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DVB-C Signal Meter: Digiair PRO CATV
Cod: R10610
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Terrestrial TV Signal Indicator TZU-22 DVB-T Finder
View of the meter in its rubber casing
Terrestrial TV Signal Indicator TZU-22 DVB-T Finder
Front view
Terrestrial TV Signal Indicator TZU-22 DVB-T Finder
Back view - visible eight AA rechargeable batteries
Terrestrial TV Signal Indicator TZU-22 DVB-T Finder
Other included accessories: AC/DC adapter (charger), car charger, cable for connecting to a PC
The DigiAir Pro CATV R10610 meter has been designed and manufactured by engineers of Emitor company in Sweden. This company has many years experience in the production of measuring devices for terrestrial and satellite television systems.
The meter is dedicated for signal measurements in digital cable networks based on DVB-C standard. The main features of the device include high speed, low weight (0.7 kg), and convenience. An important advantage is the ease of use - the measurements of the signals are made in a really intuitive way. A skilled installer needs a few minutes to make use of the basic functions.
The meter is equipped with F-type measurement connector
The display during a measurement. The measuring time is 9 seconds.
DigiAir CATV is equipped with a backlit LCD display so the measurements can be performed even in adverse lighting conditions (the light is switchable). The display can show various screens of information such as QAM modulation scheme, digital transmission parameters, or television signal spectrum.
The measurement range is 30-120 dBuV
Thanks to a built-in speaker, the signal level may be represented by beep (higher tone = better signal).
The device is powered by eight AA rechargeable batteries, which is very practical. The operating time with fully charged batteries depends on the functions used but is not shorter than 1 hour. In the case of a particularly difficult, time-consuming installation, the meter can be powered by standard alkaline batteries (8x AA 1.5 V). Auto-off function enables the user to set the idle period after which the device switches off. The weight of the meter with batteries is less than 1kg, which will be appreciated by installers performing installations in difficult conditions.
Distinguishing features
  • Frequency range: 45-860 MHz,
  • Handy and easy to use,
  • BER and MER measurements,
  • QAM16, QAM32, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256 modulations,
  • Measurements of the signal levels in dBuV, dBmV or dBm,
  • Simultaneous level measurements of 6 channels,
  • TILT function,
  • Signal spectrum analyzer,
  • Constellation diagram,
  • Measurement range 30-120 dBuV,
  • Sound information on signal level,
  • Backlit LCD display,
  • Channel list and software update via a PC,
  • Weight with batteries: 1 kg,
  • AC and car charger included.
NameDigiAir Pro CATV
Frequency range [MHz]45-860
Minimum level [dBμV]30
Maximum level [dBμV]120
Input impedance[dB]75

Signal level, BER, MER, signal spectrum, constellation diagram

Symbol rate [MS/s]2 - 7
ModulationsQAM16, QAM32, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256
DisplayBacklit LCD, 128x64 pixels
Dimensions [mm]185x115x50
Battery operation timemin. 1 hour
External power supply
12 VDC /1.2 A
Weight (with batteries)
1 kg
Retras din ofertă
DVB-C Signal Meter: Digiair PRO CATV
Cod: R10610
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