitor can display up images from up to 64 cameras. Aside from system configuration and live monitoring, the utility can be used for remote playback, notifying, two-way audio transmission, creating multi-level e-maps.
iVMS-4500 is a mobile application for smartphones running Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems. It can be used for live monitoring and playback of images from DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras via Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G networks.
Fereastră informativă a dispozitivului
în apleturl iVMS-4500
Fereastră previzualizare în timp real
în apletul iVMS-4500
Ezviz (EasyVision) is a free service which can be activated in Hikvision NVRs and IP cameras. This free service allows less advanced users to easily access to the video from the cameras via the Internet, without forwarding router ports. To enable remote access, the user should only connect the device to the network (which requires a valid IP address and appropriate gateway settings). The next step is the creation of user account at the website. The account can accommodate devices in a local area network (with activated Ezviz service). The devices will be available from anywhere via the Internet.
Nume/modelHIKVISION DS-7116HQHI-F1/N
Format Video
Compresie VideoH.264+
Compresie Audio G.711u
Intrări videoBNC x 16
Ieşiri videoHDMI, VGA, BNC
Rezoluţii HDMI/VGA1080p: 1920x1080
SXGA: 1280x1024
720p: 1280x720
XGA 1024x768
Conectori Intrări / Ieşiri AudioRCA 1 / 1
Intrări / Ieşiri Alarme 
- / -
Alarme şi excepţii Detectarea mişcării, pierderea semnalului video , perturbaţii ale camerei  
Monitorizare în timp real25 fps
Opţiuni de înregistrare1080p12 fps
960x108025 fps
720p25 fps
VGA25 fps
WD1/4CIF25 fps
Bitrate compresie video (pentru un singur canal)32 kbps - 4607 kbps
Bitrate compresie audio64 kbps
Capacitatea HDD şi interfaţaMax 1 x 6 TB SATA HDD, 
Compatibilitate NAS/SANDA (8x NAS sau 7x NAS+1x SAN)
Porturi externe 2x USB 2.0;  RJ-45
Transmisie auxiliară WD1, 4CIF, CIF, QVGA, QCIF
Protocoale de reţea TCP/IP; DHCP; DDNS; PPPoE; E-mail; NTP; SNMP; UPnP
Porturi softwareServer - 8000
HTTP - 80
RTSP - 554
Monitorizare de la distanţăInternet Explorer; după instalarea  plugin-urilor - Google Chrome. Firefox. Safari;  smartphone-uri  (Android. Windows Mobile)
Protocoale PTZNU
Arhivare Dispozitiv stocare USB / Server la distanță
Alimentare 12 VDC / 1.5 A (alimentator extern)
Consum<12 W (fără HDD)
Temperatură de funcționare -10°C...55°C
Umiditate de funcţionare10%...90%
Dimensiuni ( W x D x H )200 x 200 x 45 mm
Retras din ofertă
DVR 16 canale Hikvision DS-7116HQHI-F1/N (1080p@12fps, H.264+, HDMI, VGA) TURBO HD 3.0
Cod: M75117
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